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Anneans GazetteThe Official Newsletter of SACSCV O L U M E 1 , I S S U E 1 D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 2 M A R C H 2 0 1 3

SPECIAL POINTS OF INTEREST: Do your H.W.? BasketBall Tips Like Valentines How we Became 13 years? Newsletter: Genesis

FUN DAY: ST. ANNE CHILD STUDY CENTER 13THANNIVERSARRY By Angelino Joseph QuijencioDecember 17, 2012 was the exciting moment for the St. Anneans because it was the 13th founding anniversary of the school. In connection of our foundation celebration our school conducted a fun day this year, which took place in the school ground. The different organizations like Red Cross Youth Council (RCY), Munting Barangay, and News Letter Club built their own booth. The RCY built their own photo booth. The tattoo booth was built by the Munting Barangay officers. The Newsletter Club also have their letter booth. Each booth were supported by our dear students. There were many great and exciting games held in fun day, such as fishing game, pal Mr. Julius T. Estamo of the fun day. There were 10 groups who joined this competition. They presented their cheers and show. Group 2 got a perfect 10, and they were the only group that got a perfect score. Finally, overall winners for the different games were presented by the teachers. The 3rd place was the Group 5, which lead by Vienn Nicole Ocampo. The Group 3 headed by Grace Lungsod was the 2nd place. And the 1st place goes to the Group 2 with Aljen Caadiang as the leader. All students were so happy in this event. It shows the unity of everyone and how strong ST. Anne is in its 13th year. Happy 13th founding anniversary SACSC!

Jhereene Pablos winning piece!

INSIDE THIS ISSUE:5 Reasons Why Students Dont Do Their Homework

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History of Valentines Day

pick-up sticks, limbo rook, discus throw, buzzer beater, competition worm, and shoot em all that been organized by the teachers. In this activity the crowd really waited for the main attraction which was the cheering competition. The cheering competition was judge by our assistant princi-


Mr. and Ms. Nature 2012By: Eddiene Paula AgustinDecember 18 ,2012 was the exciting moment for the candidates of Mr. and Ms. Nature Junior Division. We saw their creativity to make their beautiful costumes. Some were made of straws, plastics,tanzans,papers,old pipe and many more. We also saw their talents. In the girls Xyla,Samantha,Rheema danced while Charmaine,Abegail and Stacey sang beautiful songs. Inthe boys Justine Jayson,Richmond,Jhonred, and Edionicko danced, while Kenneth sang, Samantha and Kenneth won as Best in talents. At the question and answer portion, the candidates quickly analyze the questions and they answer it clearly. They answer the questions proudly and coming from their hearts. Continue on p.3

Anime Lovers Pics of Events..

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Sir Mario together with the candidates of Mr. and Ms. Nature 2012 at the Bautista Farm


5 REASONS WHY STUDENTS DONT DO THEIR HOMEWORKby:Vienn Nicole Ocampo One of the major problem of the teacher is the students who doesnt do their homework. This is not so extraordinary in St.Anne, but it is not a good habit for the students to do. In St.Anne to discipline those students teachers give deficiency forms that they need to be signed by the students parents. But like a disease it spreads and students cant avoid not doing their assi gnments. These are the major reasons why do students dont do their homework. Lack of Focus- Students think other things are important than doing their assignments like Watching TV, Playing outdoors or Playing computer games. But if students continue doing this it will affect their grades and cause for them to also dont focus inside the Anneans Gazette brain. Because if we think our brain is functioned that is healthy for us. Playing computerStudents spend their time playing computer and surfing the net than doing their assignments. Playing computer is not bad , but you should limit it and know how to balance your time. Spending all of their time in their friends- Students especially grades 4,5 and 6 go outside together with their friends and forget to do their assignments. We should know our limitations and dont spend all of our time just to go outside with your friends. St.anneans must be a responsible student. So avoid those destructions so we can do our homeworks.

