So You Want to Go to Law School-

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<ul><li> 1.<br /><br />So You Want to Go to Law School<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Pre-Law<br />Bellarmine<br />Introduction<br />Photos from and<br /> 3. LSAT Recipe for Success<br />Preparation<br />Practice<br />Perspicacity<br />keennessofmentalperceptionandunderstanding<br />Peace<br /> 4. Preparation &amp; Practice<br />Keep a Schedule<br />Read a Book Link<br />Take a Class Link<br />Take Practice Tests Free<br />Take Practice Tests Paid<br />Take Practice Tests<br /> 5. Take the Logical Approach<br />Logical Reasoning Tip<br /> 6. Reading Comprehension Tip<br />Take Control of the Test<br />Follow Your<br />Path<br />Follow Their<br />Path<br />Dont go in order.<br />There are easy points at the end.<br /> 7. Sketch It Out<br />Parent Sketch<br />Question Sketch<br />Logic Games Tip<br /> 8. Logic Game<br /> 9. Bonus Tips for Law School<br />Law School Choice<br />Top 10 25 School<br />Geography<br />Whatever School Accepts<br />Join Everything<br />Law Review, Moot Court, Intl Law Journal, etc.<br />Intern from Day One <br />It must be law related, and it must be prestigious.<br /> 10.<br /><br />Copies of this Presentation at<br /></p>