Smarter Internet Searching Boolean Operators. What are Boolean operators? FThe terms “AND, OR, & NOT” when used in Internet searches are called Boolean

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  • Smarter Internet Searching Boolean Operators

  • What are Boolean operators? The terms AND, OR, & NOT when used in Internet searches are called Boolean operators

  • Why do we call them Boolean? George Boole was an English mathematician who lived from 1815-1864He invented a branch of mathematics called Boolean algebraHis theories formed the basis for using Boolean operators in Internet searches

  • How do you use Boolean operators? Using AND:Using AND narrows a search by combining terms; it will bring back documents that use both the search terms you put in, for example: Portland AND Oregon

  • Using OR Using OR broadens a search to include results that contain either of the words you type in. OR is a good tool to use when there are several common spellings or synonyms of a word, for exampleTheatre OR theater

  • Using NOT Using Not will narrow a search by keeping out certain search terms. NOT brings back documents that contain one, but not the other,of the search terms you enter, for example:Jazz NOT Music

  • Heres another way to think about it: Search results are shown in green

  • Using Or

  • Using NOT Diagrams from

  • Mini Quiz Which will get you the MOST results: ANDORNOT Answer: B. OR

  • Were going to play a little game to practice some more. Red shirts 2. Red shirts AND White shirts What happened when we added the AND?

  • 3. Blue Shirts 4. Blue shirts OR white shirtsWhat happened when we added the OR?

  • 5. Red Shirts

    6. Red Shirts NOT wearing a sweatshirt What happened when we added the NOT?

  • Shortcuts Not all search engines use Boolean operators in the same way You can use shortcuts in Google: + for AND - for NOT

  • Lets practice some more together:

  • Now youre going to try it on your own! Try the SCS search to find out about SCS history. Try it four times, each time using one of the Google tricks to narrow things down. Use smithtown christian school, then smithtown christian school and history, smithtown christian school or history then smithtown christian school not history. Note how many hits you get each time. Send me an e-mail through explaining what you did each time, and how it narrowed or broadened the results. E-mail your results to PPT adapted: by Miss Gleason 4/18/11 from unknown source