Software Quality Assurance Course Overview Snejina Lazarova Telerik QA Academy Senior QA Engineer, Team Lead CRMTeam Dimo Mitev Senior QA Engineer, Team Lead SystemIntegrationTea m

Software Quality Assurance

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Software Quality Assurance. Course Overview. Dimo Mitev. Snejina Lazarova. Senior QA Engineer, Team Lead. Senior QA Engineer, Team Lead. SystemIntegrationTeam. CRMTeam. Telerik QA Academy. Table of Contents. Course Objectives Trainers Team Course Curriculum and Exams - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Software Quality Assurance

Course Overview

Snejina Lazarova

Telerik QA Academy

Senior QA Engineer, Team Lead CRMTeam

Dimo MitevSenior QA Engineer,

Team LeadSystemIntegrationTeam

Table of Contents

1.Course Objectives

2.Trainers Team

3.Course Curriculum and Exams

4.Course Schedule


6.Recommended Resources

7.What Happens after the Course?


Course ObjectivesWhy Do We Teach This Course?

Telerik QA Academy Training Program

Objectives Train people in software engineering technologies Practical training with lots of


Cutting edge technologies from Microsoft

Software engineering skills

Hire the best students in the Telerik teams

Support the IT industry development


Course Objectives

“Software Quality Assurance” course: Give the trainees the fundamental

knowledge and skills required in Quality Assurance

Establish the logical and critical thinking Development of problems solving


Learn basic test design techniques

Study the most popular test automation tools


Trainers Team

Dimo Mitev Dimo Mitev Senior QA Engineer, Team Lead

System Integration TeamTelerik Corporation

8 years QA experience in 4 companies

Experienced in automation, functional and web service testing

ISTQB foundation and advanced level certified

1 publication in Quality Matters magazine

E-mail: dimo.mitev [at] telerik.com


Snejina Lazarova Snejina Lazarova

Senior QA Engineer, Team LeadCRMTeam Telerik Corporation

Over 7 years experience in QA

Experienced in automation, functional, performance and web service testing

ISTQB foundation and advanced level certified

E-mail: snejina.lazarova [at] telerik.com


Mihail Parvanov Mihail Parvanov

Team Lead


Telerik Corporation


E-mail: mihail.parvanov [at] telerik.com

Pavel Pankov Pavel Pankov

QA Lead

Automated Testing Team

Telerik Corporation


E-mail: pavel.pankov [at] telerik.com

Angel Tsvetkov Angel Tsvetkov Senior QA Engineer


Telerik Corporation 5 years QA experience Experienced in Automotive software

testing, Web, Stand alone and Mobile apps testing

E-mail: angel.tsvetkov [at] telerik.com


Nikolay Nedyalkov Nikolay Nedyalkov

Senior QA Engineer


Telerik Corporation


E-mail: nikolay.nedyalkov [at] telerik.com

Petar Horozov Petar Horozov

Senior QA Engineer


Telerik Corporation


5+ years experience in software testing and QA

Experienced in Silverlight and WPF automation testing

E-mail: petar.horozov [at] telerik.com

Lora Borisova Lora Borisova QA Engineer, WCAT

Team Telerik Corporation


6+ years experience as QA Engineer

3 years experience as Scrum Master

Experienced in Functional, Automation and Performance testing

CSM and ISTQB certified

E-mail: lora.borisova [at] telerik.com

Anton Angelov Anton Angelov

QA Engineer

System Integration Team

Telerik Corporation


E-mail: anton.angelov [at] telerik.com

Stoimen Stoimenov Stoimen Stoimenov

QA Engineer


Telerik Corporation


E-mail: stoimen.stoimenov [at] telerik.com

Vera Pironska Vera Pironska

QA Engineer


Telerik Corporation


E-mail: vera.pironska [at] telerik.com

Ivailo Dinkov Ivailo Dinkov

QA Engineer


Telerik Corporation


12+ years QA experience in various products like E-health, VMware, Win8 apps

ISTQB advanced level certified

E-mail: ivailo.dinkov [at] telerik.com

Miroslav Shtilianov Miroslav Shtilianov

QA Engineer

Automated Testing

Telerik Corporation


E-mail: miroslav.shtilianov [at] telerik.com

Dimitar Topuzov Dimitar Topuzov QA Engineer, TeamX6

Telerik Corporation Over 7 years experience in QA Experience in various domains,

including: Dev Tools (Telerik WPF and Silverlight


Test Automation Tools (Borland’s Silk products)

Data warehouse and BI solutions

E-mail: dimitar.topuzov [at] telerik.com


Ivan Stanchev Ivan Stanchev

QA Engineer

System Integration Team

Telerik Corporation


5 years experience in software testing and QA

Experienced in Performance, Load и Stress testing and interest in Exploratory approach

