SPIE Student Chapter Report 2015 Annual report 2015 Annual report SPIE Student Club Shanghai Institute

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  • SPIE Student Chapter Report


    Annual report

    SPIE Student Club

    Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics

    September 28, 2015

  • Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics

    Chinese Academy of Mechanics

    Student club

    SPIE ID: 1033324

    Content outline

    1. Elected officers

    2. List of current Student Chapter Members

    3. Detail of Chapter activities since last report

    4. Activity details(include photos)

    5. Financial information

    6. Details of planned activities for the future

  • 1. Name, email addresses, and Member numbers of elected


    Advisor – Yuxin Leng (lengyuxin@mail.siom.ac.cn)

    President – Shuai Li (lishuai56@siom.ac.cn)

    Secretary – Dongjia Han (djh@siom.ac.cn)

    Treasurer – Junchi Chen (chenjunchi01@163.com)

    2. List of current Student Chapter Member(52)

    No. Name Gender Email

    1 Yanyan Li Female yyli@siom.ac.cn

    2 Yi Xu Male xuyi@siom.ac.cn

    3 Yujie Peng Male yjpeng1988@126.com

    4 Xiaoyang Guo Male guoxiaoyang@siom.ac.cn

    5 Lei Ren Male leir89@siom.ac.cn

    6 Xiao Zou Female baiguanglove@126.com

    7 Dongjia Han Female 924834396@qq.com

    8 Jun Lu Male camelots@163.com

    9 Weikai Li Male 1043366865@qq.com

    10 Ping Zhu Male zhp1990@yeah.net

    mailto:lengyuxin@mail.siom.ac.cn mailto:lishuai56@siom.ac.cn mailto:djh@siom.ac.cn chenjunchi01@163.com yyli@siom.ac.cn xuyi@siom.ac.cn yjpeng1988@126.com guoxiaoyang@siom.ac.cn leir89@siom.ac.cn baiguanglove@126.com 924834396@qq.com camelots@163.com 1043366865@qq.com zhp1990@yeah.net

  • 11 Xiaoyan Sun Female sunxy@siom.ac.cn

    12 Xiuqing Jiang Female jxq.ashley@gmail.com

    13 Binyan Wang Female wby_ice@siom.ac.cn

    14 Feng Zou Male piaomiaofeng2008@gmail.com

    15 Dan Xu Female xudan@siom.ac.cn




    Shuai Li Male lishuai56@siom.ac.cn

    Junchi Chen Male chenjunchi01@163.com

    Baoyan Chai Female chaibaoyan@siom.ac.cn

    19 Yun Chen Male chenyun@siom.ac.cn

    20 Yanyan Cui Female yycui@siom.ac.cn

    21 Chenliang Ding Male dcl876012866@163.com

    22 Haopeng Huang Male hphuang@siom.ac.cn

    23 Mengchun Jiang Female 471688150@qq.com

    24 Peng Peng Male 1585797467@qq.com

    25 Xiaoqiong Qin Female xqqin@siom.ac.cn

    26 Chengwei Wang Male wangchengwei1989@foxmail.com

    27 Xinliang Wang Male wxl@siom.ac.cn

    28 Fenxiang Wu Male wufengxiang@siom.ac.cn

    29 Huanbin Xing Female hbxing@siom.ac.cn

    30 Yun Xu Female xuyunlife@163.com

    31 Boquan Yang Male 1361184126@qq.com

    sunxy@siom.ac.cn jxq.ashley@gmail.com wby_ice@siom.ac.cn piaomiaofeng2008@gmail.com xudan@siom.ac.cn lishuai56@siom.ac.cn chenjunchi01@163.com chaibaoyan@siom.ac.cn chenyun@siom.ac.cn yycui@siom.ac.cn dcl876012866@163.com hphuang@siom.ac.cn 471688150@qq.com 1585797467@qq.com xqqin@siom.ac.cn wangchengwei1989@foxmail.com wxl@siom.ac.cn wufengxiang@siom.ac.cn hbxing@siom.ac.cn xuyunlife@163.com 1361184126@qq.com

