Social Studies Challenge! 6 th grade. 100 200 300 200 100 400 300 200 100 400 Geographic Understandings Historical Understandings Civics/Government Understandings

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  • Social Studies Challenge!

    6th grade

  • 100200300200100400300300300200 200100100400400400GeographicUnderstandingsHistorical UnderstandingsCivics/Government UnderstandingsEconomic Understandings 200100300400Hodgepodge

  • Geographic Understandings100

    Which mountain range separates Europe fromRussia?

    AlpsUralBalkansPyreneesReturn to Game Board

  • Geographic Understandings200

    Where did the nuclear disaster happen in April1986?

    BelarusUkraine ItalyRussia

    Return to Game Board

  • Geographic Understandings 300

    What environmental issue is affecting Germanysblack forests?

    Acid RainAir PollutionNuclear DisasterWater Pollution Return to Game Board

  • Geographic Understandings 400

    Stretching from southwestern France and southeastern Englandthrough Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland and intowestern Russia is an important physical feature. This area has some ofthe best soils in Europe causing many Europeans to live there. What isthis physical feature called?

    The English ChannelThe Great European PlainThe Scandinavian PeninsulaThe Iberian Peninsula

    Return to Game Board

  • Historical Understandings100

    In 1914, fighting between two groups of countriesbroke out into

    World War IIThe Industrial Revolution The Cold War World War I Return to Game Board

  • Historical Understandings 200

    The Treaty of Versailles was the treaty that formally endedWorld War I. Which of these statements best explains whatthe treaty did? It placed the blame for the war on Austria-HungryGreat Britain could now keep all of its colonies Italy was forced to give up some of its territoriesIt made Germany take full responsibility for the war. Return to Game Board

  • Historical Understandings 300

    What was the Holocaust? The persecution of Nazis after World War II During the Great War The rise to power of the Nazis in GermanyThe murder of millions of Jews and other persecuted groups by the Nazis

    Return to Game Board

  • Historical Understandings 400

    Which organization was originally formed asa protector from the communist states?

    European Atomic EnergyCommon Market European Union CommunityNATOReturn to Game Board

  • Civics/Government Understanding100

    A government ruled by a king, queen,emperor or empress is called

    MonarchyDictatorshipUnitaryFederalReturn to Game Board

  • Civics/Government Understanding 200

    The form of government is elected by thepeople and everyone is eligible to vote is


    Return to Game Board

  • Civics/Government Understanding 300

    A government in which one person possessesunlimited power and the citizens have little if anyrole in the decision making process is called

    DemocraticOligarchyAutocracyUnitaryReturn to Game Board

  • Civics/Government Understanding 400

    A government in which a few people such as adominant clan have power for corrupt and selfishpurposes. The citizen has a very limited role.


    Return to Game Board

  • Economic Understandings 100Which of the following is NOT a questionthat every economic system must answer?

    What to produce?How to produce?Why should we produce?For whom to produce? Return to Game Board

  • Economic Understandings 200

    Most European countries have which type ofeconomic system?

    Pure market Pure commandTraditional Mixed Return to Game Board

  • Economic Understandings 300

    Natural resources in Europe

    are one factor that can help contribute to a nations wealth.always show whether a country will be successful.are used wisely because of new environmental policies.consist mainly of tea, fruits, and oil.Return to Game Board

  • Economic Understandings 400How does Europes literacy rate affect itsdevelopment?

    The literacy rate has little impact on development of a country.Well-developed countries tend to have lower literacy rates.Low literacy rates bring more tourism and boost overall development.The higher the literacy rate, the more developed a country tends to be.Return to Game Board

  • Hodgepodge 100The religions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are whattype of religion?


    Return to Game Board

  • Hodgepodge 200

    What is anti-Semitism?

    Any kind of racism Racism against minoritiesRacism against JewsRacism against Caucasians Return to Game Board

  • Hodgepodge 300

    What is the name of the currency in mostEuropean countries?


    Return to Game Board

  • Hodgepodge 400What is the main purpose of the European Union?

    to make trading easier to switch to a single currencyto have the same constitutionto increase GDP

    Return to Game Board

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