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    Sodium Thiosulfate Assignment Help

    Sodium thiosulfateNa2S2O3.52O: It is manufactured by saturating a solution of sodium carbonate with SO2 which gives a solution of sodium sulfite,

    Na2CO3 + SO2 + H2O Na2SO3 + CO2 + H2O


    The resulting solution is boiled with powdered sulfur a s, Na2SO3 + S > Na2S2O3The solution is then cooled to get cry stals of sodium thiosulfate.

    Physical properties : (i) Sodium thiosulfate is a colorless crystalline solid. In the hydrated form, it is called hypo. (ii) Itmelts at 320 Kand loses its water molecules of cry stallization on heating to 490K.

    Chemical properties

    (i)Action with halogens : It reacts with halogens as,

    (a) Chlorine water oxidizes sodium thiosulphate to sodium sulphate andsulphur is precipitated,

    Na 2S2O3 + Cl2 + H2O > 2HCl+ Na2SO4 +S

    This property enables it to act as an antichlor in bleaching i.e. it destroys t he unreacted chlorine in the process of bleaching.

    (b) Bromine water also oxidizes sodium thiosulfate t o sodium sulfate and sulfur,

    Na 2S2O3 + Br2 + H2O > Na2SO4 + 2HBr+ S

    (c) With iodine it f orms a soluble compound called sodium tetrathionate,

    2Na 2S2O3 + l2 > Na2S4O6 + 2NaI

    Sod. tetrathionateTherefore, hypo is commonly used to remove iodine stains from the clothes.

    (ii) Action of heat : Upon heating, sodium thiosulfate decomposes to form sodium sulfate and sodiumpentasulfide,

    Heat 4Na 2S2O3 > 3Na2SO4 + Na2S5

    Sodium pentasulphate

    (iii)Action with acids : Sodium thiosulphate reacts with dilute hydrochloric acid or Sulfuric acid forming sulfur dioxide andsulfur. The solution turns milky yellow due t o sulfur.

    Na2S2O3 + 2HCl > 2NaCl+ SO2 + H2O + S

    (iv)Action with silve r ha lides : Sodium thiosulfate forms soluble complex when treated with silver chloride or silver


    2Na 2S2O3 + 2AgBr > Na3Ag(S2O3)2 + NaBr

    Sodium disthiosulphateargentate (I)complex

    This property of hypo is made use in photography.Uses of sodium thiosulfate

    (i) It is largely used in photography as a fixing agent.

    (ii) It is used as a preserv ative for fruit products such as jams and squashes.

    (iii) It is used as an antichlor in bleaching.

    (iv) It is used as a volumetric agent f or the e stimation of iodine.

    (v) It is used in medicine.

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