Social Learning & Working Smarter Framework Through Social Media

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  • 1. Social Learning & Working Smarter Through Social Media

2. Brents Consulting Role
Through my company, Social Media Tools for Work and Learning, I help organizations identify, establish, and improve their social media and communication practices.
Through my seminars, I can provide your employees with the tools and understanding to implement an efficient social media strategy and infrastructure.
I can help your organization achieve:
Improved performance and financial results;
Stronger relationships inside and outside the organization;
Increased innovation and collaboration;
Dynamic community participation and commitment.
3. Presentation
4. Presentation Resources and Feedback
Open Atrium Support site.
Create new account, enter user name & password, choose Join Social Learning & Working Smarter Through Social Media. Change password when you are on site.
5. Open Atrium My Collaboration Support Site
6. Background Social Media
7. My Starting Points
8. New Challenges
9. Organizations Image or Presence Before the Social Web
10. Work Performance Challenges for Nonprofits(that social practices & media could address)
11. What is Social Media?
12. A Social Media Framework that Supports:
13. A Framework Built on Sense Making
14. The ULDA Framework
15. Module 1 - Social (Relationship)Strategy
As an organization, formulate a strategy thatguides and supports your online presence and use of online social technologies.
Your strategy will involve all facets of the organization.
16. Social Media Strategy
17. The American Red Cross Social Media Policy Guide
18. Example Libraries or Museums
19. Module 2 - Social Media Objectives
Leveraging and enabling social media for specific purposes.
20. Social Media Objectives
21. Different Objectives Different Tools
22. Module 3 - Social Media Tools
How we engage, build and support relationshipsthat matter.
23. Social Media Tools
24. Example Social Causes
25. Collaborative Map Example
26. Module 4 - Social & Network Learning
Working Smarter through Social Media and Social Learning
27. Social & Network Learning
28. Social & Network Learning
29. Example - Twitter
30. Evolution: How Social Learning Works with Social Media for Powerful Results
31. Evolving: The Social Non Profit/Business
32. Social Non Profit/Business
Working Smarter Culture
33. Work is in a state of transformationThree Converging Workforce Trends:
Source: The New Social Learning Bingham and Conner 2010
34. Social Media + Social Learning
35. Example Supporting Isolated Groups
36. Multi Agency Collaboration Wiki
37. Jay Cross The Working Smarter Fieldbook 2010
Working smarter is the key to sustainability and continuous improvement. The accelerating rate of change in business forces everyone in every organization to make a choice:
Learn while you work or become obsolete.
38. Work has Changed
Convergence of Social Learning, Social Media and Working Smarter
A few illustrations Sources
Harold Jarche - Internet Time Alliance
Marcia Conner The New Social Learning: A Guide to Transforming Organizations Through Social Media
Beth Kanter How Networked Non Profits are Using Social Media to Power Change
39. 40. Work has Changed
41. 42. 43. 44. 45. Informal Learning
46. 47. 48. 49. Social Learning & Working Smarter Through Social Media ULDA Framework
Visit the ULDA support site;
Make a comment about the presentation; Download slides & notes;
50. Brent MacKinnon
51. How Much Time to do Social Media? Beth Kanter
52. How Much Time to do Social Media? Beth Kanter
53. Questions