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Speech-Language Pathology Program Frequently Asked Questions

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Speech-Language Pathology Program Frequently Asked Questions . SLP Program Faculty and Staff. JoAnne Cascia Ed.D . CCC-SLP Assistant Professor/ Program Director Patricia Remshifski Ph.D. CCC-SLP Assistant Professor Elisabeth Mlawski MS, CCC-SLP Assistant Professor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Speech-Language Pathology Program Frequently Asked Questions

Speech Language Pathology Program Information Session 10/16/13

Speech-Language PathologyProgram

Frequently Asked Questions 1JoAnne Cascia Ed.D. CCC-SLPAssistant Professor/ Program Director

Patricia Remshifski Ph.D. CCC-SLPAssistant Professor

Elisabeth Mlawski MS, CCC-SLPAssistant Professor

Pamela Jones MA, CCC-SLPDirector of Clinical Practice

Tabitha MischlerSLP Office Secretary

SLP Program Faculty and Staff2Monmouth University has been awarded Candidacy Accreditation by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA). Candidacy Accreditation is awarded to new and developing programs for a period of up to 5 years. Students will be eligible for state and national professional credentials.Where is MU in the accreditation process?3For graduate enrollment:6 classes 3 credits/classIntroduction to Communication DisordersIntroduction to Language DevelopmentAnatomy and Physiology of Speech and HearingIntroduction to PhoneticsSpeech and Hearing ScienceNeurological Bases of CommunicationTotal = 18 creditsWhat prerequisite classes are needed?4Anyone who does NOT have a Bachelors degree in Speech-Language Pathology or Communication Sciences and Disorders

Anyone who has not taken pre-professional or prerequisite courses elsewhere

Who needs to take the prerequisite courses?5Spring 2014All 6 courses will be offered hybrid

Summer 2014All 6 courses will be offered on-lineWhen will Monmouth offer the prerequisite courses?6Applicants for 2014- Prerequisites do not need to be completed prior, but any outstanding prerequisites will be added to the graduate course load

Applicants for 2015- YES

Accepted students for 2014 will be advised on an individual basis Do the prerequisite courses need to be completed prior to starting the Graduate Program?7No prerequisite classes needed

What if I have a have a Bachelors degree in Speech-Language Pathology already?860 graduate credits of coursework Up to 18 additional credits of prerequisite coursework

This is a full time program with at least 12 credits per semester

All courses are requiredHow many credits is the SLP Graduate Program?9Required core content coursesArticulation and PhonologyFluencyDisorders of Voice and ResonanceDysphagiaNeurological Language Disorders & AphasiaPediatric Language DisordersMotor Speech DisordersAugmentative and Alternative CommunicationTraumatic Brain InjuryCommunication in Autism Spectrum DisordersResearch Methods

What will the coursework cover?10Required clinical courses Professional Issues in SLPClinical Methods in SLPAssessment Procedures in SLPDiagnostic Procedures in SLP

Required Practicum ExperiencesClinical Practicum I Clinical Practicum IIExternal Clinical Practicum IExternal Clinical Practicum II

What will the coursework cover?11ASHA requires 400 clinical hours25 observation hours375 direct client care hours at the graduate level2 in-house practicum experiences2 external practicum experiences How will students accumulate clinical hours?12Local hospitalsSkilled nursing facilitiesRehabilitation centersSpecialized schoolsEarly intervention facilitiesPrivate practicesPublic school districtsWhere are the clinical placements?132 years (6 semesters) with prerequisite classes completedSummer, fall, spring, summer, fall, spring

Up to one year longer if prerequisite courses need to be addedHow long will it take to complete the SLP Graduate Program?14Completion of the GREsGREs not needed if applicant holds a Masters Degree or higherGPA of 3.0 to apply2 letters of recommendationWritten essayVideo statementcontact Graduate Admissions if you do not have access to a computer with camera/video capabilities

A resume can be included as well and can be very helpful in highlighting candidate qualificationsWhat is involved in the application process?15Due to the large number of applicants, personal interviews with everyone would be impossible

To maintain fairness to everyone, the video statement was created Once you submit your application, you will receive an email with instructions and a link to open the video statementYou will be able to view the question and prepare your response before recordingOnce recording begins, you cannot stop and re-recordYou will be given 2 minutes for your video statementCan I have a personal interview?16GPA- minimum GPA of 3.0 to apply GREs- no minimum scoreHigher GPA can compensate for lower GREs and higher GREs can compensate for low a GPAResumeHighlight achievements that make you stand out. For example:Speaking a second languageVolunteer workAwardsPrior work experienceResearchTake the prerequisite courses (if you need them) to include those transcripts

What if my GPA or GREs are low?17Application deadline for Monmouth University is February 1st, 2014When is the deadline to apply for admission?18Acceptance letters will be sent out between March 15, 2014 and March 30, 2014.When will acceptance letters be sent out?19Take the GREs- required for application Complete certification requirements for ASHA:StatisticsPhysical Sciences (chemistry/physics/ geology/ astronomy/ meteorology)Biological Sciences (biology/anatomy/physiology/ ecology/ genetics/ botany/ nutrition/ zoology)Behavioral/Social Sciences (psychology, sociology/anthropology)*not necessary for admission *can be completed anywhere*can be undergraduate or graduate level coursesPlease note this is not a Monmouth requirement but rather a requirement that will be needed after graduation for ASHA certification (CCC-SLP)What can you do now?20For additional information or questions about the application process, please contact:Graduate Admissions732-571-3452

For additional information or questions about the SLP program, please contact:SLP [email protected]

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