  • 32 Xuan Zhao Female life1225@126.com

    33 Wenzhong Fan Male wenz@mail.ustc.edu.cn

    34 Jie Ke Male kejie@siom.ac.cn

    35 Liuhua Pan Male panlh16@siom.ac.cn

    36 Yanyan Zhang Female 312332027@qq.com

    37 Yu Zhang Female zhangyu090719@siom.ac.cn

    38 Yaru Su Female suyaru1011@126.com

    39 Qiyu He Male qiyuhe@hotmail.com

    40 Zejiang Meng Male mengzejiang@sina.com

    41 Zhumei Sun Female szm20090864@gmail.com

    42 Zheng Huang Male 709314090@qq.com

    43 Dakang Wei Male 532849150@qq.com

    44 Yaoxiang Liu Female 976437129@qq.com

    45 Yanru Tang Female tang_yanru@163.com

    46 Honggeng Wang Female horerwang@siom.ac.cn

    47 Junchao Huang Male hjch@mail.siom.ac.cn

    48 Bin Lu Male lubin@siom.ac.cn

    49 Jianqiu Gao Female gaojianqiu@siom.ac.cn

    50 Boer Zhu Male zhuboer@126.com

    51 Feng Bai Male fbai@siom.ac.cn

    52 Yangbo Li Male yblee@siom.ac.cn

    life1225@126.com wenz@mail.ustc.edu.cn kejie@siom.ac.cn panlh16@siom.ac.cn 312332027@qq.com zhangyu090719@siom.ac.cn suyaru1011@126.com qiyuhe@hotmail.com mengzejiang@sina.com szm20090864@gmail.com 709314090@qq.com 532849150@qq.com 976437129@qq.com tang_yanru@163.com horerwang@siom.ac.cn hjch@mail.siom.ac.cn lubin@siom.ac.cn gaojianqiu@siom.ac.cn zhuboer@126.com fbai@siom.ac.cn yblee@siom.ac.cn

  • 3. Details of Chapter activities since last report

    1) Recruit new members

    We recruit new members in various ways. We advertised and

    introduced SPIE Student Club through the network and some posters;

    many student joined our club for the various activities and conferences

    held by SPIE. This year we also have quite a few members, which

    proves that our chapters has certain effect on operating the club and

    many students want to join us to get to know the SPIE club and its


    2) Held a dinner party to welcome the new members

    We gave the new members of our chapter a warm welcome by holding

    a dinner party. During the dinner party, Professor Leng, who is the

    advisor of our chapter, recommended our chapter and the SPIE Student

    Club with a sense of humor. All students showed great interest. Then

    the new members were asked to introduce themselves to each other and

    the old members shared their experience afterwards. Everyone enjoyed

    their times. During the discussion, they were pleased to provide advices

    about the future activities planning and the management of the chapter.

    At last, the new officers are elected, and president Li gave us a short


    3) Made new member cards

    We have made the name cards for the new members.

  • 4) Outdoor activities

    In order to build a harmonic and relaxed atmosphere, we took a tour of

    Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, which is one of the largest ocean aquariums

    in the world. Currently, this is the only aquarium in the world to have a

    China Zone. We had joy there, and felt very fruitful. When watching the

    geography and culture of various aquatic species’ native places by

    pictures or voices, everyone couldn’t help applauding. All the members

    of our chapter had a good time and knew each other better. Meanwhile,

    we discussed the development of SPIE Student Club, everyone felt that

    our chapter is like a big family and loved the group. It is good for the

    expansion of our chapter.

    5) Propaganda of “Charm of Light”

    For this year 2015 is the International Year of Light (IYL), our club

    seized this unique opportunity to inspire and educate citizens. Series of

    activities were held so that people of all ages and all backgrounds could

    gain an appreciation for the central role of light in their lives.

    Participants had a passion for science and an enthusiasm for light, and

    every member of our chapter tried the best to popularize basic

    knowledge of optics to them and encourage them to actively join the

    International Year of Light.

    6) Organized a lecture by our institute

    We had organized a lecture named “Novel integrated devices based on

  • nonlinear frequency generation: from classical to integrated quantum

    combs” on January 13th, 2015. The reporter was Prof. Roberto

    Morandotti from Universite du Quebec, Canada. He introduced how his

    research group used a nonlinear high precision filter to obtain a stable

    and high repetition rate of the lock mode soliton in great potential. Lots

    of SPIE members attended the lecture, and we benefited a great deal.

    4. Activities details (photos)

    Held a dinner party to welcome the new members

  • Outdoor activities at

    Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

  • Lecture made by Prof. Roberto Morandotti, and we all felt impressive

    Propaganda of “Charm of Light”.

    We invited people of all ages and

    all backgrounds to visit our lab,

    introducing the basic knowledge

    of the ultrafast lasers.

  • 5. Financial information

    The ending balance since last report: 11.96 RMB

    SPIE Activity grant: 1300.00 $ (8279.05 RMB)

    Beginning balance: 8291.01 RMB

    Dinner party to welcome the new members: 2200.00 RMB

    Recruit new members: 300.00 RMB

    Propaganda of “Charm of Light”: 280.00 RMB

    Group outdoor activity cost: 3000.00 RMB

    Invited lecture: 1500.00 RMB

    Conferences and internal discussions: 1000.00 RMB

    Ending balance: 11.01 RMB

    6. Details of planned activities for the future

    1) Hold a dinner party to welcome the new members and elect the new


    This year we have recruited 52 new members, for the effective

    management of the club, we will elect the new management team.

    2) Make the name cards for the members.

    3) Hold some academic lectures associated with optics and photonics.

    We will invite some famous professors or experts to give us some useful

    academic lectures, and we also ask advisor Leng to introduce us to visit

    some optical company.

  • 4) Hold a meeting with other chapt