Social State Of Mind June/July 2010

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Social Media Marketing Journal For Savvy Tulsa Business People


  • Social St ate Of Mind

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    Corporations in the Social Space

    Leadership in the 21st Century

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  • S o c i a l l y I n f o r m e d

    H ello and welcome to the first issue of Social State Of Mind, the digital magazine for socially savvy T-Town business people.

    The last 4 years has brought new technology, new marketing, and a whole slew of new

    terms. The way we conduct business, network and market to our customers will never

    be the same.

    Keeping up with technology has become a learning process and a daily renewal for

    many businesses and corporations, challenging us all to integrate and expand our

    minds into the world of the social web.

    As the business climate changes and new media integrates with old media we will be

    bringing you information that will be valuable and worthy of sharing with your net-

    work of followers. But more than that we hope to give you information on Social Me-

    dia that you can actually use.

    Although technology has given us new tools for marketing , one thing remains the

    same and that is relationships. Relationships are still at the heart of what makes any

    business successful.

    Social Media is and will always be about the relationships that you establish with your

    clients and customers first. Through those relationships you establish trust and if you

    are lucky you turn that trust into conversion. Having 5000 friends is great, but quality

    will always be better than quantity. Along with great new connections has come amaz-

    ing new software which has ushered us into the Digital Age of publishing. I am amazed

    almost on a daily basis of how we receive information. The Digital Space has become a

    new market place for traditional print magazines and newspapers reaching many by

    virtue of email, share and text and although we may live in the middle, T-Town hasn't

    been left behind, we have our share of tech savvy folks. Many that you will be meeting

    in the months to come.

    I am proud to showcase some of Tulsas most successful business leaders using social

    media to connect, share and change the way people experience their products and ser-


    Thank you for taking the time to check out Social State Of Mind. Please feel free to

    share this publication with your network of followers. For your convenience there is a

    share button at the top of this web page.

    See you in the Social Space!

    Gina Holloway

  • L i n ke d i n S p o t l i g h t

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    C o n n e c t S h a r e a n d G r o w

    A t 936 Members Strong Lead Change is a networking group built on - Leadership Development and Change Management. Applying character-based leadership to make a positive difference. Share

    ideas and information with peers in order to bring about a Lead Change. This

    group has evolved to help develop leaders who are equipped to make a dif-

    ference in the world through positive change. Discuss any issues regarding

    leadership development, change management and making a positive differ-

    ence. Challenge your friends to join, participate, take action and make a dif-

    ference. Lead by Mike Henry this community on LinkedIn connects many

    passionate leaders from all around the globe. Were helping one another de-

    velop our skills and our careers as we study the art and practice the craft of

    character-based leadership and positive change.

    John Maxwell said Leadership is influence, plain and simple. We know eve-

    ryone leads, and everyone could do it better. We also know leadership re-quires change, not for the sake of change, but in order to embrace the con-straints of our world and add value to the lives of people in our circle of in-fluence. Join us at the group discussion on LinkedIn. Were looking forward to following you, sharing ideas and stories of how you make a positive differ-ence!

  • S o c i a l l y I n f o r m e d

    Tulsa Networking Professionals

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  • Social St ate of Mind

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    W h a t s i n y o u r t o o l b o x ?

  • S o c i a l l y I n f o r m e d

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    M a r k e t i n g G u r u

    Tulsas #1 News, Weather, and Traffic Station AM 740 and FM 102.3, News Talk KRMG Now, with Fox News

    Listen weekday mornings 5:00 8:30am to The KRMG Morning News with Joe Kelley for comprehensive breaking news, weather, and traffic information.

    Connect with us on Facebook/Twitter now!

    The University of Marylands Smith School of

    Business looked at the relationship between social media and small businesses and found that the technology adoption rates in the U.S. have doubled in the past year from 12% to 24%. Not surprising considering that on any given day I get at least 10-20 invites to become a fan or like a page of a local business. It is truly impressive to see how business owners have caught on to social media and harnessed the power of sharing. Mashable has put together a list of nationwide business owners who Get It and are using It every day in a big way. But at the T-Town level we have our own success stories.

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    T u l s a B u s i n e s s i n t h e S o c i a l S p a c e

    Get In The Loop


    Brady District Downtown Brookside Cherry Street


    Sprit Bank July 16th 8:00am-12pm

    Offering Tulsa the best in local & organic produce, plants, herbs, baked goods, eggs, cheese, meats, garden crafts, music & fun! April - October Saturdays - 15th & Peoria Wednesdays - 41st & Peoria


    Connect with us on

    Facebook and Twitter!


  • S o c i a l l y I n f o r m e d

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    The Ac tors

    Company Of


    Being an artist/ actor and turning your art into your career can be challenging and sometimes impossible. The age old question of "Do I Do What I Love, or Do Something Else in Order to Do What I Love?" seems to always be looming in the back of every artists mind. In this day and age, every arts organization is scrambling to catch up with the vast amount of technological knowledge it takes to run your organization in the 21st Century. After all, 2010 is the year of online contact. Social Media including Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, YouTube, Google Buzz, and many others can be difficult to navigate, and even difficult to set up.

    Here are my best tips for the artist who is trying to get a handle on his audience in the socialsphere.

    1.Twitter is the glue that holds everything together. Almost all of these networks sync with your Twitter account, so

    it is imperative that you get one. Twitter microblogging allows you to connect with almost every network that uses

    status to find out exactly what you are doing at any given time. Find out how to sync all of these networks together

    and you'll be social savvy in the course of several minutes.

    2. Find the peak times that people are on the net. From my experience, it's Tuesday and Thursday morning and right

    before 5pm when people are getting off work. This will allow you to post when they will see it and make yourself

    visible to them.

    3. TEST, TEST, TEST, TEST, TEST. A great way to do this is This link shorter service will tell you

    how many click through you get on your redirect links. Actors Company of Tulsa is selling tickets to "The Visit" and

    our link is which I know that 51 people clicked thorough to purchase or see how much tickets


    4. It's quality, not quantity. If your company has done something fun, groundbreaking or amazing, tell us about it. A Facebook Status or Twitter page is the perfect timeline for your business. You can go back and look at the major achievements that have happened for you and your business in the past. Tell us about interesting things you do, new products, and many other things that make you and your company great. Our company recently read the entire State of Oklahoma constitution at Dwelling Spaces, a perfect thing to post. 5. Have fun. Whether your a Brechtian or Balancing Act, make sure people know that you love what you do. Create your own fan page to keep people posted on what you do and who you are. What better way to control your content and your personal brand than make yourself sound fun and active. The Actors Company Of Tulsa is a actor managed theatre company with an ensemble of nine actors. The mission and commitment of The Actors

    Company of Tulsa is to education and outreach through the production of theatrical performances and to raise awareness of performing arts and

    education in Tulsa. . Starr Hargrove is a working actor in the City of Tulsa, founder of the Tulsa Creative Network and the head contributor of Tulsa

    Theatre Weekly. More information can be found at


    sy F


    sy a




    lly S



    Getting Your Show On The Road

    By Starr Harrgrove

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