Spitfire News .Spitfire News SUMMER 2011 ... independent survey specialists Improvia highlighted

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Spitfire NewsSUMMER 2011


Ethernet is the UKs benchmark guaranteed, fast, business Internet connectivity option with none of the problems of variable speed, throughput and quality that can be experienced on Broadband.

The benefit of putting your SIP Trunks over an Ethernet connection is that the link will not suffer any degradation for other users contending for the same bandwidth providing a secure and stable internet connection with low latency and jitter.

The two services SIP and Ethernet are ideal together, providing a single Voice and Data circuit that has guaranteed parameters, and can be used to deliver all voice calls over Spitfire SIP Trunks and all your Internet connectivity requirements.

Spitfire have launched a new 500 per month package which includes 30 SIP Trunks, 200 DDI numbers and a 10mb Ethernet circuit. This package could save businesses as much as 50% when compared to existing ISDN30e and leased line costs.

There are also excellent savings for businesses with as little as eight ISDN30e channels who have an SDSL or Leased Line circuit.

The Internet access Ethernet circuits provide are ideal for businesses that require guaranteed throughput bandwidth with SLAs that support voice, video and mission critical data applications. To talk to us about the benefits Ethernet and SIP Trunks could bring to your business please call us on 020 7501 3333.

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Switch to IPv6 The Internet Society organised World IPv6 day for 8 June this year

Making movies Spitfire The Movie - captures the essence of the company and our services.

Doing the business the iPhones iOS 4 software update has introduced a range of improvements




Spitfire offers new SIP Trunk and Ethernet package at a ground breaking price pointSIP is the industry standard business VoIP equivalent of, and replacement for, ISDN30e and analogue telephone lines. SIP offers several advantages over ISDN30e, including significantly lower cost, excellent Disaster Recovery options and the ability to connect numbers from any UK exchange especially useful when moving and wanting to keep existing phone numbers.

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As part of our marketing programme at major UK exhibitions, we exhibited again at UC Expo in March. The two day show at Kensington Olympia covered the latest developments in unified communications. UC is a concept which seeks to unify all business communications (voice, data and mobile), in one infrastructure and with one number contact for staff regardless of location or device.

Spitfire has a range of solutions to support UC deployment and at the show we demonstrated our SIP Communicator hosted telephony service and the snom ONE together with our SIP Trunks, which we can provide as a complete end-to-end SIP service via our own IP and TDM infrastructure.

Thank you to everyone who dropped in to see us, the show proved to be a worthwhile event generating a lot of interest in Spitfire services. This year we even got a mention as a suitable SIP Trunk provider in one of the lectures on SIP security and it was encouraging to hear people calling us the SIP experts. If you would like to discuss UC solutions for your business or look at providing your calls over Spitfire SIP Trunks do call the Spitfire sales team on 020 7501 3333.

SIP solutions on show at UC Expo


Justin Orde Joint Manging Director

Welcome to the latest edition of Spitfire News. As a company providing communication solutions, its important for us to communicate effectively with our customers, which is why we carry out regular customer surveys.

This issue carries details of our latest survey conducted by independent survey specialists Improvia. The results were extremely encouraging and showed that

we are providing effective customer support. But the results also highlighted the issue of fault resolution ownership by a single contact and the need for regular updates.

We pride ourselves on being big enough to be well resourced for our customers needs, but small enough to care. We want to provide a personal feel to our service provision and not the cold corporate response of some major telcos. To ensure that our personal approach is maintained as we get bigger we have introduced our Keep Customer Informed (KCI) policy with ownership of issues by one Support Technician and on-going updates on issue resolution.

The theme of improving our communication continues with news of our new video series now available to view on our website and also on YouTube. The latest technical innovations are much easier to explain in a video than in words. Training and installation information is also more easily understood through a visual medium.

Of course more and more people like to enjoy video communication while on the move. Since its introduction the iPhone has been hugely successful for this kind of application. In this issue we give details of the iPhones iOS 4 software update that improves performance for business users. Fixed-mobile convergence is a growing trend and we shall have more to say on this in future issues.

Finally Graham Lewis our Director IP Engineering has provided ten important tips for security measures to combat the growing threat of phone system fraud. We hope you will find all the news in this issue interesting and beneficial.

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You may have been reading a lot of news recently about IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6). In brief IP addresses have almost run out for assignment to new people wanting to connect to the Internet using the existing version of the Internet Protocol IP version 4 (IPv4). At the moment it is expected that all unassigned IPv4 address space will be gone by mid-2012 or even earlier.

The Internet cannot be closed for new business and unlike telephone numbers an additional digit cannot be added to the front of an IP address. So the whole addressing scheme has to change and this is the primary driver for adopting IPv6 a much greater range of possible IP addresses.

Last year in preparation Spitfire put IPv6 on our core network and acquired our first big block of IPv6 addresses ready to assign to customers. Our core network is what is referred to as dual stacked

meaning we run both IPv4 and IPv6 alongside each other on the same routers. We also established IPv6 peering relationships with a number of other ISPs who have also put IPv6 on their networks so we can reach most of the rest of the world that has started using IPv6.

The Internet Society organised World IPv6 day for 8 June this year on which some of the largest content providers on the Internet such as Google, Facebook and Yahoo took part in the biggest experiment yet to identify potential areas of IPv6 brokenness.

It was an important exercise for two reasons. Firstly as the Internet transitions to IPv6 it is important to remain backwards compatible with IPv4 as the two are likely to exist in dual stacked systems for many years. This day should have proved whether or not that is possible.

Secondly if it all went to plan it gives confidence to other websites to start moving their content to IPv6.

So what does this mean for our customers? There certainly wont be any big bang where everyone goes to IPv6 overnight the Internet today is too large for that. For Spitfire customers there will be lots of incremental changes as various services get IPv6 enabled and customers start using them.

We will keep you updated over the coming months but for now dont have sleepless nights, we have it covered!



Spitfires switch to IPv6

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Spitfire Makes MoviesWith Brit films sweeping the Oscars, Spitfire has produced its own award-winning real-life thrillers! We're proud to premiere our new portfolio of short movies, created to show you all about Spitfire and what we do. Our main film Spitfire The Movie captures the essence of the company and our services, and then you can watch specific movies that are relevant to your areas of interest - from Broadband to SIP Trunks, from Partner Services to Client Testimonials, Case Studies and Training films. Go to our Homepage (www.spitfire.co.uk), sit back and let us show you Spitfire! We even have our own YouTube TV Channel Spitfire Telecomms.

We're so delighted by our films, we'd

like to tell you about the producers. They're called The Internet Video Company (IVC), and they specialise in TV-quality marketing films for business. If your company would like to discover the power of video as Spitfire have, we've arranged a special deal for Spitfire customers of 15% discount before July 31st. See IVC's website: www.theivc.com and contact them on 01962 779020, mentioning Spitfire.

Tom Fellowes, Spitfire's Sales Director says, "I'm convinced that video is the marketing tool of the future. We're really pleased we've done this, and we're really pleased we've done this with IVC."

Susie Ward, Spitfire's HR & Marketing Director says, The business

communications concepts we want to get across to our customers are better understood through video. A film online explains more clearly the benefits of new services than a printed brochure ever could. Not only are the videos more informative and engaging, they are more environmentally friendly than printed marketing collateral. We hope customers and website visitors will be encouraged to take a peek.

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