Social Media Fundraising Trends and Best Practices 2013

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  • 1. SOCIAL FUNDRAISING: best practices & key metrics [Todd Levy Managing Partner of DonorDrive by Global Cloud ] CONNECT WITH ME ON

2. AGENDATrends in FundraisingBest PracticesChecklist 3. TRENDS IN FUNDRAISING and how social media plays a key role 4. the new DONORSmall wallets, BIG NetworksWant to know wheretheir money goes$50 donor connected tonetwork of $5K, $10K, $20K 5. rise of theMILLENNIALSPassionate, want to engage physicallyHistory of community serviceExtensively communicate over social media 6. I think theyll be the biggestgeneration yet in terms ofembracing causes and in termsof service. Zac Johnson, Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals 7. everybodysGIVING ONLINE75%< 40 yrs old64%40 - 59 yrs old 51% 60+ yrs old of donors in age bracket gave online in 2011Dunham + Company 8. BUT HOW BIG IS THE ROLE OFSOCIAL MEDIA IN DOLLARS? 9. of final donations came through17% social media.Numbers from DonorDrive 10. When compared to organicsearch, Social Media wasresponsible for 345% more offinal donations. Numbers from DonorDrive 11. facebook plays the biggest role IN DONATIONS 95.85%Facebook2.2%Other1.95% TwitterNumbers from DonorDrive 12. people give to PEOPLE THEY KNOWThose using Facebook through DonorDrive raised167% more than those who didnt On average they raise $463Those who used Twitter through DonorDrive raised175% more than those who didnt On average they raise $430Numbers from DonorDrive 13. ONLINE & SOCIAL TOOLSgive them the tools & theyll raise money for you 14. effective fundraising software makes itEASY FOR PARTICIPANT & DONOREvent sign up, email & tweet in minutesVisitors can tweet and like a pageAutomatic social sends when a donation happensFundraising badges allow anyone with web space topromote participants & your cause 15. fundraising badges can be embedded ANYWHERE ON THE WEB 16. THEYRE DOING THE RAISING you amplify it.Some non-profits are making excellent useof online fundraising through social media 17. CLIMATE RIDEPuts Twitter & Flickr feed on main site 18. IRISH PUBUses Facebook topromote Tour DeShore training 19. CLIMATE CYCLESets up laptops atevents for a GoogleHangout 20. DANCE MARATHONSUse a hashtag#ftk for the kids hashtag unitesDance Marathons nationallyTweeted 28,139 times 21. BEST PRACTICES 22. encourage themTO TELL THEIR STORYCoax participants topersonalize theirFundraising Pageswith stories, photos& video 23. Those that customize their page raise20% more than those who didntNumbers from DonorDrive 24. MAKE FUNDRAISING EASY.More participation is directly related to howsimple you make it for participants & donors 25. MAKE SURE THEY KNOW HOW TO USE YOUR SOFTWARE 26. COACH PARTICIPANTS ON FUNDRAISING 27. PROMOTE SUCCESS RESULTS 28. MAKE IT CLEAR WHERE THEIR MONEY GOES 29. PERSONIFY YOUR CAUSECMN Hospitals Miracle Kids 30. monitor yourSOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS Crowdbooster gives analytics at a glance Tweetdeck gives you realtime tweet & hashtag monitoring Topsy tracks the micro-history of a hashtag in detail can create shortened links that can be tracked Hubspot has a concise ebook on monitoring social media 31. talk with millennials OVER SOCIAL MEDIA77% have smartphones82% have communicated with a cause byFacebook & Twitter17% have tweeted from a non-prot eventMillennial Impact Report 32. CHECKLISTGet serious about social mediaAsk for feedbackDont forget about emailTrack social metricsLearn about new donors 33. LEARN ABOUTmillennialsDownload the Millennial Impact Report 2012 Download the Engaging Millennials PDF 34. VALUABLE RESOURCES for social fundraising