ISTQB foundation and advanced level certified

E-mail: ivan.stanchev [at] telerik.com

Pavlina Koleva Pavlina Koleva

Junior QA Engineer

WinCore XAML Team

Telerik Corporation


Main organizer of QA Academy 2012

ISTQB foundation level certified

E-mail: pavlina.koleva [at] telerik.com

Vasil Chimev Vasil Chimev

Junior QA Engineer


Telerik Corporation


He is graduated from the first QA Academy season

Experienced in testing Silverlight and WPF apps

E-mail: vasil.chimev [at] telerik.com

Asya Georgieva Asya Georgieva

Junior QA Trainer

Technical Training

Telerik Corporation


The main organizer of QA Academy 2013

She is graduated from the second QA Academy season

E-mail: asya.georgieva [at] telerik.com

Course Curriculum and Exams


Fundamentals of Testing

Fundamental Test Process

Test Levels and Types

Quality Attributes for

Domain Testing

Technical Testing

Risk and Testing


Curriculum (2) Test Organization

Test Planning and Estimation

Test Progress Monitoring and Control

Tools for Management of Testing and Tests

Incident Management

Software Development Models

Tool Support For Testing27

Curriculum (3) Web Testing Tools


Selenium WebDriver

Telerik Test Studio

Web Testing

WPF and Mobile Testing


I. Intermediate Exam – 10.06

Curriculum (4)


Telerik Testing Framework, BDD & SpecFlow

Test Design Techniques

Deriving Manual & Automated test cases based on

Equivalence Partitioning

Boundary Value Analysis 29

Curriculum (5)

Deriving Automated test cases using WebAii Framework based on

Decision Table Testing

State Transition Testing

Use Case Testing

Pairwise Testing

Classification Trees


Curriculum (6) Defect Taxonomies, Error Guessing, Checklist Testing and Exploratory Testing

Static Techniques

Security Vulnerability Testing(Software Attacks)

Tools for Performance, Load Testing and Stress Testing With Visual Studio With Telerik Test Studio

II. Intermediate Exam – 12.07

Curriculum (7) Web Service Testing

Web Services Load, Security and REST testing

Set up QA process


III.Intermediate Exam – 5.08

Course Schedule

Training Duration

Lectures: ~ 90 hours Practical exercises: ~ 60 hours Exams: ~ 20 hours Homework and Teamwork:~ 200 hours


Schedule Time allocation

3 months * 3 days weekly, 4 hours / day

From 16:00 to 20:00 on Monday and Wednesday

lectures + work in class with the trainer

From 15:00 to 19:00 on Friday

work in class

check homework, workshops, team work and other activities

AssessmentHow, What, When?

The Exams – onsite participants

Assessment for the course is based on multiple intermediate exams There is no comprehensive final


Each intermediate exam covers the preceding topics

The final score is cumulative

Exams measure individual performance Serve as filter for skillful people

Exams are not the only filter!37

The Exams – online participants

Assessment for the course is based on final exam in the end of the course

There is no multiple intermediate exams


Homework Most topics include homework assignments Homeworks are obligatory for both


Students who do not fulfill their homeworks fall off the program

Homework assignments are due to in a week after each lecture

Submission will be accepted through the student's system:telerikacademy.com 39

Homework Peer Reviews

Everyone will get feedback for their homework

Everyone will give feedback for few random homework submissions Students submit homework

anonymously Please exclude your name from the


For each homework submitted Students evaluate 3 random

homeworks From the same topic, after the

deadline Give written feedback, at least 200

characters Low-quality feedback report for



Evaluation for onsite participants

Formal Criteria


Informal Criteria Forum activity – bonus up to 10% Other courses – bonus up to 10% per

course Attendance – send e-mail notifications Participation – ask questions, give

ideas, express your thoughts

Criterion Weight

Exams (*3) 55%

Team works 30%

Homework 10%

Homework evaluation


Evaluation for online participants

Formal Criteria


Informal Criteria Forum activity – bonus up to 10%

Criterion Weight

Final Exam 75%

Homework 15%

Homework evaluation


Recommended Resources

Telerik IntegratedLearning System (TILS)

The Telerik Integrated Learning System (TILS) www.telerikacademy.com

Important resource for all students

Homework submissions

Homework peer reviews

Reports about your results



Our Discussion Group All students can Log in or Register in our forum on: http://


Discuss the course exercises with your colleagues

Share ideas


Recommended Books

Advanced Software Testing - Vol. 1 - Guide to the ISTQB Advanced Certification as an Advanced Test Analyst, Rex BlackISBN: 978-1-933952-19-2http://www.rockynook.com/books/55.html

Advanced Software Testing Vol. 2: Guide to the ISTQB Advanced Certification as an Advanced Test Manager, Rex BlackISBN: 978-1-933952-36-9http://www.rockynook.com/books/96.html


Recommended Books (2)

Software Testing Foundations: A Study Guide for the Certified Tester Exam, Andreas Spillner, Tilo Linz, Hans Schaefer ISBN: 978-1-933952-08-6

A Practitioner's Guide to Software Test Design, Lee CopelandISBN: 978-1580537919http://www.artechhouse.com/A-Practitioner-s-Guide-to-Software-Test-Design/b/970.aspx


Recommended Books (3)

Pragmatic Software Testing: Becoming an Effective and Efficient Test Professional, Rex BlackISBN: 9780470127902 http://www.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-0470127902.html


Web Resources ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) syllabus http://istqb.org/


What Happens after the Course?

Course Participation Policy

After graduation all attendees will have an obligation to apply for a job in Telerik If their job application is not

accepted for some reason they will be free to work elsewhere


What Comes Next?

The best graduates have the opportunity to start their career at Telerik as Junior QA engineers



Software Quality Assurance