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<ul><li> 1. AmericanElectricPowersIntegratedApproachtothe SmartGridPresentation toClemson Power Systems ConferenceMarch, 2009Tom Weaver American Electric PowerKen Caird General Electric</li></ul> <p> 2. AEPStatistics 5.2 Million customers 11 States 36,000 Mw Generation 39,000 miles Transmission 201,000 miles Distribution $ 38.0 billion Assets $ 12.6 billion revenue(2006) 20,400 Employees 3. AEPsgridSMARTSMCore areas Consumer Programs Smart Gridof Study DSM/Energy Smart GridDistributedEfficiencyEnd use protocols ResourcesCustomerReal-time pricingDG Consumer ProgramsBenefitsDirect Load ControlPHEVUtility T&amp;D system Efficiency Distribution OperationsRenewablesBuilding Efficiency Meter Data SystemFuel CellsBenefitsVehicle EfficiencyCommunications StorageGeneration Parasitics Utility Operations Efficiency Programs Distributed Resources Supporting areas Business Process Integration Business Development of StudyInformation Technology CommunicationsFinancial Modeling 4. WhatisA suite of customer programs and advancedtechnologies that will transport us into a new era ofenergy delivery and customer service. It includesconsumer programs and new energy deliverysystem technologies that improve service quality and reliability, integrate future generation and storage devicesthat will respond to energy needs in theneighborhood and advance AEP internal system efficiencies. 5. FutureDistributionOperationsAEP intends to utilize technology at the customerspremise and throughout the distribution system to reduce demand, improve energy efficiency andimprove reliability.Utility OperationsCustomer Premise Advanced monitoring, communications and controlEnergystorage CustomerPortal/Meter AdvancedMonitoring,Smart End-Use DevicesCommunicationsPHEVand Control In-home monitoring Distribution Smart thermostats Operations Pool pumps Dynamic systems controlDistributed HVAC systems Outage management Remote monitoring and controlGeneration of distribution assets and StorageAdapted from EPRI source image Data management 6. SouthBendModelCityDemonstration AMI 10K Meters Utilizing Common Communications Infrastructure for AMI and Grid Management Manage 25 reclosers and 25 capacitors Utilize GE DMS as DSCADA host Integrate DMS with existing GE OMS and new AMI infrastructure Software integration utilizing Common Information Model (CIM) in coordination with EPRI 7. SouthBendPilotGoal UtilizeGridManagementtoImproveReliability, EnergyEfficiency,andCustomerExperienceASAutomated switches andASreclosers can reconfigurethe system to restorecustomers in un-faultedline sections1st CallAS AS AS 2-5 minsAutomated CapacitorControls can optimizepower factor and reportcapacitor availability 8. gridSmart ArchitecturalSMRequirements CurrentLandscape Ourmajorsystemsareapatchworkquilt ofinterfacesstitchedtogethertosupportisolatedworkprocessesandmanualdatacollection (34systems) gridSmart Ourfuturesystemshouldbedrivenbyourintegratedbusinessprocesschanges,whichwillrequirenewsystemsandredesigningthewayoursystemsintegrate Leveragelegacysystemsasmuchaspossible Industrystandardsbasedinterfacesandmessaging structure Commondatamodel NewSystems&amp;applicationstomeetgridSmart objectives 9. AEPArchitecture Step#1AMINetworkManagementServer(NMS) BackhaulGateways NetworksDistribution Networks Meters 10. AEPArchitecture Step#2SmartHome Network Management Server(NMS) BackhaulGateways NetworksDistribution NetworksHome LAN MetersPCT Eco-Panel Smart Homes 11. AEPArchitecture Step#3DANetworkManagement EMS ENMAC DMSServerICCP Backhaul Gateways Networks DistributionNetworks Distribution Devices Home LANCaps Meters PCT Switches &amp;Eco-Panel ReclosersSmart Homes 12. AEPArchitecture