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SPECIALTY DRINKS - Breakfast ?· Breakfast Republic Blend Coffee 2.95 Organic Cold Brew Coffee (Nitro)…

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  • BEVERAGESBottomless Organic Breakfast Republic Blend Coffee 2.95

    Organic Cold Brew Coffee (Nitro)8oz: 2.50 // 16oz: 4served over coffee ice cubes

    Chai Latte/Latte/Cappuccino 12oz: 3.75 // 16oz: 4.75 // make it dirty $0.75

    Specialty Lattes 12oz: 4.75 // 16oz: 5.75

    Breakfast Republic Latte vanilla, chai, and mochaOreo Cookie LatteMexican Mocha Salted Caramel Latte

    Caffeine Overdose 8unsure if you want a latte, mocha or mexican mocha? try a flight of all 3! 4oz of each (one milk choice please)

    Cocky 12 8oz: 2.75 // 16oz: 4.5012 hour cold brew highly caffeinated extraction, served over coffee ice cubes

    Sweetie Cocky 12 8oz: 2.95 // 16oz: 4.75with vanilla, half & half, served over coffee ice cubes

    Organic Black Iced Tea 2.50

    Bottomless Sodas/Lemonade 2.50

    In House Fresh Squeezed OJ SM: 3.75 // LG: 4.75

    Hot Tea 2.50(all organic) english breakfast, chamomile, green tea, earl grey, raspberry hibiscus

    ORGANIC LOCAL ANTIOXIDANT SHOTS 3 each // 8 flight of all 3Tropical Detox

    geared towards detoxification of heavy metals while increasing blood production, balancing hormones, blood pressure, and cholesterol

    ingredients: fresh pressed organic mango, pineapple & grape juices. organic gelatanized peruvian maca grown at 14,000 feet & organic wild ecuadorian spirulina grown at 9,500 feet.

    Cellular Boostdetoxify, hydrate & nourish your cells with a potent blend of organic sulfur & superfruits while supporting healthy inflammation levels for joints. restores vital body electrolytes while maintaining healthy glucose levels and cellular growth.

    ingredients: fresh pressed organic apples, cranberries, grapes, acai, pomegranate, blackberry, blueberry, cherry & rose hips. organic sulfur, vitamin c, polysaccharides, antioxidants, minerals, alkaloids, and other bioactive nutrients.

    Immune Boost stimulate the growth of intestinal micro-flora while decreasing inflammation to stimulate the immune system. a good source of vitamin c, b vitamins, magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, potassium & micro-nutrients. promotes relaxation and healthy sleep patterns.

    ingredients: fresh pressed organic tart cherry, pear, apple, grape, lemon & rose hips. organic tumeric root, baobab fruit, and cayenne pepper.

    ON DRAFTGlera Frizzante Unokeg Singlo Prosecco 8Living Tea Brewing Co. Organic Ginger Kombucha 8oz: 3 // 16oz: 5Living Tea Brewing Co. Rotating Kombucha Tap 8oz: 3 // 16oz: 5Resident Brewing Perky Blonde 6 San Diego, ABV 5.2% (16oz)

    Resident Brewing Occupant Double IPA 5 San Diego , ABV 8.3% (8oz)

    Stone Delicious IPA 6 Escondido, ABV 7.7% (16oz)

    Stone Wussie Pilsner 6 Escondido, ABV 5.8% (16oz)

    Bitter Brothers Golden Child Hefe 6San Diego, ABV 5.2% (16oz)

    AleSmith Lil Devil Pale Ale 6 San Diego, ABV 5.95% (16oz)

    Refuge Grapefruit IPA 6 Temecula, ABV 7.7% (16oz)

    Avery White Rascal 5 Boulder, CO, ABV 5.6% (16oz)

    Mammoth Double Nut Brown 6 Mammoth, ABV 5.5% (16oz)

    Port Brewing Wipeout IPA 6 San Marcos, ABV 7.5% (16oz)

    Pizza Port Graveyard Pale Ale 5 Solona Beach, ABV 6.3% (16oz)

    Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA 6 Healdsburg, ABV 7.5% (16oz)

    Modern Times Fruitlands Gose 6 San Diego, ABV 4.8% (16oz)

    Modern Times Black Horse Stout 6 San Diego, ABV 5.8% (16oz) (75/25 Nitro)

    Mother Earth Cali Creamin' 6 Vista, ABV 5.2% (16oz) (75/25 Nitro)

    SPECIALTY DRINKS Cranberry, Grapefruit, or Fresh Squeezed OJ Mimosa 6

    Prosecco Fresh Squeezed OJ Mimosa 8

    White Peach Bellini 8Glera Frizzante Prosecco + white peach puree

    Fresh Squeezed OJ Carafe + Bottle of Brut 22

    Ginger Kombucha Mule 12Organic kombucha, Purity Vodka, fresh lime, muddled mint, splash of Sierra Mist

    Summer Breeze 13Purity Vodka, Tropical Detox antioxidant shot, muddled blueberries and raspberries, lemon squeeze, splash of soda water and orgeat

    Beermosa (16oz) 7Wussie Pilsner or Cali Creamin'

    Bloody Mary 8

    Jurassic Pork Bloody Mary 10

    Tom Collins Walk of Shame 12Ransom Old Tom Gin, lime, cane sugar, star anise

    Whiskey Sunny Side Up 13Koval American Oat Whiskey, lemon, cane sugar, red wine, egg white

    Rum For Your Life 10Selvarey Cacao Rum, Licor 43, coffee, Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters

    Spicy Karma 11Karma Tequila Blanco, jalapeo pepper, lime, cilantro & agave

    Heart Palpitation 11Selvarey Cacao Rum, Breakfast Republic Cold Brew, cane sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon & orange oils

    Cluckin Margarita 12Karma Tequila Blanco, lime, Cluckin Good Hot Sauce, cucumber & agave

    Michelada 6lime with a Tajin rim


    Side Bacon or Turkey Bacon 3

    Mixed Veggies 4

    Jurassic Pork 5thick cut bacon marinated and baked with paprika & brown sugar

    Cinnamon-Ginger Coffee Cake 5 with walnuts

    Beer & Sausage Sampler 13four 1.5oz sausage samples and four 4oz beer samples* Chicken Maple Apple Cinnamon Hickory Smoked Sonoma

    Jack Cheese Breakfast Link Chicken Asiago Fennel Portugese Linguisa Chicken Mango *8oz serving sized beer will have 2oz pour in sampler


    T-shirts 18

    Hoodies 30

    Bacon Socks 12

    14oz Coffee Cup 10

    20oz Coffee Cup 15

    Coffee Tumbler 8

    7x7 Breakfast Republic Plate 10

    16x8 Breakfast Republic Hands Plate 20

    1lb Breakfast Republic Blend Coffee Beans 15

    Ceramic Egg Salt& Pepper Shakers 20

    Breakfast Republic Cutting Board 2

    8oz Cluckin Good Hot Sauce 6

    16oz Pint Glass 5

    10oz Beer Goblet 5

    ask your server about our rotating


    BEER FLIGHTS $8 Morning Delight Modern Times Gose Modern Times Black Horse Coffee Stout Avery White Rascal Mother Earth Cali Creamin

    Hoppy Stone Delicious IPA Port Wipeout IPA Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA Refuge Grapefruit IPA

    Gamut Stone Wussie Pilsner Pizza Port Graveyard Pale Ale AleSmith Lil Devil Mammoth Double Nut Brown