Social 101 - Engage and Convert

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<ol><li> 1. SOCIAL 101 ENGAGE &amp; CONVERT </li><li> 2. FROM: TO: MEASURING SOCIAL SUCCESS AIMING FOR SUCCESS ON SOCIAL PLATFORMS THEMSELVES LINKING SOCIAL BACK TO MARKETING OBJECTIVES ENGAGEMENT AS A KEY RESULT ENGAGMENT AS A MEANS TO AN END SELLING TO FOLLOWERS BUILDING GENUINE ADVOCACY </li><li> 3. ENGAGEMENT HAS CHANGED </li><li> 4. 2007 Facebook Fan Pages Launch 2008 Launches Chat 2009 Focuses on Privacy &amp; Sharing 2010 Zynga &amp; Facebook partnership 2011 Timeline Launches 2012 FACEBOOK IPO 2013 Custom Audiences &amp; simpler ads 2014 Instagram Ads 2015 Facebook App Family Likes &amp; Engagement People based Marketing BECAUSE BUSINESSES CHANGE </li><li> 5. YET WE FOCUS ON Likes # Fans / Followers Comments </li><li> 6. AS OPPOSED TO % of Conversions from Social Driving Brand Awareness Reaching the Right Audiences </li><li> 7. IN ORDER TO DELIVER Sales Advocacy Relevance </li><li> 8. HOW </li><li> 9. USING THE TOOLS AVAILABLE Analytics Trends &amp; Research Listening &amp; Engaging </li><li> 10. FACEBOOK AUDIENCE INSIGHTS Facilitate understanding how your audience uses Facebook </li><li> 11. TWITTER ANALYTICS Achieve relevance by understanding what resonates with the audience and what's being discussed </li><li> 12. TRENDS Understanding what people are talking about &amp; when </li><li> 13. GOOGLE SEARCH And how theyre thinking about it </li><li> 14. LISTENING &amp; ENGAGING The ways theyre talking about it </li><li> 15. SOCIAL ADVERTISING Giving visibility to your brand and its content </li><li> 16. SOCIAL RETARGETING Reaching a validated audience </li><li> 17. HELPING DELIVER Sales AdvocacyRelevance Paid Media Listening &amp; Engaging Insights &amp; Trends </li><li> 18. EXAMPLES &amp; IDEAS </li><li> 19. PERISCOPE </li><li> 20. CINEMAGRAPHS </li><li> 21. CENTRE OF DISCOVERY </li><li> 22. VIDEO </li><li> 23. CARAT AUSTRALIA @CARATAUNZ </li><li> 24. THANKS </li></ol>


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