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  • Spatial Data Infrastructures in Norway: State of play 2011



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  • Report meta-information

    Title Spatial Data Infrastructures in Norway: State of Play 2011

    Creator Danny Vandenbroucke (SADL)

    Date Issued 2010-05-02

    Subject INSPIRE State of Play

    Publisher K.U.Leuven

    Description This report is summarizing the review of SDI in Norway

    Contributors Danny Vandenbroucke, Dimitrios Biliouris (SADL, Katleen

    Janssen (ICRI), Kari Strande (NO-NMA)

    Previous Contributors Margaret Hall (ind.), Jos Van Orshoven, Catharina Bamps

    (SADL); Peter Beusen, Katleen Janssen (ICRI); Kari Strande,

    Mortine Borrebaek, Laila Aslesen (NO-NMA)

    Format MS Word 97/2000

    Audience INSPIRE stakeholders

    Identifier rcr11NOv122

    Language EN

    Coverage Autumn 2010 – Spring 2011

  • Version number Date Modified by Comments

    1.0 2002-12-17 Margaret Hall & Peter

    Beusen (ICRI)

    First version

    2.0 2002-12-20 Jos Van Orshoven


    Completion & harmonization

    with 31 other country reports

    3.0 2003-07-25 Margaret Hall Consolidation of completing and

    correcting remarks received from

    Kari Strande (National Mapping

    Authority in cooperation with

    Morten Borrebaek).; Addition of

    Executive Summary and

    abbreviations and acronyms;

    Reorganisation according to new


    4.0 2003-08-06 Jos Van Orshoven


    Harmonisation with 31 other

    country reports

    5.0 2004-06-13 Catharina Bamps


    Integration of information from

    limited review of web sites

    General review, correction and


    Addition of table pointing to

    changes with regard to version 4.

    6.0 2004-06-29 Katleen Janssen (ICRI) General review, correction and

    update of legal framework

    7.0 2004-07-02 Jos Van Orshoven



    8.0 2005-06-01 Laila Aslesen (NO) Update status 2005

    8.1 2005-07-26 Katleen Janssen (ICRI) General review, correction and

    update of legal framework

    8.2 2005-08-05 Danny Vandenbroucke Review of the 2005 update and


    8.3 2005-09-26 Danny Vandenbroucke Final report based on comments

    from the EU

    9.0 2006-12-22 Katleen Janssen (ICRI) General review, correction and

    update of legal framework

  • 9.1 2006-12-30 Danny Vandenbroucke Review of the 2006 update and


    10.0 2008-03-28 Katleen Janssen (ICRI) Correction and update legal and

    organizational framework

    10.1 2008-05-12 Danny Vandenbroucke,

    Ludo Engelen (SADL)

    Integration results survey

    10.2 2008-07-20 Danny Vandenbroucke


    Metadata and final changes

    11.0 2010-03-25 Dimitrios Biliouris


    Review of the 2009 update

    11.1 2010-04-15 Katleen Janssen (ICRI) Update of the legal framework

    11.2 2010-05-30 Danny Vandenbroucke Draft update including new

    material from visit 05/10

    11.3 2010-10-15 Danny Vandenbroucke Final Draft

    12.0 2011-02-05 Danny Vandenbroucke Modifying the structure of the

    report; removing obsolete


    12.1 2011-03-10 Danny Vandenbroucke Adding examples on the usage

    and applications

    12.2 2011-09-02 Danny Vandenbroucke Final review

    This document does not represent the position of the Commission or its services. No

    inferences should be drawn from these documents as to the content or form of the current

    and future proposals to be presented by the Commission.

    This document does neither represent the position of the Member States and countries

    under study.

  • EC-INSPIRE: Spatial Data Infrastructures in Europe: State of play 2011 Norway

    K.U.Leuven (SADL) 5

    Executive summary

    Norway digital is the Norwegian government’s initiative to build the national spatial data

    infrastructure. ‘Norway digital’ is a nation-wide program for cooperation on

    establishment, maintenance and distribution of digital geographic data. The aim is to

    enhance the availability and use of quality geographic information among a broad range

    of users, primarily in the public sector. A broad representation of Norwegian public

    bodies is participating, at national level ministries and their directorates, at local and

    regional level most of the Norwegian Municipalities and different regional public bodies.

    At the municipal level, Oslo is missing since they follow their own geo-policy. The co-

    operation is based on the white paper on the National Spatial Data Infrastructure

    presented by the Norwegian government and accepted by the Parliament on June 18.


    The NSDI is building upon various national level programmes including eNorge (which

    is the eGovernment programme) and Geovekst (a cooperation programme for

    establishing digital geographic data). The National Mapping & Cadastre Authority is the

    major executive and de facto coordinating body within the NSDI. Strategic discussions

    and decisions are made within the Management Board in which the above mentioned

    stakeholders all have representatives.

    The current policy for the NSDI development is based on three main components:

    – overall agreements between the partners

    – a geodata portal

    – a geographic information metadata service

    – a range of access services

    A document on General Terms and Conditions for Norway Digital Co-Operation has

    been published in 2008 and is regularly updated. Agreements between the NSDI

    participants are renewed annually, including the calculation for their contribution. A

    system of partnership fees has been elaborated, called the “Digital Norway-calculator”

    which is a flexible pricing mechanism based on the type of datasets needed (and related

    interest factor), base value and other parameters (e.g. the importance of the data set for

    the users, the intensity of use based on service requests). The system is fed by a

    monitoring mechanism which provides information on the usage of data sets taken into

    account for calculating the fee on the one hand, but also provide some ‘rights’ regarding

    ‘permanent’ accessibility and usability of the data sets through services.

    In 2010, the countries of European Economic Area decided to implement INSPIRE and

    to do so by transposing the Directive in national legislation. Norway prepared a Geodata

    Act which is expected to be approved in parliament before the end of 2010. The Act is

    deemed to improve data sharing and cooperation between the different stakeholders in the


    A result of the ‘Norway Digital’ initiative is the development of the national portal

    (geoNorge). GeoNorge is the largest open, standards based eGovernment component in

    daily use in Norway. Being part of the current Norwegian ICT Policy “An Information

  • EC-INSPIRE: Spatial Data Infrastructures in Europe: State of play 2011 Norway

    K.U.Leuven (SADL) 6

    Society for All”, the portal constitutes the umbrella for a large number of geospatial

    eServices, making basic geographic information and a variety of thematic information

    readily available. The information currently provided by the portal enables geospatial

    information to be used by different communities, including public administration and

    environmental management bodies.

    All institutions participating in ‘Norway Digital’ bring their own data into the

    infrastructure making it available to the other partners. ‘Norway Digital’ treats

    geographical data divided in two main categories, reference data and thematic data.

    Reference data includes among other things topographical data, hydrography, roads and

    other infrastructure. Thematic data includes a broad range of information produced by

    national institutions and municipalities at the local level. The themes cover aspects such

    as demography, risks and risk management, protected sites, pollution, agricultural and

    forest resources. More then 600 partners and more than 100 operational web map

    services, geoportal and other services are involved. The Norwegian SDI covers the 34

    themes of INSPIRE quite well: 222 data sets were reported under INSPIRE MR

    (although this is not an obligation for Norway) covering most of the themes of the three


    Norway Digital and the NMCA have a long experience in disseminating data as web map

    services (WMS). Downloadable data are available on standard formats and metadata are

    delivered together with the data. The national portal is giving information about the

    present status of the available data and web map services, while the technologies used are

    based on international standards (ISO and OGC). Under INSPIRE MR 96 such services

    were reported including all types expect invoking servi

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