Social Media: It's not all about you

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Presented to COMM 309: Introduction to Public Relations at the University of Delaware in October 2012


  • 1. An Introduction to Social Media: Its not all about you.COMM309 Abby (Stollar) Ecker October 2012

2. But, for a second, its about me 3. Feel free to get social with me!(Live tweeting encouraged.) and Political Communication Levels: A Journey through Food & Fitness 4. Lesson objectives:- To define social media- To use social media in a professional setting- To develop your social media brand Tweet your questions or thoughts to @abbynicole1204 5. What is social media? 6. Monologue has given way to dialogue. Social Media Manifesto, June 2007 Digital word of mouth. Get a social media boost 7. Social Media is the democratization of information, transforming people fromcontent readers into publishers. It is the shiftfrom a broadcast mechanism, one-to-many, to a many-to-many model, rooted inconversations between authors, people, and peers. Brian Solis@briansolis 8. @equalman 9. How do you chose? 10. Its not about(insert your name here);its about your audience.@TheAntiMedia 11. Brand or organizational social media:@briansolis 12. What is the first step of social media? Listening! Its not something that you apply once at thebeginning of an engagement. It is something we do throughout the process ad infinitum. Chuck Hemann@D_and_E 13. New channel, same rules(Kind of.) 14. Strategic Social Media- Ask two questions - Who are you communicating with? - Why are you communicating?- Develop goals & measureableobjectives.- Differentiate goals for various networks.@ATIPT 15. Case Study: ATIs Pinterest Page- Pre-planning- Understanding the core Pinterest audience- Understanding our ATI brand (education)- Strategic plan development- Flexibility/adaptability 16. Case Study: ATIs Pinterest Page 17. Evaluation & Measurement- Social media ROI- Ask - What are you trying to accomplish? - How can this be measured? 18. Best Practices(Brand Social Media)1. Be human. Have a personality.2. Two things play well on social media: humor & charity. (So do gratefulness and playfulness.)3. Ask questions.4. Use visuals. Photos get the most engagement, followed by video.5. Ask yourself this question before hitting send: Would I engage with this? 19. Best Practices: Brands@Zappos@DunkinDonuts @Starbucks @Chobani@tjmaxx @JetBlue 20. Developing your social media brand(Now it is about you.) 21. Learning Social Media- Be realistic.- Be proactive.- Be flexible. 22. Personal branding: 23. Treat it like your 8 x 11 resume it matters more. Claim your profile address. Ex. Get at least two to three recommendations. Utilize student-friendly features to highlight youraccomplishments. Challenge yourself to make connections (use Linkedingroups). 24. Books 25. Websites