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<p>Sonia GoetschiusGardnerEnglish 013 Sep 2014Sonnet 49 AnalysisIn Shakespeares Sonnet 49, time devours the speakers reason to love: as time denigrates love, it leaves no other purpose. The author uses distressing and emotional imagery and metaphors in conjunction with rich and effective diction and parallels that clearly convey the speakers feelings of isolation and defeat. By using images such as cast his utmost sum, scarcely greet me with that sun, thine eye, and knowledge of mine own desert, the sensory imagery uses warmth as a parallel. This creates a sort of transition, as the warmth was once cast, meaning it was comfortable, then a sort of paradox of being scarcely greeted with that warm, thine eye, and finally the warmth becomes uncomfortable as he is isolated in mine own desert. These parallels convey how his love mingled with time is diminishing. Another form of parallels is the repetitive use of language having to do with the nature of an undefeatable force. Laws, lawful, and even settled gravity all convey the sense of inevitable defeat, as nature takes its course by mandating that love with diminish with passing time. The most powerful line, line fourteen, imparts the final message of Shakespeare, as he loses all hope. Why to love is an apostrophe, perhaps calling out to the lost lover, and it signifies how truly defeated one feels, as it is followed by I can allege no cause, which on its own states that he is given up, and cannot find purpose or reason as he suffices to times inevitable force. Sequentially, the author is left with no purpose after he comes to the realization that love will move on, as time does as well. He fears this day that his love will convert from the thing it was, and eventually take its toll, though he knows it is the end result. </p> <p>The Despised Keeper by Sonia Goetschius </p> <p>They say, always live in the moment, but-Are all of these years always worth living?They are severe or enchanting, somewhatWorth remembering, yet you are forgetting.Moments you pray could last an infinity,Yet they can only stay for mere seconds;Soon to be apart of divinity,If only love were a thing of heavens.A figure of the imagination.Knowledge, happiness, and love is exchanged;People spinning under times flirtations,Imagination making some deranged They say, all good things must come to an end;Now I know, my time will never extend. </p>