SoundCode for Dolby Digital 2 – PDF - s3-us-west For Dolby Digital 2 is a mastering quality set of plug-ins for previewing, encoding, and decoding Dolby Digital audio in Pro

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  • SoundCode For Dolby Digital 2

    Plug-In Users GuideVersion 2.0 for Pro Tools Systems on Windows and Macintosh

    Created By Neyrinck San Francisco, CA USA


  • Chapter 1 - IntroductionWelcome To SoundCode For Dolby Digital 2System Requirements

    Chapter 2 - InstallationInstalling SoundCode For Dolby Digital

    InstallationAuthorizing SoundCode For Dolby DigitalRemoving Expired Plug-Ins

    Chapter 3 - Dolby Digital Encoder Plug-InOverview

    How To EncodeDescription and Use Of Controls

    ENCODE Controls Default SettingsENCODE Controls - EncoderData RateBitstream ModeDialog NormLFE EnableCenter MixSurround MixDolby Surround ModeCopyrightOriginalRoom TypeMix LevelInfo ExistsLoRo Cntr MixLoRo Surr MixLtRt Cntr MixDolby Surround EX ModeStereo Downmix PreferenceBSI Extension EnableDynamic Range CompressionSurr 3 dB AttenuationSurr Phase ShiftLowpass FilterLFE FilterDC FilterOUTPUT Controls - Encoder

    File PageWAV TypeBrowseLocation

    Punch In/Out PagePunch Enable

  • Punch Start, End, LengthPrefs Page

    Alert Sound -Pro Tools Controls At Bottom Of Window - Encoder

    Ignore Button-Encode -Encoding With Punch In/Out

    How To Re-Encode With Punch In/OutEncoding Log File

    Chapter 4 - Dolby Digital Decoder Plug-InOverviewAAX Native WindowAAX AudioSuite WindowDescription and Use Of Controls

    Integrated HelpINPUT Controls (Audio Suite Only) Decoder

    SourceBrowseAC3 FileSpot ToLengthStart and End

    DECODE Controls- Decoder (Native/AudioSuite)Decoding Mode

    STATUS Controls- DecoderPage 1. Page 2Page 1 STATUS ItemsData RateChan ModeLength (AudioSuite Only)Timecode (AudioSuite Only)Dialog LevelCRC ErrorsGain

    Page 2 STATUS ItemsLatency- Decoder

    Chapter 5Dolby Digital Preview Plug-In

    OverviewAAX Native Window

    Description and Use Of ControlsChapter 6 - Workflows

    Mix For DVD VideoQuality Assurance Test A Dolby Digital FileDecoding Audio From A DVD PlayerDeliver A Dolby Digital Bitstream Via an AES Out


  • Make A DVD Ref DiskMake A Surround Audio CD Ref Disk

    Chapter 7 - TroubleshootingError Message: Updated Tpkd Driver RequiredDecoder Display: MPEG UnalignedDecoder Wont Decode Dolby Digital Data Stream

    Chapter 1 - Introduction

    Welcome To SoundCode For Dolby Digital 2

    SoundCode For Dolby Digital 2 is a mastering quality set of plug-ins for previewing, encoding, and decoding Dolby Digital audio in Pro Tools systems. Version 2.0 adds a new realtime preview plug-in that makes it easy to play a mix through an encoder/decoder to hear exactly what a consumer hears from their home theater/set-top box system. Dolby Digital, also known as AC3, is a digital audio compression technology developed by Dolby Laboratories. It is used to encode mono, stereo, and surround audio for digital television, Blu-ray, DVD, and cinema.

    The SoundCode Dolby Digital Encoder Plug-In Features: Faster than real time encoding. Writes all AC3 file formats including time code. Punch In/Out feature re-encodes a portion or appends to an existing Dolby

    Digital file. Writes WAV files formatted for stereo PCM digital systems. Supports extensive metadata settings including Dolby Surround EX flag. Imports decoded audio or raw data stream into Pro Tools timeline. Writes log file of all metadata and preprocessor settings.

    The SoundCode Dolby Digital Decoder Plug-In Features:

  • AAX Native surround decoder AudioSuite non-real time decoder Extensive metadata indication Dynamic range compression metering with text value display Output level metering Import data stream into Pro Tools (AudioSuite)

    The SoundCode Dolby Digital Preview Plug-In Features: AAX Native 5.1 Encoder and Decoder Metadata editing Extensive metadata indication Dynamic range control metering Level metering Downmixing options

    System Requirements

    To use SoundCode For Dolby Digital, you need the following system: A Digidesign-qualified Pro Tools HD system running Pro Tools 10.3.7 or later.

