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  • 1. AMI Marketing PortfolioExamples of executed programs By Sheryl Neutuch

2. Ford CPO What Drives You Program Overview: The Ford CPO What Drives You? Nationwide Contest offered one (1) lucky winner the opportunity to intern at Shape Magazine or Mens Fitness Magazine for one (1) month. The program was promoted in-book, online, on campus (via postering, student newspapers and career centers), and virally on sites such as MySpace and Facebook. 3. Fitness For Fusion Program Overview: Modeled after AMIs proprietary iShape online diet and fitness program, Fusion For Fitness was an extensive online, interactive fitness program targeting readers who wanted to lose weight, firm up and get lean. In addition to in-book and online promotional elements, the program established regular dialog with consumers via daily advertiser branded e-mails. 4. Get An Edge Program Overview: GET AN EDGE invited readers to sign up for a FREE, 12-week personalized and interactive fitness program, based on the fundamentals of triathlon training. The program provided constant branding for Ford as participants in the program checked the GetAnEdge.com site and emails every day to monitor their progress. 5. Jeep Fit For The Trail Program Overview: The JEEP Fit For The Trail custom website reached out to the adventurous side of our readers. The 4-week training program invited readers to sign up for a FREE, outdoor fitness program customized to their outdoor interests. The program covered a wide array of outdoor sports and activities -- hiking, rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, kayaking and mountain biking. 6. Abilify Reader Survey Program Overview: Using AMI proprietary research, AMI conducted a custom reader survey for Abilify. Promoted via a bonus 1/3rd page, it included a call-to-action to a magazine specific URL to take the survey. AMI also mailed the survey to 3000 readers, offering a $2.00 bill as an incentive to induce response. 7. CMT Music Awards & Dale Program Program Overview: To generate buzz for the CMT Music Awards, AMI created a single page advertorial unit encouraging readers to invite their friends over and create their own CMT Music Awards party. Also included was a call-to-action to a custom micro-site where readers could download cutout faces of the nominees and each party attendee can be a celeb. Program Overview: To drive viewership for the CMT Movie Special, Dale, AMI created a single page advertorial unit honoring the legendary Dale Earnhardt. The advertorial also featured a Test Your Dale Knowledge quiz, driving people online to a micro-site to take the full, more extensive quiz and then see how they score. To add even more incentive, readers were invited to enter in a sweeps to win a trip for two to a Las Vegas stock car race with prime seats in the Dale Earnhardt Terrace. 8. Olay Skin Cancer Takes Friends Program Program Overview: Educating readers on sun safety, this multi-platform program included high impact units in-book, a custom online micro-site, a gift-with-purchase incentive, an in-store rack card program in grocery stores and special in-store events at select Wal-Mart locations. All elements promoted the benefits of Olay Complete and the importance of going for a skin cancer screening. 9. AXE He Said, She Said Promotion Program Overview: AMI created two sets of advertorials one distinctively for the readers of Shape and one for the readers of Mens Fitness both driving to a custom microsite to fill out a survey and enter in a sweepstakes. The full page advertorial in Mens Fitness surveyed our male readers on women making the first move, while the full page advertorial in Shape surveyed our female readers on the good, bad and ugly details behind a guys skin. The results from the girls survey in Shape will be featured in an upcoming issue of Mens Fitness and the results from the guys survey in Mens Fitness will appear in an upcoming issue of Shape. 10. Enviga The Great Burn Promotion Program Overview: The Great Burn program was designed to give our readers ideas for new and fun ways to burn calories, in addition to drinking Enviga. The 1st phase of the program featured two fitness pros from Exercise TV both of whom were incorporated into a series of in-book spread advertorials and an extensive micro-site that included interactive games and downloadable workouts. The upcoming 2nd phase of the program will feature music downloading and a gift-with-purchase incentive. 11. Thank You! Sheryl Neutuch sneutuch@gmail.com(646) 226-2043