Sperm Whale Killer Whale Sperm Whale Killer Whale

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Slide 2 Sperm Whale Slide 3 Killer Whale Slide 4 Sperm Whale Killer Whale Slide 5 ( )1.The sperm whale is longer than the killer whale. ( )2.The sperm whale is heavier than the killer whale. ( )3.The killer whale is shorter than the sperm whale. ( )4.The killer whale has more teeth than the sperm whale. ( )5.The sperm whale can jump out of the water. Slide 6 NameSperm whaleKiller whale Length Weight Teeth Tail Food Skill Slide 7 NameSperm whaleKiller whale Length15m8m Weight35t3600kg Teeth5040 Tail8m6m Foodsquid,lobsters,s mall sharks fish,birds,seals, even whales Skillcan dive into deep cold water good swimmer,can jump out of water Slide 8 1.A sperm whale is than a killer whale in its length. 2.A killer whale is than a sperm whale in its size. 3.A sperm whale has 50 teeth. It has more teeth than a killer whale. 4.The length of a sperm whales tooth is cm. longer smaller 10 20 Slide 9 African elephant Height: 3meters. Weight: 6tons Teeth: 1.5 meters long Food: branch, bark, weeds Indian elephant Height: 2.4 meters. Weight: 2.7 tons Teeth: 1.8 meters long Food: leaves, weeds, wild fruit Slide 10 ( )1.The Indian elephant is taller than the African elephant ( )2.The African elephant is heavier than the Indian elephant. ( )3.The Indian elephant has longer teeth than the African elephant. ( )4.They all eat weeds. ( ) 5.They all eat barks. Slide 11 1.The African elephant is than Indian elephant in its length. 2.The Indian elephant is than the African elephant in its weight. Slide 12 Sperm Whale Killer Whale Slide 13 1 2