Speaking Up When It Counts Ted Ted Oberg, ABC13 Investigative Reporter

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Text of Speaking Up When It Counts Ted Ted Oberg, ABC13 Investigative Reporter

  • Speaking UpWhen It CountsTed Oberg, ABC13 Investigative Reporter

  • After 9-1-1 Its Too LateCome up with a plan now not just for crisis

    Who will be responsible for communicating your message?

    Collect Contacts Today

  • Say Something !!!

  • Say itFast!!!

  • Say itAgain

  • Its OKif it hurts and it will

  • You Cant Control the Message@SpringISD#SpringHS

  • First StepsTell parents what happened

    Doesnt have to be complete

    It has to be HONEST!!!

    Establish a person and place for media & parents

  • Second StepsMake sure staff on site know where PIO is & direct media there

    Start answering questions

    Be HONEST about what you know & dont know

  • Lets Say it TogetherI dont know the answer to that question, but I will do my best to get you an answer right away.

  • This wont end on Day 1Prepare for follow-upsMedia will want to be on campus you DONT have to let us in but should provide some photosReinforce the managed message that school is a safe place

  • This will be your storyTell your story

    Let the police tell theirs

    Make sure your students & parents know school was and will be a safe place

  • Thanks to...John WilsonSenior ConsultantCenter for Safe and Secure SchoolsHarris County Department of Education


  • Thanks to...National Association of Independent Schoolswww.nais.org

    National Association of School Psychologistswww.nasponline.org

    School is a safe placeSomething will happenYou control what happens next*One communicator to parents another to media if you can afford*******HOLDING STATEMENT

    One place for media another place for parents

    *Get plan or at least parts of plan to people who need to know especially those who will answer phones and direct traffic*Examples of how it was done well

    Katy September 13 2013 man shot his wife before school startedJohn Wilson @ HCDE Center for Safe & Secure SchoolsHappened well before school repeated texts to school community

    NEWTOWN december 2012 Media briefings every dayWell away from school with well prepared briefer