Step#4SubstationAutomation Network Management EMS ENMAC DMS Server ICCPBackhaul GatewaysNetworksT&amp;D DistributionStations Networks Station LANDistributionDevicesHome LANI/OMonitoring &amp;Protection CapsPCT DiagnosticsSwitches &amp;Meters Eco-PanelReclosers Smart Homes 13. AEPArchitecture Step#5CIM DataManagementHist CIMIntegration Bus Network ManagementEMS ENMAC DMS ServerICCP Backhaul Gateways NetworksT&amp;DDistributionStationsNetworks Station LAN Distribution Devices Home LANI/OMonitoring &amp;ProtectionCapsPCT Diagnostics Switches &amp;MetersEco-Panel ReclosersSmart Homes 14. AEPArchitecture Step#6TERS&amp;MDMInterfaceLode Star MeterTERSDataEnterprise Data ManagementUsersManagementHist CIMIntegration BusIntegration Bus Network ManagementEMS ENMAC DMS ServerICCP Backhaul Gateways NetworksT&amp;DDistributionStationsNetworks Station LAN Distribution DevicesHome LANI/OMonitoring &amp;ProtectionCapsPCT Diagnostics Switches &amp;MetersEco-Panel ReclosersSmart Homes 15. AEPArchitecture Step#7PowerOn Lode Star MeterTERS Data Enterprise DataManagement UsersManagementHist CIMIntegration Bus SecurityIntegration Bus Network ManagementEMS ENMAC DMSPowerOn ServerICCP BackhaulGateways NetworksT&amp;D DistributionStations Networks Station LAN Distribution Devices Home LANI/OMonitoring &amp;ProtectionCaps PCT Diagnostics Switches &amp;Meters Eco-Panel Reclosers Smart Homes 16. AEPArchitecture Step#8EnterpriseInterfaces Lode Star MeterTERS Data EnterpriseCustomer DataManagement UsersPortalManagementHist CIMIntegration Bus Security SecurityIntegration Bus EnterpriseSystems NetworkERP., CIS, MMS, ManagementEMS ENMAC DMSWMS, WFM, etcPowerOn ServerICCP BackhaulGateways NetworksT&amp;D DistributionStations Networks Station LAN Distribution Devices Home LANI/OMonitoring &amp;ProtectionCaps PCT Diagnostics Switches &amp;Meters Eco-Panel Reclosers Smart Homes 17. SystemIntegrationGoals Improve timeliness and number ofMoutage notifications received byMR Wire Down!using meters as initial outageMnotificationM Improve the accuracy of predictedMdevice analysis for non-SCADA MMoutages 1st CallM M M Use meter up notifications as the 2-5 minsrestoration time for partial &amp; fullrestoration times Eliminate crew responses to non- Integrate AMI and Interruptingutility problems using power up device data for use in OMS timeresults &amp; meter ping capabilities stamps and reliability statistics Auto-detect and respond to nestedcustomer outages as larger scaleoutages are restored 18. GridManagementGoals Assess ability to utilize a common communication infrastructure for AMIand Grid Management Integrate the results of auto-restoration with a Distribution ManagementSystem (DMS) Provide Distribution Dispatchers full DMS schematic displays of entirefeeder &amp; all devices Integrate all feeder-level device operations with current OMS Provide remote capacitor monitoring &amp; control Assess ability to improve reliability, energy efficiency, and customerexperience 19. FuturePlans Complete Grid Management Projects that are part of OperatingCompany Reliability Strategies Include Grid Management in Model City Demonstrations andlarger deployments as Regulatory support is achieved Continue development of Distribution Management System(DMS / GE ENMAC) to integrate SCADA, Power-On OMS, andAMI messaging. Include Integrated Volt/Var Control (IVVC) in Model CityDemonstrations Add IVVC to existing DA Schemes where practical Deploy Grid Management where benefits justify. Examplesinclude loss reduction, reliability improvement, and avoidinghigher cost projects to provide needed additional capacity. 20. AmericanElectricPowersIntegratedApproachtothe SmartGridQuestions? Tom Weaver AEP Ken Caird GE </p>