SMA SUMMER READING REQUIREMENT - 2012 SMA SMA has selected five (5) books for summer reading. ... Sixteen…

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<p>SMA SUMMER READING REQUIREMENT - 2012 </p> <p>SMA has selected five (5) books for summer reading. Students are to select one (1) of the books listed in the SMA SUMMER READING LIST (SMA SUMMER READING LIST 2012 below). The books listed will be available at Barnes and Noble. </p> <p>On August 23, during 1st period, a 5 question assessment will be given for the book that the student read over the summer. Any student who scores an 80% or better will be given a SPECIAL SMA Eagle card. This card will be a different color than the regular SMA EAGLE CARD and this card will provide the reader with a dress down day of his/her choice. It cannot be used for any other reward. </p> <p>1. Students may select only one (1) of the suggested books from the SMA SUMMER READING LIST to take an assessment for the purpose of winning a prize. </p> <p>2. On August 23, 2012, a five (5) question test will be administered during first period on the book of the students choice that he/she read from the SMA SUMMER READING LIST. </p> <p>3. Students must be present during first period on August 23, and must score an 80% or better to win a prize. No make-up tests will be offered. </p> <p>3. On August 24, 2012, teachers will distribute the SMA READING EAGLE CARD. </p> <p>4. This card will entitle a student to a dress down day of his/her choice. Students must have this card in their possession, with their name and issuing teachers signature, on the day they choose to dress down. If you do not have your card in your possession when you dress-down it will result in a referral. </p> <p>* Although students are encouraged to read all of the books recommended, only one test may be taken to receive the prize of the SMA READING EAGLE CARD. SMA would also suggest reading many more books than those listed on the SMA SUMMER READING LIST. </p> <p>SMA SUMMER READING LIST 2012 </p> <p>1. Roth, Veronica. Divergent. New York: Katherine Tegen Books, 2011. ISBN: 978-0-06-202402-2 In this dystopian society, each person is forced to join one of five factions, determined by taking a personality test. Sixteen year old Beatrice "Tris" Prior chooses the physically daring Dauntless faction, and embarks on a grueling initiation reminiscent of "The Hunger Games." Meanwhile, Tris must keep secret that she is actually a Divergent, a misfit, who would be targeted for death by the dangerous ruling class. </p> <p>2. Resau, Laura. The Queen of Water. New York: Delacorte Press, 2011. ISBN: 978-0-385-73897-2 When Virginia is taken from her poor farming village in Equador to work as a servant for an upper-class family, she dreams of getting an education and a new life. However, the opportunity is not what it seems, as she is treated like a slave and has to study in secret as she struggles to find her place in the world. Based on a true story. </p> <p>3. Grennan, Conor. Little Princes: One Mans Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal. New York: William Morrow, 2010. ISBN: 978-0-06-193005-8 </p> <p>Conor Grennan takes a year-long trip around the world with plans to volunteer for three months at an orphanage in Nepal. At first he is surprised to find that he really cares about the children. Then he figures out that they are not really orphans, but instead children who have been stolen from their homes. Conor makes it his mission to reunite the children with their families. </p> <p>4. Johnson, Maureen. The Name of the Star. New York: G.P. Putnams Sons, 2011. ISBN: 9780399256608 Rory is from rural Louisiana and is very different from her peers at their London boarding school. Her main issues include having to play field hockey and avoiding Charlotte, the head girl, until a series of gruesome murders makes headlines for copying the Jack the Ripper crimes from over a century ago. Her school is located in the middle of the Rippers territory and Rory is the only one who has seen the killer. She wants to help the police, but how do you catch a murderer who is a ghost? </p> <p>5. HEAD MASTER KENNEDY'S PERSONAL READING RECOMMENDATION: </p> <p>Cussler, Clive. Sahara. Pocket Pocket. 1995. ISBN-10: 0671521101; ISBN-13: 978-0671521103 </p> <p>Its 1996 in Egypt, searching for a treasure on the Nile, DIRK PITT thwarts the attempted assassination of a beautiful U.N. scientist investigating a disease that is driving thousands of North Africans into madness, cannibalism, and death. The suspected cause of the raging epidemic is vast, unprecedented pollution that threatens to extinguish all life in the world's seas. Racing to save the world from environmental catastrophe, Pitt and his team, equipped with an extraordinary, state-of-the-art yacht, run a gauntlet between a billionaire industrialist and a bloodthirsty West African tyrant. In the scorching desert, Pitt finds a gold mine manned by slaves and uncovers the truth behind two enduring mysteries -- the fate of a Civil War ironclad and its secret connection with Lincoln's assassination, and the last flight of a long-lost female pilot....Now, amidst the blazing, shifting sands of the Sahara, DIRK PITT will make a desperate stand -- in a battle the world cannot afford to lose! </p>