Smart Road Sensor PDR presentation

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Performed by Lior David and Alon Perlis Supervised by Boaz Mizrachi. Smart Road Sensor PDR presentation. Summer 2011. Agenda. Problem definition Project objectives Input specifications Hardware overview Data flow Software design Timeline. Problem Definition. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PDR Presentation

Smart Road Sensor

PDR presentationPerformed by Lior David and Alon PerlisSupervised by Boaz Mizrachi

Summer 2011AgendaProblem definitionProject objectivesInput specificationsHardware overviewData flowSoftware designTimelineProblem Definition The client would like to measure and analyze the effect of vehicles on road surfaces and layersOver long periods of timeIn various placementsAutomatic and manual triggeringEasy data retrievalProject ObjectivesDesign and implementation of (almost) complete system for seismic measurementsSelection of suitable componentsSensors integrationSoftware framework in the form of RTOSDigital signal processingPower management(Communication)Input Requirements3 axis accelerationmicro-g resolutionTemperature measurementCommunicationHardware OverviewPIC24FJ256GB110Microchip microcontrollerADXL312Analog Devices digital 3-axis digital accelerometerIn-house driver for KB12VDADCAD7682BatteriesCommunicationSPIKB12VDPiezoelectric AccelerometerKey padLCDI2CSD cardSPIEEPROMSPISoftware DesignReal time, preemptive operating system for the PIC microcontrollerModular designRobust hardware drivers for later developmentBasic signal processing

Software Design (contd)

Data Flow

Gantt Diagram 31/7/20117/8/201114/8/201121/8/201128/8/20114/9/201111/9/201118/9/201125/9/20112/10/20119/10/201116/10/201123/10/201130/10/20116/11/201113/11/201120/11/201127/11/20114/12/201111/12/201118/12/2011 . , " + ' Teams commitment20 weekly man-hoursLior - Sunday morning and Monday 12:00-18:00Alon - Monday as free day and Friday as neededWeekly meeting with the supervisorHow will it work?


Thank you!Backup SlidesSystem Parameters Piezoelectric sensor

Cx = dxyFyb / a

Cx is the amount of chargeFx is the applied Force in x directionwhere a is the dimension in line with the neutral axis, b is in line with the charge generating axis and d is the corresponding piezoelectric coefficient.KB12VD