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  • 8/2/2019 Spm 4531 2006 Physics p1 Berjawapan


    PaPer I l rl lct (tT S fime: t hour 1b minuresAnswer all questions'Each question-is ollowed by either three, four or five options.choose hebest opti'on or eachquestionthen btachen he co"rcectpaceon the a,nsu)er heet.

    Which of the following physical quantities. is not a basequantity?A Weight C TemperatureB Time D Elecirie currentWhich of the following graphs obeys theequation F = kx, where k is a constant.AF

    ,LIDiagram I

    3 A radio station airs its programmestransmitting waves at a frequency102"3MHz.How much is this frequency, in Hz?A 1.023x L02 c L.023x 106B L.023x l_05 D L.023x 108

    4 DiagramL showsa weightlifter successfuliylifting a load of 60 kg.



    SPM 2006 PHYSICS P1

  • 8/2/2019 Spm 4531 2006 Physics p1 Berjawapan


    Why does the parachutist bend his legs?A To lengthen the time of impact of hisfeet with the groundB To shorten the time of impact of his feet. with the groundC To lengthen the time of falling to theground

    6 ;'Diagram 3 shows a metal sphere oscillatingon a frictionless track.

    A The collision is an elastic collisionB Both trolleys do not undergo .fru"g", i"momentumC The total momentum before and afterthe collision is the sameD The total kinetic ener$/ before and afterthe collision is conservedDiagram 5 shows two metal spheres, pand Q.

    Diagram 5Which of the following statements is trwhen P and Q are in free fall?A The velocitiesof P and e are the sameB The accelerationsof p and e are thesameC The momentumof P and e are the same

    Metal sphere

    Frictionless track ffiphere QDiagram 3

    Which of the following statements s true?A The kinetic enerry of the metal sphereis minimum at RB The potentialenerry of the metal sphere


  • 8/2/2019 Spm 4531 2006 Physics p1 Berjawapan


    'B Acceleration D Kinetic enerryl1 Diagram 11 showsfour different shapesofshoe heels worn by the same lady.

    PaR.sDiagram g

    Diagram 7 shows a coin and a featherexperiencing free fall in a vacuum container.


    Diagram ?Which physical quantity is constant?A Velocity C Momentum

    C cohesive force being bigger than theadhesive forceD adhesive force being bigger than thecohesive forceThe density of substance X is 9.00 x102kg m{?In which liquid will substance X sinks?Liquid Density of liquid/kg m-B7.90x 1029.20 x I021.03 x 103L.27 x I03Gasesare more compressible han solidsbecauseA size of gas molecules > size of solidmoleeulesB de_19rtf f gas molecules> density ofsolid moleculesC distance between gas moleculesdistancebetween solid moleculesD force between gas molecules > forcebetweensolid molecules

    Diagram 10 shows the flow of air in an






  • 8/2/2019 Spm 4531 2006 Physics p1 Berjawapan


    Tank on atall building

    l7 Diagram 11 shows he processof supplyingwater from a water tank on a hill to a watertank X on a tall building.

    Diagrern 11. Calculate the pressure of the water at X.lDensity of water = 1 000 kg-s]A 1.0 x 105N m-2B L.4 x 105N m-2C L.6 x LOFN m-zD 2.6 x 105N m-2E 3.0 x 105N m-2

    18 The pressure ofsea water at the bottom ofErnocean is 1.8 x l_08N m-2. What is thedepth of the ocean?[Density of sea water : I.A2 X 103kg m*]A L.27 x 10am D 1.30 x 10emB 1.27 x 10bm E 1.BBx tOromC L.27 x 106m

    t9 The following information are thecharacteristic of carbon based compositesubstance.P:Q:R:

    StrongResistant to heatResistant to corrosionWhich combinationof the characteristicssused in building the body of aeroplanes?A PandQonlyB PandRonlyC QandRonly \ ,D BQandR

    20 The graph showsthe heating curve of a substance.' Which of the phases labelled A, B, C or D, shows heat is absorbedduring the meltingprocess?

  • 8/2/2019 Spm 4531 2006 Physics p1 Berjawapan


    22 Diagram 12 shows a metal sphere attemperature of g0 9C immersed in a liquidat temperature of 40 {. Concave mirror

    Convex mirror



    DMdtal sphere

    Diagram 12What is the temperatureof the metalspherewhen thermal equilibrium is achievedbetween the sphere and the liquid?A More than 90 tB Sameas room temperatureC Less than 40 fD Between40 eCand 90 {

    28 The air pressure n a car tyre is 200 kpa ata temperature of ZE {. What is the airpressure in the tyre at a temperature of37 T?[Assume the volume of the air in the tyre

    Two plane mirrorsat an angle of 60"Diagram 14.1 and Diagram 14.2 show lightrays travelling from glass to air at differenr.incident angles.