St.anneans must be a responsible student

Anneans GazetteThe Official Newsletter of SACSC

Vienn Nicole D.C. Ocampo Ayalyn P. Chiquillo EDITORS IN CHIEF Catherine Joy Calvo Nicole Mae B. Ayuban ASSOCIATE EDITORS Angelino Joseph Quijencio Sybannah Claey Mauhay NEWS EDITORS Mary Grace Lungsod Mark Nowell Eleuterio Jhet Scott Cruz FEATURE/LITERARY EDITORS Edmar Tierra Zyrus Mauhay LAYOUT ARTISTS Andrei Areno Eddiene Paula Agustin Paolo Orapa PHOTOJOURNALISTS Jhereene Hazell Pablo Michael Angelo T. Deocadez CARTOONISTS John Gabriel Rafael Mariela Anesco Cristine Acosta Mary Richella Biteng REPORTERS/ ENCODERS Mr. Delfin N. Vitug Jr. Mr. Daniel Charles M. Caudill MODERATORS Mr. Julius T. Estamo ASST. PRINCIPAL Mrs. Leticia A. Bautista PRINCIPAL

class. They found it hardStudents found their homework hard especially math. So if they think it is hard they will not try to solve or do it. But I suggest if they experi enced this they must ask to their parents or guardians about it. Because if you do your assignments it is a practice for you to your exams and quizzes. They are lazy- Students think that they will just waste their time if they do theyre assignments. But I think assignments are fun it is a great exercise to our


BASKETBALL TIPS! By: Catherine CalvoEvery school, they have a physical games like volleyball, badminton, table tennis, but the only game that is the very famous game is basketball. For Michael Jordan,To be successful you have to be selfish, or else you never achieve. And once you get to your highest level, then you have to be unselfish. Stay reachable. Stay in touch. Don't isolate. Basketballis a team sport, the objective being to shoot a ball through a basket horizontally positioned to score points while following a set of rules. Usually, two teams of five players play on a marked rectangular court with a basket at each width end. Basketball is one of the world's most popular and widely viewed sports. Numerous violations are called "fouls." Disruptive physical contact (a personal foul) is penalized, and a free throw is usually awarded to an offensive player if he is fouled while shooting the ball. A technical foul may also be issued when certain infractions occur, most commonly for unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of a player or coach. A technical foul gives the opposing team a free throw, and the opposing team is also retained possession of the ball. BasketbalAdvantages Jump up -With the rim 10 feet off the floor, it is important for even smaller guards to be able to rise off the ground. Jumping comes into play on every shot and every rebound. Get coordinated -Speed and jumping ability are critical skills for basketball players, and so is good handeye coordination. Stay limber -Being long and lean are favorable physical characteristics in basketball. the court for a breakaway basket or doggedly playing defense, leg power comes into play in basketball. Disadvantages School-aged children -The large number of basketball-related injuries in school children is cause for concern according to an analysis of the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System Orofacial trauma -Sustaining orofacial trauma -injury to the outside and inside of the mouth -- is a disadvantage to playing basketball according

Filipinos love playing street basketball.

To be successful you have to be selfish, or else you never achieve. And once you get to your highest level, then you have to be unselfish. Stay reachable. Stay in touch. Don't isolate.

( http:// article/523968-thephysical-advantages and disadvantages-of-playing Running wild -basketball/ -Whether you #ixzz2KHw5NcVE) are sprinting down

Continuation of p.1

At the end the host announced the winners for the Mr. and Ms. Nature. TheMr. and Ms. Air winners are Kenneth Macabalo and Abegail Tolosa.The Mr. and Ms. Water are Stacey Co and Jayson Marquez. At last The Mr. and Ms. Nature are Samantha Santos and Justine Baluy-

ot. The awarding is been assist by Ms.Jhuana Grace Santos and Mr. Jarred Bautista one of the winners of Mr. and Ms. Nature junior 2011. Congratulations! You are all great to show how talented St.anneans is.

Anneans Gazette


Basketball: SACSC STYLE!

By: SybannahClaeyMauhay

Kids love playing basketball.

Here in our school, we doesnt just focus on academics but we also give time for the activities to develop the talents of our students.

