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    About Us

    SK Consulting is a value added distributor, systems integrator and authorized SolarWinds Partner/Reseller and considers Central and Eastern Europe our home market.

    We are proud to be exclusive partner to provide SolarWinds maintenance support renewals on a local market.

    We also offer comprehensive professional services for customers in need of SolarWinds consulting to help resolve complex business issues and technical challenges.

  • We have a tight-knit team of highly technical network engineers, system analysts, programmers and expert IT consultants.

    Our technical team is made up of SolarWinds certified professionals, highly experienced in operating and administering SolarWinds, especially in enterprise environments.

    We can fill network and software engineering positions of various requirements and skill-levels: from tech support to senior engineers and cconsultants to help make important technological decisions.



    Our Team

  • -Develop and deploy SolarWinds which includes WAN/Lan and server monitoring, reporting, and alerting.

    - Configure the SolarWinds Orion server and to ensure that the technology is deployed and running smoothly

    - Handle administration and operation of the Orion SolarWinds

    - Provide maintenance support on all SolarWinds Orion Products

    -Implement security enhancements for SolarWinds Orion Platform products.

    - Administer and implement, Orion Web Console to manage and support Orion Server and Network Performance

    - Development of the solution to help optimize processes for proper operation, support and network management



    What We Do



    Our tech team has a diverse skill set, executed huge number of projects over the years and can

    cover each phase of IT networking, from security, through to network monitoring .

    We are Premier Partner of SolarWinds on Eastern European market, providing

    installation services, training and maintainance of the Solarwinds network

    tools and products since 2012.

    Over 5 years experience of:

    - Working in the administration, support of the Orion SolarWinds and supporting complex networks and banking systems.

    - Provisioning of network monitoring software, including installation, customization and consultancy

    What sets us apart?

  • Expertise:



    We have over 5 years experience in SolarWinds, including not only consultancy and training, but also tailored customization of the SolarWinds web console, including also integration with 3rd parties tools.

    Whether it is a 1st level support or even development of custom-built solutions to resolve specific business issues - we can do it all:

    - Database Administration

    - Network monitoring

    - Software development (ranging from C/C++ through to Java)

    - Storage & virtualization

    - IT Security



    Design, implementation and maintainance in efficient state of the network infrastructure.

    Handling large SolarWinds deployments and network monitoring systems

    1st level support in troubleshooting and resolving issues Process and workflow automation Upgrades and custom development of the monitoring

    environment and software. Building Orion Database platform and writing SQL alerts and

    reports Troubleshooting of network connectivity outages on network

    active devices. Comprehensive training for technical teams

    What We Did:



    Our Clients We are mostly working with large banking organizations and fintech companies, we also implemented a number of projects for retail chains:



    National Bank of Ukraine: a central bank of Ukraine, a special central body of the state administration).

    Crdit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank (a medium-size universal bank, a part of French retail banking group Credit Agricole).

    Ukrgasbank: is one of the largest multifunctional banks of Ukraine, with over 300 bank branches in Ukraine.

    UniCredit Bank is a leading European Bank, member of UniCredit Group, with a network of 8.500 branches.

    The following is only a partial list of our clients



    Case Studies:

    We developed customer-focused tailored solution to automate the process of discovering the root cause of network connectivity issues and to identify SLA breach to resolve with a service provider.

    Business Value - Automates the discovery of network connectivity failures: - Identifies an unacceptable SLA breach, monitors for compliance and provides data to estimate SLA breach value

    - Analyzes the data to consider timeout and threshold values and determine if there is a "breach

    - Sends timely alerts about breached SLAs to the service provider



    References: We believe, our projects and clients testimonials speak better than words! We are always happy to provide references from our clients, they're all super happy with how we coped!


    SK-CONSULTING +39 (097) 689-95-98