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Social Media Cool Tools. From the SageRock Institute By Sage Lewis. The Real World of Social. From here: Linkedin. Linkedin Getting Started. Linkedin The heart of it all. Linkedin Finding People. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Social MediaCool ToolsFrom the SageRock InstituteBy Sage Lewis

  • The Real World of SocialFrom here:

    6. Which of the following social networking tools/sites do you plan to use in '08? Do Not Plan To UsePlan To Use SomewhatPlan To Use FrequentlyFacebook50.0% (31)35.5% (22)12.9% (8)LinkedIn26.2% (16)29.5% (18)42.6% (26)Twitter78.9% (45)15.8% (9)1.8% (1)Utterz82.1% (46)10.7% (6)0.0% (0)MySpace61.0% (36)25.4% (15)11.9% (7)Spock69.6% (39)25.0% (14)0.0% (0)Flickr61.0% (36)28.8% (17)6.8% (4)Industry-Specific Social Network (e.g. (26)28.8% (15)17.3% (9)

  • Linkedin

  • Linkedin Getting Started

  • LinkedinThe heart of it all

  • LinkedinFinding People

  • Linkedin AnswersBecome an Expert

  • Facebook

  • Facebook Business

  • Cleveland Museum of Arton Facebook

  • Facebook Page CapabilitiesPromote Your Page Here.

  • TwitterYoure kidding, right?If you aren't familiar with Twitter, it is one of those things, like MySpace, that sounds totally ridiculous and stupid when you first hear about it. But once you start using it, you realize how much fun it is.Eric Nuzum, Author of The Dead Travel Fast

  • Youre kidding, right?

  • Commuter Feed

    Our username is commuter. This is how we find your updates.

    To Log an incident or update use the following format when you post a Twitter update to report an incident:

    @commuter LAX Accident on Sunset Blvd at Vine

    That's:@commuter(SPACE) citycode(SPACE) incident.

  • You can view Commuter Feed reports in an RSS reader or as a bookmark

  • Places you can learn more about all the cool features of Twitter.

  • Social Media ToolsStrategyPick 1 or 2 that appeal to you.1.

  • Social Media ToolsStrategyParticipate in the community.BE SOCIAL!2.

  • Social Media ToolsStrategyIf you dont enjoy it, dont do it.HAVE FUN!3.