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  1. 1. Go to HYPERLINK ""www.slideshare.netClick: Sign inUse your PT login name for username.Account type: university/school
    Create Profile.City:Pittsburgh(Yup)Web address: educationEmployees: 1Uncheck Send me slideshare newsletterCheck I accept
    Skip find friends
    Upload file by clicking Browse & select.Choose privacy option that works for you.Add tags and description.Click Publish or publish all.Wait until the file uploads and converts.
    Seeing your files:Click your name in the upper right.
    Playing and sharing your slideshareShare:Post the Secret URLPlay: Arrow buttonEmbedding
    Settings From your PPT, click Edit PresentationEmbedding? Other tabs on page in blue
    Personal SettingsClick your name; then Edit Profile; then Privacy Settings. Set to No One.Review other buttons.