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  • Evaluation.My media production reflects many real media products as I have used many conventions from my research of existing music magazines to gain ideas for my production for example: a masthead, a main cover line, cover lines, key image and many more important code and conventions. I feel that I have used these very well as the outcome of my final production is very professional.

    My media product represents a specific social group as the target audience that I aimed my product at was young children more specifically young girls. My production attracts the audience by how it has been represented through the code and conventions most particularly the house style colours being pastel blue & pink with black text. The font style is a great importance to the house style as I chose a serif font which was rather bold this presents my media product to be more eye catching towards the audience. Also my media product really aims at this specific audience through the photography of the model as this plays a huge part on the target audience. This is due to the positioning of the model how she poses in various shots also she has great expression mostly she is smiling this is a key aspect as this engages the audience to understand that the magazine is welcoming.

    Masthead font style Rockwell extra bold.Key ImageHousestyleCover lineMain cover linePuffBarcode

  • MastheadEditors note.On The coverInsert imageInsert imageContents - FeaturesFront cover analysisPublisher information.

  • MastheadKey imagePage numberSub headingArticleBackground (Name of model FrancescaLogo.

  • The media institution that will distribute my magazine would be the BBC as they distributed the very popular pop magazine Top of the pops they therefore would distribute my magazine as it is of the same genre being POP therefore it would have the same target audience.I would firstly distribute my magazine in the most common way by having physical copies in retail shops for example WHSmiths and newsagents as this is the most easiest way for my target audience to pick up my product. I would also distribute my magazine in more high end supermarkets as most recently they are becoming a big hit to sell magazines, from distributing it at a well known supermarket widens the popularity of my magazine. I would also use internet distribution for my magazine where I would have an online website where the latest issue of my magazine would be distributed weekly. This is a good way to gain a wider audience as many young people use the internet nowadays rather than buying them in retail shops.Top of the Pops magazine front covers. Masthead housestyle colour of hot pink. This is a key aspect towards the target audience.Puff I got the idea of using a puff from this specific magazine cover. One of many cover lines that inspired me to design my front cover to have the cover lines in a bold font.

  • I have learnt about many technologies from the process of constructing this product as I used the software Adobe InDesign. I have used many skills from using this software such as; working in layers as this helped me organise my three different pages, also by using layers I then was able to place various aspects of my magazine on top of one another this is a huge importance as this skill came in very handy. I also used the skill of working with text as it can be developed in many ways for example it can be stretched, or positioned in various way such as arched. I also used the skill of effects on text as you can see to the right some print screens of text from my magazine, they consist of drop shadows and strokes. From using these effects makes such a big difference to how they appeal towards the audience. Looking back at the prelim task I feel that I have gained a much wider understanding of the use of Adobe InDesign as I feel that I have developed more skills from the process of designing my final production. I also feel that I have picked up key code and conventions of the genre of my music magazine through my research of existing magazines of the same genre which helped influence me for my final production.Organised Layers.Various ways to use text.Effects tool bar from Adobe Indesign