Southampton Open Wireless Network The Topology Talk

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Southampton Open Wireless Network The Topology Talk. Outline. The SOWN VLAN The Topology Schematic Community Area Network (CAN) Parts of SOWN Core Network Campus Nodes sown[at]home IPv4 addressing on SOWN IPv6 addressing on SOWN. VLANs. A VLAN is a Virtual LAN - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Southampton Open Wireless NetworkThe Topology Talk</p> <p> SOWN VLAN</p> <p>The Topology Schematic</p> <p>Community Area Network (CAN)</p> <p>Parts of SOWNCore NetworkCampus Nodessown[at]home</p> <p>IPv4 addressing on SOWN </p> <p>IPv6 addressing on SOWN</p> <p>Southampton Open Wireless VLAN is a Virtual LANThink of a set of computers connected to a single switchA VLAN switch emulates many dumb switches and you spread a LAN across many VLAN switches transparently</p> <p>SOWN uses a campus wide VLANServers in 3 different buildingsVLAN connected nodes on 1 of those + 1 other (SUSU)Southampton Open Wireless Topology (1)</p> <p>Wheres the SOWN VLAN?Southampton Open Wireless CANSOWN is a Community Area Network (CAN)</p> <p>A CAN is a wide area LAN where all users are connected to the SOWN LAN no matter on their location.</p> <p>Users of the network can connect to each other directly</p> <p>Has the advantage that you dont need NAT internally and can offer services such as VOIP and LAN gamingSouthampton Open Wireless Nodes</p> <p>Southampton Open Wireless</p> <p>Campus NodesA wireless hotspot providing connectivity to the SOWN CAN</p> <p>High power nodes with large coverage areas</p> <p>Have direct connection to the sown servers for internet connection and authentication</p> <p>Southampton Open Wireless[at]home NodesPlugnPlay wireless access points to allow SOWN access to be broadcast from users house with the minimum of fussJust plug it in to a free network port on your router and switch on!Makes use of home ADSL line for internet accessTunnels are set up to sown-vpn so SOWN network access is granted. User authentication is passed down the tunnel to sown-authNodes are made by Meraki, but run with our own firmware based on OpenWRT (linux distribution for home routers) which is configured to work with SOWN.</p> <p>Southampton Open Wireless Servers</p> <p>Southampton Open Wireless between sown and internet.</p> <p>Acts as a Network Address Translator (IPv4) and Firewall for IPv4 traffic.</p> <p>NAT is required due to the lack of free availability of global IPv4 addresses. </p> <p>(also runs the sown-bot on our irc channel)Southampton Open Wireless Authentication Server and SOWN Control Server</p> <p>When users join a SOWN node this server hosts the captive portal pages which enable login</p> <p>Server is peered with ECS and Eduroam authentication servers</p> <p>Auth is the main server on the network and can also control firmware updates being sent to the nodesSouthampton Open Wireless connections between the SOWN VLAN and the sown[at]home nodes</p> <p>Home nodes establish a tunnel to this server when they are bought online</p> <p>Runs Nagios to monitor the status of the SOWN network as it is at the most central point of the network Southampton Open Wireless SOWN development server</p> <p>Allows testing of new services</p> <p>A place from which new users can experiment with the SOWN network</p> <p>Acts as the fallover VPN server. Southampton Open Wireless Topology (2)</p> <p>When someone joins a node what happens and how do they get on the internet?Southampton Open Wireless</p>


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