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SPARSH :(Specifically Programmed Automated Recognition System by Hand)

SYSTEM INVESTIGATION: In populous VIT the traditional payment system is cumber some and inefficient. The primary source of money in VIT (ATM) is few in number and crowded. To carry out financial transactions through bank and finance office is difficult and time consuming process. Paper work like receipts, challans, bills are increasing day by day in VIT.SYSTEM ANALYSIS: As finger print system is already partially installed in VIT (hostels), this can be extended to the financial activities as well. First collect the biometric print of VIT community (students, faculties etc). Create the database that cannot be hacked, mismatched and replicated. The day to day transactions will and assessed and audited at the financial office. The primary aim of developing the system is to simplify and integrate the financial transactions in VIT.SYSTEM DESIGN: The dimensions of the system will be similar to tablet pc. It can be used at locations like FC, canteens, souvenir shop, finance office, hostel office, library (fine payment) all other places within VIT where the financial transactions takes place. This system reduces the human effort towards collections of cash, issue of bills and other financial transactions recording. The software used for implementing the system can be licensed from reputed IT companies. The existing biometric software (hostel attendance) should be uplinked with the new financial transaction software. Each and every user should have a minimum deposit of 10000/- in his unique account which is maintained by VIT finance office.SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION: This system will be implemented within VIT campus (FC, canteens, souvenir shop, finance office, hostel office, and library). The hardware requirement is to purchase standardised system. The systems are networked and integrated using infrared. The infrared transistors are to be installed at all key locations.SYSTEM MAINTENANCE: A system analyst can be appointed for the maintenance, upkeep of the devices (I/P); hubs and software. In case of insufficient funds, to continue with the new system the end user has to renew his account through bank deposits, credit cards, (intranet). There will be a quick link for VIT banking in, the end user or parents will be using this link for financial transactions.




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