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  • 8/14/2019 Soldier Transformation Story Examples



    Demographic: AA Male/ Age 31

    Platform: Leadership/Opportunities and OptionsMission: Army

    Story (How Army Transformed Them):

    Tim James traded jets and escalades for ACUs and a M4.James hasn't shared his past with fellow soldiers. Quiet, remember? Humble, too.He wanted to be just another teammate. So none of James' fellow soldiers knew heused to play pro basketball, though they all said he should have after he scorchedthose younger soldiers in a pickup game one day during training. He didn't tell them

    after that, either.

    ``I wanted this experience to be raw,'' James says now. ``Start a new life. I wanted tounderstand new minds and new ways of thinking. I've been in basketball since I was8. I didn't want to have a basketball conversation every day.''

    "I think of myself as a patriot," James said. "I wanted to give back to a country thatgave so much to me."

    Education/Experience: University of Miami, Former 1st round Draft Pick, Played inthe NBA 1999-2002, Played overseas from 2002-2007, Enlisted 2008 and recently

    deployed with Task Force ODIN (Observe, Detect, Identify, and Neutralize) in Tikrit,Iraq.

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  • 8/14/2019 Soldier Transformation Story Examples



    Name: Dr (MAJ) Vince/ Vance Moss

    Demographic: AA Male/ Age 36

    Platform: Leadership/Education/Opportunities and Options

    Mission: Army Reserve/AMEDD

    Story (How Army Transformed Them):

    Had multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Took rare

    humanitarian mission to treat civilians in AfghanistanEducation/Experience: Penn State (Undergraduate) & TempleMedical School-Direct Commission in Army Reserve. BothSurgeons (Transplant& Cardiothoracic)

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  • 8/14/2019 Soldier Transformation Story Examples



    Name: Mark Valley

    Demographic: White Male/ Age 46

    Platform: Opportunities and Options

    Mission: Army/Officership

    Story (How Army Transformed Them):

    Leveraged his West Point and Gulf War Experience into a

    successful TV and film career. Actually began acting while he wasserving overseas in the 1st Gulf War.

    Education/Experience: West Point (1987)

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  • 8/14/2019 Soldier Transformation Story Examples



    Name: Armys Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit Team

    Platform: Opportunities and OptionsMission: Army and Army Reserve

    Story (How Army Transformed Them):The 1st Armored Divisions 123rd Forward Support Battalions ReverseOsmosis Water Purification Unit Team 1 has a small footprint. While thatmakes the unit popular with those pressed for space, ROWPU Team 1sproduct makes it essential.

    In little more than an hour after connecting to a raw water source, theROWPU unit can turn out clean water at the rate of 600 gallons per hour.

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