    It operates as a 32-bit AAX plug-in for Pro Tools 10 and as a 64-bit AAX plug-in for Pro Tools 11.

    Important Non-Dithered And Dithered Mixer InformationSoundCode For Dolby Digital allows you to place a Dolby Digital data stream in the Pro Tools timeline and route it to an AES/SPDIF output. However, this requires you use the non-dithered mixer plug-in. This is because the Dolby Digital data stream cannot be altered. The dithered mixer sums a dither signal with the data stream and thus, alters it which makes the data stream unusable. The rule is that if using the dithered mixer, you cannot mix a Dolby Digital data stream to any bus. It is OK to place a data stream on a track and place a SoundCode Dolby Digital Decoder on an insert on that track.

    Important Sample Rate InformationSoundCode For Dolby Digital operates in 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz sample rate sessions. It is not compatible with higher sample rates. If the source audio is at a higher sample rate, you need to sample rate convert it by exporting it from Pro Tools, open it in another session at the lower sample rate, and then use

  • SoundCode For Dolby Digital. Also, the Encoder Punch In/Out feature is only available in 48 kHz sample rate sessions. Punch In/Out is not supported at 44.1 kHz.

    Chapter 2 - Installation

    Installing SoundCode For Dolby Digital

    Installers can be downloaded from the Neyrinck website (

    Installation steps are essentially the same, regardless of the bundle, package, or system you purchase.

    InstallationTo install SoundCode For Dolby Digital:

    1. if Pro Tools is running, Quit Pro Tools.2. Locate and open (double-click) the plug-in installer.3. Follow the instructions presented by the installation software.4. When installation is complete, click Quit.

    When you open Pro Tools, you will be prompted to authorize your new plug-in.

    Authorizing SoundCode For Dolby Digital

    SoundCode For Dolby Digital requires an authorized iLok USB Key to be connected to your computer when using Pro Tools. The iLok authorization needs to be obtained online and downloaded onto your iLok USB Key. The Activation Postcard included in your purchase contains your Activation Code and instructions on how to obtain your plug-in license online. You will need an account to complete the process. If you do not yet have an account, visit to set up an account for free.


  • The iLok USB Smart Key is not supplied with your plug-in or software option. You can use the one included with certain Pro Tools systems (such as Pro Tools|HD-series systems), or purchase one separately.

    Removing Expired Plug-InsIf you let a demo version of a plug-in expire, you should remove it from your system. Otherwise, each time you open Pro Tools you will be prompted with a message that the plug-in has expired.To remove an expired plug-in:Open the Plug-Ins folder on your Startup drive (Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/PlugIns on OS X or c:\ProgramFiles\Common\Avid/Audio/PlugIns on Windows). Drag the expired plug-in to the Trash.

    Chapter 3 - Dolby Digital Encoder Plug-In

    OverviewThe encoder is implemented as an AudioSuite plug-in. Open the plug-in window by selecting it from the AudioSuite menu in Pro Tools. The plug-in is located in the Sound Field category.

  • How To Encode1. Select some audio in the timeline2. Open SoundCode Dolby Digital Encoder3. Set the Dolby Digital encoding parameters.4. Set the output file name.5. Select AC3 and/or WAV file output types to encode to.6. Click on the Encode button.

    Description and Use Of ControlsThe user interface is divided into two sections. The ENCODE section controls the metadata and preprocessing settings used by the encoder. These settings can be saved as presets using the Pro Tools plug-in preset features. The OUTPUT section controls how and where the encoded data will be written.

  • These control settings cannot be saved as presets. Instead, these control settings are persistent and are saved in a preferences file that is read when the plug-in window is opened. When the window is closed, the current settings are saved to the preferences file. The preferences file is associated with the currently logged in user of the computer. Each user account has a separate preferences file.

    ENCODE Controls Default SettingsWhen the encoder plug-in is opened, the controls default to settings recommended by Dolby. You can change the default settings by using Pro Tools ability to save a user preset and set it as the default setting. Please consult the Pro Tools Plug-Ins User Guide for more information.

    ENCODE Controls - EncoderDolby Digital encoding has many features and options. Please see the separate document titled Dolby Encoding Guidelines.pdf for a thorough explanation of Dolby Digital. The following is a simple explanation of the controls.

    Coding ModeThis popup menu control selects the channel configuration of the primary audio channels and does not include the LFE channel.

    Data RateThis popup control selects the data rate of the Dolby Digital data stream. A lower setting uses less space on a DVD, but will have lower audio quality. A higher setting uses more space on a DVD, but has higher audio quality

    Bitstream ModeThis popup control selects the type of audio that is being encoded. Complete Main is the most common setting.

    Dialog NormThis popup control selects the level of the dialog in the source material relative to 0 dbFS. Its purpose