Small but effective idea to stick to New Year's Resolutions

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Remember, we're going for excellence, not perfection. There are three keys that seem essential for sticking to resolutions: going a little at a time, and finding accountability in other people or change to subconscious mind


  • 1.Small but effective Idea to stickto New Years Resolutions

2. Remember, were going forexcellence, not perfection. 3. Kaizen is aJapanese wordthat meansvery small,continuouschange. 4. Set your Alarm for 2 minutesearlier, and see how you feel. 5. Gather a small group of friendsand encourage each other to stickwith your goals. 6. You receive accountability andinspiration from the group, thusenabling you to maintain focus inachieving your goals. 7. Something withoutconvincing yoursubconscious mindyou wont be able todo it even if yourconscious mind wasconvinced that itsgreat. 8. first is writing the New Yearsresolutions down and reading them assoon as you wake up and just beforeyou sleep. 9. The second way to convincesubconscious mind is Programmingthe subconscious mind. Programmingmind. 10. Its like yourehypnotized, hiswords and ideascan programyoursubconsciousmind and affectyour life greatly. 11. if youre a believer then there is noone that you can possibly trust morethan God. 12. People develop emotional attachmentfor that they see often and thats whythey usually fall in love with those wholive nearby.