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<ul><li><p>BEVERAGESBottomless Organic Breakfast Republic Blend Coffee 2.95</p><p>Organic Cold Brew Coffee (Nitro)8oz: 2.50 // 16oz: 4served over coffee ice cubes</p><p>Chai Latte/Latte/Cappuccino 12oz: 3.75 // 16oz: 4.75 // make it dirty $0.75</p><p>Specialty Lattes 12oz: 4.75 // 16oz: 5.75</p><p>Breakfast Republic Latte vanilla, chai, and mochaOreo Cookie LatteMexican Mocha Salted Caramel Latte</p><p>Caffeine Overdose 8unsure if you want a latte, mocha or mexican mocha? try a flight of all 3! 4oz of each (one milk choice please) </p><p>Cocky 12 8oz: 2.75 // 16oz: 4.5012 hour cold brew highly caffeinated extraction, served over coffee ice cubes</p><p>Sweetie Cocky 12 8oz: 2.95 // 16oz: 4.75with vanilla, half &amp; half, served over coffee ice cubes</p><p>Organic Black Iced Tea 2.50</p><p>Bottomless Sodas/Lemonade 2.50</p><p>In House Fresh Squeezed OJ SM: 3.75 // LG: 4.75</p><p>Hot Tea 2.50(all organic) english breakfast, chamomile, green tea, earl grey, raspberry hibiscus</p><p>ORGANIC LOCAL ANTIOXIDANT SHOTS 3 each // 8 flight of all 3Tropical Detox</p><p>geared towards detoxification of heavy metals while increasing blood production, balancing hormones, blood pressure, and cholesterol</p><p>ingredients: fresh pressed organic mango, pineapple &amp; grape juices. organic gelatanized peruvian maca grown at 14,000 feet &amp; organic wild ecuadorian spirulina grown at 9,500 feet.</p><p>Cellular Boostdetoxify, hydrate &amp; nourish your cells with a potent blend of organic sulfur &amp; superfruits while supporting healthy inflammation levels for joints. restores vital body electrolytes while maintaining healthy glucose levels and cellular growth. </p><p>ingredients: fresh pressed organic apples, cranberries, grapes, acai, pomegranate, blackberry, blueberry, cherry &amp; rose hips. organic sulfur, vitamin c, polysaccharides, antioxidants, minerals, alkaloids, and other bioactive nutrients.</p><p>Immune Boost stimulate the growth of intestinal micro-flora while decreasing inflammation to stimulate the immune system. a good source of vitamin c, b vitamins, magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, potassium &amp; micro-nutrients. promotes relaxation and healthy sleep patterns.</p><p>ingredients: fresh pressed organic tart cherry, pear, apple, grape, lemon &amp; rose hips. organic tumeric root, baobab fruit, and cayenne pepper.</p><p>ON DRAFTGlera Frizzante Unokeg Singlo Prosecco 8Living Tea Brewing Co. Organic Ginger Kombucha 8oz: 3 // 16oz: 5Living Tea Brewing Co. Rotating Kombucha Tap 8oz: 3 // 16oz: 5Resident Brewing Perky Blonde 6 San Diego, ABV 5.2% (16oz) </p><p>Resident Brewing Occupant Double IPA 5 San Diego , ABV 8.3% (8oz)</p><p>Stone Delicious IPA 6 Escondido, ABV 7.7% (16oz)</p><p>Stone Wussie Pilsner 6 Escondido, ABV 5.8% (16oz)</p><p>Bitter Brothers Golden Child Hefe 6San Diego, ABV 5.2% (16oz)</p><p>AleSmith Lil Devil Pale Ale 6 San Diego, ABV 5.95% (16oz)</p><p>Refuge Grapefruit IPA 6 Temecula, ABV 7.7% (16oz)</p><p>Avery White Rascal 5 Boulder, CO, ABV 5.6% (16oz)</p><p>Mammoth Double Nut Brown 6 Mammoth, ABV 5.5% (16oz)</p><p>Port Brewing Wipeout IPA 6 San