Soft Skills: We Know They Need Them How Do We Teach Them?

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Soft Skills: We Know They Need Them How Do We Teach Them?. Trish Bobst National Curriculum Specialist t Tuesday, February 14 Session  2 1:15 –  2:30 pm Room 101/102. Soft Skills & This Generation…. Gen Y learners (most of our students): - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Soft Skills: We Know They Need Them How Do We Teach Them?Trish BobstNational Curriculum

Tuesday, February 14 Session2 1:15 2:30 pm Room 101/102

OUR FOCUS IS YOU!Course Technology Delmar South-WesternCourse Technology Delmar South-WesternSoft Skills for Success in a Digital Workplace1Soft Skills & This GenerationGen Y learners (most of our students):Are busy multi-taskers; media-orientedUsed to working on teamsRemain close to parents who raised them to think they are stars and specialOptimistic & confident; want to be rich and famousAre achievement-oriented; need structure and feedbackWill negotiate anythingLack diplomacyBring an entertainment attitude to schoolGet bored quickly if its not FUNDont think of computers & devices as technology

Course Technology Delmar South-Western

Before 1946Silent Generation

1946-1959Baby Boomers

1960-1979Generation X

1980-1995Generation YThrough the Ages..Course Technology Delmar South-Western

-The Silent generation,people born before 1946.

-The Baby Boomers, people born between 1946 and1959.

-Generation X, people born between 1960 and 1979.

- Generation Y,people born between 1980 and 1995.3Generation Y

CensuredCourse Technology Delmar South-WesternWhat are Soft Skills to you?Oral and written communicationTeamwork/collaborationWork ethic/self-motivation/dependability/honestyCritical-thinking/questioning/problem-solvingRisk-takingFlexibility/adaptabilityLeadership/influencingAbility to work under pressureCreativity/innovation/resourcefulOrganizational/time managementAttention to detailCourse Technology Delmar South-WesternSoft skills include dependability, integrity, enthusiasm, and the ability to interact with customers and coworkers- skills that everyone would agree are important, but are hard to quantify and assess.

5What are Soft Skills?Moss and Tilly termed these subjective requisites as soft skills, which are defined as skills, abilities, and traits that pertain to personality, attitude, and behavior rather than to formal or technical knowledge. (Moss and Tilly 2001)Course Technology Delmar South-Western6What are Soft Skills?Soft skills are the qualities or social skills we all possess. They are the interpersonal skills we have and use when working with othershow we interact with our peers; how we network and communicate; how we empathize with others; our integrity, optimism, and enthusiasm; how we formulate important problems and find solutions for them.(Amstatnews, 2010)Course Technology Delmar South-WesternSoft Skills Just as Important as Core, Computational Skills When Looking for a JobSastry Pantula

7What are Soft Skills?

Soft skills, sometimes known as "people skills," are personal attributes that enhance an individual's interactions, job performance and career prospects. Unlike hard skills, which tend to be specific to a certain type of task or activity, soft skills are broadly applicable.

Course Technology Delmar South-Western8What Industry SaysTechnical skills ALONE do not make someone competitive in the job marketIn fact, computer literacy skills are assumed!Todays workers demonstrate GAPS in:Communication skillsTeam/interpersonal skillsProblem solvingQuantitative reasoningBusiness process knowledgeProject managementCourse Technology Delmar South-WesternSources: Peter Saflund, Saflund Institute (Boeing and other workplace studies)Presented in November 2007 at one of Cengage conferences in Las Vegas

How Should Colleges Prepare Students to Succeed in Todays Global Economy? Association of American Colleges and Universities, 2006. Research by Petere D. Hart Research Associates, Inc.9Skills Employers Want! % of Employers Looking for These Skills99% Work Ethic96% English Language95% Reading & Writing94% Problem Solving & Critical Thinking94% Interpersonal90% Math68% Computer Software68% Leadership58% Manual Labor44% Tools & Machine40% Spanish Language*Oregon Employment Department Employer SurveyCourse Technology Delmar (4/08)Work Ethic Employers want honest, dependable, and productive workersEnglish Language Most jobs require oral and written communication in EnglishReading & Writing Most jobs require workers to read and writeProblem Solving & Critical Thinking Employers want workers who can understand and find answers to problemsInterpersonal Businesses and employees thrive when people work well togetherMath Nearly every job requires some math skillsComputer Software Employers need technology-savvy workersLeadership Employers need skilled staff to guide lower-level workersManual Labor Technology will never completely replace the need for hands-on workTools & Machine Many employers need workers who can operate certain equipmentSpanish Language Enployers need for Spanish-speaking workers has risen with the Hispanic population