  • 8/2/2019 Spm 4531 2006 Physics p1 Berjawapan


    A O,I7B 0.68C L.46

    What is the refractive index of X? A Displacement/cm


    D 1.50E 2.0027 Diagram 16 shows the formatin of the imageof an object by a convex lens.


    26 cmDiagram 16

    If the height of the object is 2 em, what isthe height of the image?A 6.50 cmB 4.50cmC 4.00 cmD 3.25cmE 2.25cm

    28 Diagram 17 shows Ali taking an eye test.



  • 8/2/2019 Spm 4531 2006 Physics p1 Berjawapan


    32 Diagram 1gshows ipple tank with a slopingbase and a vibrator being vibrated. Which of the following showssuperpositionof the wavesat point y?A-+

    B\ tV

    (._At \V


    Diagram lgWhich of the following wavepatterns -+-can beseenon the screen?AlllllBl l l l

  • 8/2/2019 Spm 4531 2006 Physics p1 Berjawapan


    35 Diagram 22 shows two situations where aball floats and moves on the surface of thewater.

    Diagram 22The direction of the movementof the ball isA parallel to the direction of the wavepropagation

    shows the arrangement of aa magnet.37 Diagram 24solenoid and

    MagnetDiagram 24

    Which of the following statements s not amethod to produce induced e.m.f. in thesolenoid?A The magnet s pulledout of the solenoidB The solenoid is moved towards thecD

    magnetThe magnet is moved nto the solenoidThe magnetand the solenoidare mov\at the same velocitv



    Direction of wave propag.ation--.>

  • 8/2/2019 Spm 4531 2006 Physics p1 Berjawapan


    39 Diagram 25 shows three similar bulbsconnectedn the series o a battery and anammeter.42 Diagram 27 shows ancontains three similar electric circuit thatresistors.

    Diagram 2Em_r! will happen to the ammeter readingand the brightnessof the bulbswhenanothei'similar bulb is addedto the circuit?

    Diagram 27Which of the following readings s correct?I * ' :$ c V,=%B A,>4 D Vrr%

    43 A straight conductor is move"lperpendicularly to the magnetic field. Whl- _of the following diagrams shows the correctdirection of the induced current in theconductor?A Direction of motion



    Brightness ofthe bulbsfncreaseDecreaseIncreaseDecrease40 Diagram 26 showsan electric circuit. Thereading of the ammeter is 0.2 A and thereading of the voltmeter is 2.g V

  • 8/2/2019 Spm 4531 2006 Physics p1 Berjawapan


    44 Which of the following circuits can function?A



    DKey: O electronO hole

    The adding of impurity into puresemiconductor material is known asA dopingB rectificationC amplification


  • 8/2/2019 Spm 4531 2006 Physics p1 Berjawapan


    48 Diagram 29 shows hree typesof radioactiverays, X, Y and Z, directed towards a sheetof paper,a sheetof aluminium and a sheetof lead.

    Paper Aluminium Lead. Diagram 2gWhich of the following rays are representedby X, Y and Z?

    xYzAlpha Gamma BetaBeta Alpha GammaGamma Alpha BetaGamma Beta Apha

    49 The initial mass of radioactiveelement is10 g and its half-life is 6 days.Whichof the followingstatementsaboutthemassof the radioactiveelement is true?A 6 days earlier, the mass is 20 gT L2 days.earlie4the mass is g0 gC 6 days later, the mass is 2.8 gD 12 days later, the mass is b.0 g

    5O Which statement is true about the use ofradioactive substance?A To determine the sex of a foetusB Todeterminethe contents n the baggageof air plane passengersC To detect leakage n underground pipesD To identifr counterfeit banLnobs


  • 8/2/2019 Spm 4531 2006 Physics p1 Berjawapan


    I{AffiES PKFHRIKSAAN SPM 2006Pap*r I1A *e 3D6u f f ; 8B11tr 1*f rsA16n t?F lSA2r B ff* n s8 n26 f !*9 I S* B31 s #* f f rA36A :l { * f f i n4r e ** * 4* n48.{ { f * {S e

    4 D 5A9E lOB14 c 15819D 20 B24 C 25 C208 30Cg4 B 358$sD 40 DU D 45 C49A 50C