Marcos, ABV 7.5% (16oz)</p><p>Pizza Port Graveyard Pale Ale 5 Solona Beach, ABV 6.3% (16oz)</p><p>Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA 6 Healdsburg, ABV 7.5% (16oz)</p><p>Modern Times Fruitlands Gose 6 San Diego, ABV 4.8% (16oz)</p><p>Modern Times Black Horse Stout 6 San Diego, ABV 5.8% (16oz) (75/25 Nitro)</p><p>Mother Earth Cali Creamin' 6 Vista, ABV 5.2% (16oz) (75/25 Nitro)</p><p>SPECIALTY DRINKS Cranberry, Grapefruit, or Fresh Squeezed OJ Mimosa 6</p><p>Prosecco Fresh Squeezed OJ Mimosa 8</p><p>White Peach Bellini 8Glera Frizzante Prosecco + white peach puree</p><p>Fresh Squeezed OJ Carafe + Bottle of Brut 22</p><p>Ginger Kombucha Mule 12Organic kombucha, Purity Vodka, fresh lime, muddled mint, splash of Sierra Mist</p><p>Summer Breeze 13Purity Vodka, Tropical Detox antioxidant shot, muddled blueberries and raspberries, lemon squeeze, splash of soda water and orgeat</p><p>Beermosa (16oz) 7Wussie Pilsner or Cali Creamin'</p><p>Bloody Mary 8</p><p>Jurassic Pork Bloody Mary 10 </p><p>Tom Collins Walk of Shame 12Ransom Old Tom Gin, lime, cane sugar, star anise</p><p>Whiskey Sunny Side Up 13Koval American Oat Whiskey, lemon, cane sugar, red wine, egg white</p><p>Rum For Your Life 10Selvarey Cacao Rum, Licor 43, coffee, Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters</p><p>Spicy Karma 11Karma Tequila Blanco, jalapeo pepper, lime, cilantro &amp; agave</p><p>Heart Palpitation 11Selvarey Cacao Rum, Breakfast Republic Cold Brew, cane sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon &amp; orange oils</p><p>Cluckin Margarita 12Karma Tequila Blanco, lime, Cluckin Good Hot Sauce, cucumber &amp; agave</p><p>Michelada 6lime with a Tajin rim</p><p>A LITTLE SOMETHING ON THE SIDEAny Sausage 4</p><p>Side Bacon or Turkey Bacon 3</p><p>Mixed Veggies 4</p><p>Jurassic Pork 5thick cut bacon marinated and baked with paprika &amp; brown sugar</p><p>Cinnamon-Ginger Coffee Cake 5 with walnuts</p><p>Beer &amp; Sausage Sampler 13four 1.5oz sausage samples and four 4oz beer samples* Chicken Maple Apple Cinnamon Hickory Smoked Sonoma </p><p>Jack Cheese Breakfast Link Chicken Asiago Fennel Portugese Linguisa Chicken Mango *8oz serving sized beer will have 2oz pour in sampler</p><p>BREAKFAST REPUBLIC MERCHANDISECaps 12 </p><p>T-shirts 18</p><p>Hoodies 30</p><p>Bacon Socks 12</p><p>14oz Coffee Cup 10</p><p>20oz Coffee Cup 15 </p><p>Coffee Tumbler 8</p><p>7x7 Breakfast Republic Plate 10</p><p>16x8 Breakfast Republic Hands Plate 20</p><p>1lb Breakfast Republic Blend Coffee Beans 15 </p><p>Ceramic Egg Salt&amp; Pepper Shakers 20</p><p>Breakfast Republic Cutting Board 2</p><p>8oz Cluckin Good Hot Sauce 6</p><p>16oz Pint Glass 5</p><p>10oz Beer Goblet 5</p><p>ask your server about our rotating </p><p>taps!</p><p>BEER FLIGHTS $8 Morning Delight Modern Times Gose Modern Times Black Horse Coffee Stout Avery White Rascal Mother Earth Cali Creamin</p><p>Hoppy Stone Delicious IPA Port Wipeout IPA Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA Refuge Grapefruit IPA</p><p>Gamut Stone Wussie Pilsner Pizza Port Graveyard Pale Ale AleSmith Lil Devil Mammoth Double Nut Brown</p></li></ul>


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