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  • Requirements of Company General Requirements Maximum 26 years of age Indonesian citizenship Graduates of reputable universities, min GPA 2.80 Functional excellence in your discipline Fluent in oral and written English Self-motivated and willing to work hard Active in extra curricular activities as a leader Commercial awareness Excellent in interpersonal and communication skill ESR 26.09.2006/DIKTI
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  • Paper Screen University/ GPA/IPK/ Major/ Length of study Extra-curricular activities: position/ responsibility/ learning points Achievement/ Awards/ Scholarship Working Experience: relevant to business/ additional skill/ internship/ PKL Skill/ interest: i.e. computer, art, sport, chess, social interest, reading -- what you get from them Courses: relevant to business/ self-improvement Writing style: systematic, structure, clear, confidence Self-development: what you get from the situation, Learning points, influence on life-style ESR 26.09.2006/DIKTI
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  • Analytical Skill Creativity Energy/dynamics Helicopter View Leadership Ability to see reality Support other peoples opinion Courage to give different opinion Participation/ contribution/ content of contribution Ability to think conceptually Systematic in giving opinion Communication Skill Listening Skill (listen not hear) Initiative Group Discussion ESR 26.09.2006/DIKTI
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  • Our Values After that we do not stop, we have to improve! Exceed the expectation and reach toward Then, we should have the next two values EXCELLENCE We are honest, principle centered consistent and reliable INTEGRITY We have to work together, with a winning spirit, openness and trust TEAMWORK When we achieve our targets, we win together and we share the credit for our hard work an d The first value has to be In line with our vision to be the first choice of Customer, Consumer and Community. CUSTOMER, CONSUMER AND COMMUNITY FOCUS MAKING THINGS HAPPEN Once we have these values, Now we are ready for action, it is time for SHARING OF JOY ESR 26.09.2006/DIKTI
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  • TYPES OF LEARNING ACTIVITIES Class Room Training On the Job Training (OJT) Unique HR Activities Community Connection etc ESR 26.09.2006/DIKTI
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  • Class Room Training 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Managing People & Interpersonal skills Project Management Problem Solving & Decision Making Communication Training Creativity etc ESR 26.09.2006/DIKTI
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  • On the JOB Training (OJT) Assignment Ex-cul Mentoring Ad-hoc Project(s) ESR 26.09.2006/DIKTI
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  • Lessons Learned from OJT Leadership Interpersonal Skill Time Management Planning Sense of contribution Handling Complexities 2 Ways Communication Bonding Comradeship etc ESR 26.09.2006/DIKTI
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  • Unique HR Activities Background To develop Generative Team, realizing that leaders are everywhere Types of Activities : Open House Life Line Sharing Simulation through Fun & Games Outbound - Sharing of Joy Annual Conference Competition Games Learning Events: e.g. SOLAR (Share of Learning & Results) KNOWLEDGE (K) Club - GLAD (Group Learning & Development) VIDEO CAF BOOK CLUB GOOD IDEA RETROSPECT LEARNING AWARDS ESR 26.09.2006/DIKTI
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  • Lessons Learned From HR ACTIVITIES Bonding Member of Families Openness Accepting & Giving Feedback Identifying Ways to Improve Teamwork Celebrate Achievement/Success Learning from Best-Practice Acknowledgement & Appreciating Others Sense of Purpose & Urgency Identifying Common Purpose & How to achieve future plans ESR 26.09.2006/DIKTI
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  • Sharing of Joy Oh Be Joyful (OBJ) To develop bonds between managers as well as to inspire the winning spirit in them Pitts top (F1) Understanding Consumers Winning Together (WT) To vitalize a specific company value in high spirited manner and fun environment Go Beyond ESR 26.09.2006/DIKTI
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  • COMMUNITY CONNECTION Participate in Social Activities through Renovating School Building, Posyandu Collaboration with Business Partners in Rewarding Karyawan Berprestasi or through Kerja Bakti di Lingkungan etc ESR 26.09.2006/DIKTI
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  • Learning from Community Connection Activities Sense of Purpose & Sense of Contribution Sharing, Giving and Appreciating Others Bonding with Community Celebrate Achievements & Rewarding Pro-activeness & Personal Discipline Sensitivity towards Environment Interpersonal & Communication Leadership Accepting Feedback & Critiques Integrity ESR 26.09.2006/DIKTI


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