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About Us DivyRollform Limited set technologically advanced manufacturing facility at Vavdi, around 35 KM from Ahmedabad city towards Baroda for manufacturing high quality Cold - Roll Formed Sections & Profiles with an installed capacity of 6000 TPY to meet the domestic and global demand. The company commenced the commercial production in August 2001, with the blessings of Mr. G. K. Parikh, who did the pioneering work in India for the design and development of various intricate sections. The promoters of the company belong to the TMS Group of Industries. At DivyRollform Limited, we have developed various Cold Roll Formed Sections as per Indian and Overseas Standards in the thickness range up to 8.0 mm, with a variety of material grades in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass and Copper. The Rolls for the various sections are designed and manufactured by our group company. We have also developed facilities like surface cleaning, punching, bending, painting etc. which enable us to supply the ready to install products to our customers. Our product mix consists of sections such as,