So You Want to Go to Law School-

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1. austinwilkerson.comaustinwilkerson@gmail.comSo You Want to Go to Law School 2. Pre-LawBellarmineIntroductionPhotos from and 3. LSAT Recipe for SuccessPreparationPracticePerspicacitykeennessofmentalperceptionandunderstandingPeace 4. Preparation & PracticeKeep a ScheduleRead a Book LinkTake a Class LinkTake Practice Tests FreeTake Practice Tests PaidTake Practice Tests 5. Take the Logical ApproachLogical Reasoning Tip 6. Reading Comprehension TipTake Control of the TestFollow YourPathFollow TheirPathDont go in order.There are easy points at the end. 7. Sketch It OutParent SketchQuestion SketchLogic Games Tip 8. Logic Game 9. Bonus Tips for Law SchoolLaw School ChoiceTop 10 25 SchoolGeographyWhatever School AcceptsJoin EverythingLaw Review, Moot Court, Intl Law Journal, etc.Intern from Day One It must be law related, and it must be prestigious. 10. austinwilkerson.comaustinwilkerson@gmail.comCopies of this Presentation at


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