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<ul><li> 1. @buckleyplanet </li></ul> <p> 2. Christian BuckleyManagingDirector, Americaswww.buckleyplanet.com@buckleyplanetcbuck@gtconsult.com 3. Its a state of being. 4. Theres intent around a pin, says Joanne Bradford, Pinterests head of partnerships. It says, Im organizing this into a place in my life, like when people tear out a page of a magazine. Forbes, Nov 2014 http://onforb.es/1xRW7wS 5. Small-team collaboration can be fast and effective 6. While large-team collaboration can be sluggish and siloed 7. 8. It begins by understanding how your teams work together today 9. 10. Content and signals across Office 365 auto-populating the Office Graph for teams.Insights derived with machine learning to help YOU get the job done right NOW 11. Unifies People, Profiles, Conversations, Emails, Calendars, and Files across Office 365 and beyond.Provides you with a rich and seamless collaboration experience across applications 12. Extends social collaboration to Office 365, Dynamics, and other apps, services, and line-of-business systems.Enables you to participate in social conversations from the tools of your choice 13. Social Software in the Workplace September 2014 14. Enterprise Social Platforms Q2, 2014 15. the primary driver for cloud adoption will shift from economics to innovationFrank Gens, Senior Vice Presidentand Chief Analyst at IDC 16. Three components to your strategy:PeopleProcessTechnology 17. Social Enterprise is implemented 80% through organization culture and 20% through technology.-Gartner, September 2012Transforming work = culture + technology20% Tech80%Culture 18. PeopleProcessTechnology 19. PeopleProcessTechnology 20. PeopleProcessTechnology 21. Which tool when today?* Guidance will evolve as Microsoft delivers more cross-suite innovation in Office 365But I still need toContinueUsing.organizedata in a hierarchylayoutPublic Foldersallowusers to have directSharePoint document access via Outlook 2013Site Mailboxesallow usersto send messages onbehalf of agroup identityShared Mailboxessharecommunications with large groups(&gt;300) or nested groupsDistributionGroups *moderate group conversationsDistributionGroupsbusiness process workflow customizations on your siteTeam SiteIf youre looking for a solution to provideStartUsing.social intranet capabilitiesYammerexternal collaborationYammerunstructured collaboration (e.g.,ideation, feedback)Yammeremployeeengagement (e.g., communitiesof interest, recognition)YammerteamcollaborationGroupsstructured project collaboration (e.g., deliverables, meetings, milestones)Groupsfile creation, collaboration, and storageGroups 22. Sign up and get started with Yammer www.yammer.comEnterprise Social Resource Center http://enterprisesocial.comCheck out the Success Center http://success.office.comNext Steps 23. Enterprise Social Resource CenterCustomer testimonials sharing success stories with Enterprise SocialTailored guidance for line-of-business leads: Executives, HR, IT, Sales, Marketing, Customer SupportEducational content on the business value and benefits of Enterprise Socialwww.enterprisesocial.comLearn how social software can help your business 24. Scenarios inspire people to work in new ways using Office 365, along with related communication kits to support adoption.A four-step approach to drive adoption supported by downloadable templates and best practices.Featured adoption communities where you can learn from your peers and adoption experts.Helpful resources to learn about other customer stories and special offers to make it easier to get started. 25. Success Measurement of Enterprise Social NetworksLinked: How Everything Is Connected to Everything Else and What It Means for Business, Science, and Everyday LifeSix Degrees: The Science of a Connected AgeConnected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives --How Your Friends' Friends' Friends Affect Everything You Feel, Think, and DoReturn On Influence: The Revolutionary Power of Klout, Social Scoring, and Influence MarketingUnderstanding Social Networks: Theories, Concepts, and FindingsBursts: The Hidden Patterns Behind Everything We Do, from Your E-mail to Bloody Crusades10 Vital Steps to Building Social Influencestudy 26. Thank you!www.buckleyplanet.com@buckleyplanetcbuck@gtconsult.com </p>