Basmuse is Janah. ketball is a The tird team is team sport, Pink team the the objeccaptain ball tive being there is Aivan to shoot a and the memb a l l bers are Gelo, through a J.D, Cabaddo, basket horiAnaki, Escleo, zontally poand Ignasitioned to cio.their muse s c o r e isAyuban.the Every kanto in our baranggay have this kind of scenario points while fourth team is following a the Violet team set of rules. Usually, two teams of the captain ball is Jogi and the five players play on a marked rec- members are Ian, Asa, Kobe, Gacitangular court with a basket at lan,Casero and Alonzo. And their each width end. They can have muse is Grace. The fifth team is the substitution, it means that they can Ghite team their captain ball is Zyexchange to another member of rus and their memebers are Jhett, their team. In basketball there are Hans, Biteng, Alfonce, Dominic, and many tams but some are few. Cap- Orbista. their muse is Pauline. The tain ball and members are the peo- sixth team is the Gray team the ple who is scoring. Each team has captain ball there is Paolo and their their muses also. Captain ball is the members are Edward, Terrado, Buhighest position in basketball. mem- nag, Miki and Elumba. Their muse is bers means the people who is help- Vienn. The seventh team is the ing the captain ball to score for Black team the captain ball there is their team. Felix and their members are RichHere in our school, we ard, Calvin, Alex, Banaag and Gardoesnt just focus on academics cia. Their muse is Rochelle. The but we also give time for the activi- eight team is the Blue team their ties to develop the talents of our captain ball is Patrick their memstudents. And one of these way is bers are Jhomar, Jeremy, Michael the Basketball tournament. That all orbista, Areno, and Juanico. Their the boys in our school grades 3-6 muse is Michkaela. The Ninth team have their basketball team. The first is Red team their captain ball is team is the Yellow team their cap- Glendell their members are Hari, tain ball is Masahiko and their mem- Manuel, Edmar, Nowell, and Caabers are Anakin, Abarquez, Alpas, diang. Their muse is Faith. Last but Guadalupe, Celario, and Clarence. not the least the Green team their Their muse is Richella. The second captain ball is Teope their members team is the Orange team their cap- are Kerr, Rafael B. ,Quint, Samorio, tain ball is Barrios and the members Deniega, and Paul Kenyon. And a r e H a l i n g , J e a n , R a l p h , their muse is Rikki Mae. Quinanjames, and Xavier. Their Good luck to all of you!!! Anneans Gazette


HISTORY OF VALENTINES DAYSaint Valentines Day, also known as Valentines Day. It is celebrated during February 14 every year. It is a day for giving candies, chocolates, gifts, flowers, love and kindness. It is celebrated in every country in the world. But, who knows its history??? Lets find out It began in Rome when the emperor, Claudius II (also called Claudius the Cruel), was involved in many blood and unpopular campaigns. He was having a difficult time to get soldiers for military. He believed that men didnt want to join the military because they dont want to leave their family. Thats why he cancelled all the marriages and engagement. The good Saint Valentine, who was a priest in Rome, in the year 269 A.D, together with his friend, Saint Marius, didnt follow Claudius and married young lovers secretly. When his actions were discovered, he was sentenced to be beaten to death with the

By: Ayalyn Chiquilio

The good Saint Valentine, who was a priest in Rome

clubs to put his head cut off. But while in prison, Valentine fell in love for a young girl, who is the daughter of his jailor, who visited him in prison. But before his death on the 14th of February, he wrote a letter for the girl which he signed, FROM YOUR VALENTINE. In 469 A.D., Pope Gelasius set aside 14th of February to honor St. Valentine.Good luck to all of you!!!

Saint Valentines Day, also known as Valentines Day

Hand-made Heart..

Anneans Gazette

Feature WritingPAGE 6

SACSC HistoryThere are many sweet memories in St. Anne Child Study Center. But we must first know the brief history of our school. Jhet Scott Q. Cruz and Nicole Mae Ayuban interviewed the owner of the SACSC, Mrs. Leticia A. Bautista. We asked her a few questions, that the students are not informed about it. In our survey the most asked question is who planted the avocado tree, Tall like our 3rd floor in school. Our principal said

By: Nicole Mae Ayuban

Who planted the avocado tree, Tall like our 3rd floor in school?

that the real owner we asked Mrs. Leticia planted the avoca- about the design of do tree , because I our emblem, she just said she created our emblem with her creative mind. And our last question is Why St. Anne Child Study Center is the name of our school. She said that its good to know the name of the saints in school, SACSC Emblem she thought. The school is like a mothjust rented this lot er so she thought since 1999 from the that Mary is a good brother of my hus- person, then who is band. The St. Anne the mother of Mary, it Child Study Center is St. Anne. has 450 s\m. When

The Humble Beginning of SACSC NewsletterBY: Vienn Nicole Ocampo This organization starts from the aspiration of our beloved principal Mrs. Leticia A. BautistaFor every successful principal Mrs. Leticia A. drawing. Last 2011 She things happened, Bautista, to improve sent two students and there is always a 2 teachers with her in humble beginSubic, to attend a ning. Its like our journalism seminar by small organization the write tool and that tends to send been host by sir Veinformation about larde. This seminar the recent events really helped us so and information much and we really about our school. learn from it about The organization I the things we must am talking about do in campus jourFrom left to right: T. Lenie, Nina, Vienn, Mark, is the SACSC nalism. That we can Mrs. Bautista, T.Delfin Newsletter. use in managing the This organization news letter. But we starts from the aspira- our skills in news writing, doesnt start a...