10What Employers SayAttributes Most Desirable in New EmployeesAbility to work productively on a diverse teamOral & written communication skillAbility to think critically and analyticallyResourcefulness in solving problemsAbility to locate, organize & evaluate information from multiple sourcesCreativity & innovative spiritAbility to understand and communicate quantitativelySense of integrity and ethicsUnderstanding of global cultures and valuesCourse Technology Delmar South-Western11Employers alsoExpect colleges & universities to prepare students in these areas63% say we are not doing our job87% rate this preparedness as critical to the United States remaining competitive in the global economy

Course Technology Delmar South-Western12What Recent Graduates SayProvide balance between general knowledge and major-specific skills (72%)Many end up in fields not closely related to majorThey AGREE with Employers!Critical to success are:Teamwork skillsCritical-thinking skillsOral & written communication skillsYet majority dont think college prepared them well (51%)Course Technology Delmar South-Western132003#1 reason students chose to major in a particular subjectCourse Technology Delmar South-Western2003They were interested in or passionate about that field or subject.Course Technology Delmar South-Western2009#1 reason students choose to major in a particular subjectCourse Technology Delmar South-Western2009Career OpportunitiesJob Potential$$$Course Technology Delmar South-WesternMaybe at one time this was true?

Course Technology Delmar South-WesternRecently

Course Technology Delmar South-Western

Course Technology Delmar South-Western

Course Technology Delmar South-Western

Course Technology Delmar South-WesternWhich would you hire?

What if she added another certification? Now would you hire her?Course Technology Delmar South-Western

Course Technology Delmar South-Western2009 National Association of colleges and Employers spoke. Are we listening? An A is not as important as communication, ethics, interpersonal skills and motivation.From Binghamton University Career Center24

Course Technology Delmar South-Western

Course Technology Delmar South-Western

Course Technology Delmar South-Western

Course Technology Delmar South-Western

Course Technology Delmar South-WesternThere are different approachesTeach soft skills as a piece of your core subject (integrated throughout)Teach soft skills as a separate component of your core subjectTeach one unit of soft skillsThen teach a few units of core subjectTeach soft skills as an equal piece of the pieCapstone, Assessment, Senior Project, etc.Course Technology Delmar South-WesternSoft Skills What % of grade?10% will affect a letter gradeIf you keep it less than 20%, it wont affect a grade in a big way

Course Technology Delmar South-WesternThink about thisYou could have great technical skills, but if you cannot communicate those skills, what good are they?

Arent Soft Skills more likeLife Skills?Course Technology Delmar South-WesternWhat are Soft Skills?Abilities for understanding communicationInterpersonal Skills that complement technical skillsEmotional intelligenceThe capacity to behave appropriatelyCourse Technology Delmar South-WesternDianne Jackson, LAUSD

33ScenarioEmailMemoOtherMany people need to receive the same short messageYou want quick answers to one or more questionsYou are responding to a colleagues e-mailYour manager asks you to confirm a decisionYou are inviting others to a meetingYou are updating a simple procedureMeeting participants need to review the details of a planYou are circulating a new set of formal company policiesYou want to express enthusiasm to a colleague You need to resolve a conflict Your message is confidentialAppropriate Uses for Email and Memos Check One Box Course Technology Delmar South-WesternDianne Jackson, LAUSD34The digital workplace is where work is what you do, not a place where you go to.Course Technology Delmar South-WesternDianne Jackson, LAUSD

35Soft skills are what you learn after you know everything else. Course Technology Delmar South-WesternDianne Jackson, LAUSD

36Soft Skills in ActionParticipating as member of a teamTeaching others new skillsExercising leadershipCommunicating competently

Course Technology Delmar South-WesternDianne Jackson, LAUSD


Course Technology Delmar South-WesternThe BIG 3 Top 5 Jeff Butterfield, author38Soft Skills for a Digital WorkplaceGive your students a 360 degree education and a career advantage

Students become more marketable to employers

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