Social media tools for legal research gathering

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for the CBA Research Lawyers South section, November 18, 2009


1. Social media tools (blogs, wikis and Twitter) as an aid to gathering research resources Shaunna Mireau Field LLP November 18, 2009 2. Research Process Web is just one more place to look Is it a text Is it a journal Is it the CED Anton pillar example Great for the how Sometimes great for the what 3. One more place text? When is a web page like a text Table of contents Footnotes Index Substantive material Expert author Long 4. Legal Texts online for free 5. Legal Texts online for free 6. Wikipedia 7. One more place journal? When is a web page like a journal Articles Cites to other sources Legal case report Commentary 8. 9. 10. LLRX 11. JDSupra 12. SSRN 13. Canadian Law Blogs list 14. Canadian Law Blogs 15. One more place CED? When is a web page like an encyclopedia Black letter law statements supported by citations infootnotes 16. Twitter 17. Anton Pillar Google vs a text as a starting point? 18. Great for the LATEST how Social media offers the latest word about innovations Google Scholar forlegal research Within 4 hours of seeing this there was a substantive, what that means to canadian lawyers post at 19. Great for the what What is an anton pillar order? Not just web Blogs Scholar 20. Customize your world 21.