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  • 1.Pat The performance of poetry expresses emotion and many times is used as a method to passionately prove a point; however, it bears multiple critics especially in its relation to academia. Derick Kaylee James Lamod Anne

2. What Teachers Make by Taylor Mali 3. a form of performance poetry that occurs within a competitive poetry event, called a slam, at which poets perform their own poems (or, in rare cases, those of others) that are judged on a numeric scale by randomly picked members of the audience. Invented by Marc Smith in Chicago in 1984 4. Miranda Whiteford Q: What is slam poetry? A: I dont really know. (Interviewer explains what slam poetry is) Q: Do you believe that the use of slam poetry in the classroom would be a good way to teach students about poetry in the classroom? A: Yes, because it will keep their attention better and allow them not to get bored like normal poetry does. Joe Feeney Q: What is slam poetry? A: Emotional, strong, and passionate poetry. (Interviewer explains more thoroughly what slam poetry is) Q: Do you believe slam poetry is a more effective way to express yourself than normal written poetry? A: Hell yes! You can get a lot more in performance than just words on a page. You can show your tone, your emotion, your arm motions, and stuff like that. Aaron Rybak Q: What is slam poetry ? A: I have no idea. (Interviewer explains what slam poetry is) Q: Do you believe the use of humor in poetry is an effective way to please the audience at a slam poetry event? A: Yes, laughing makes you more involved and interested in the poem. You automatically like it if your laughing. 5. Critics Quality of performance wins, not quality of poem Judged on subject, not content Death to art Counter Argument Several Slam poets have gone onto publish popular books Challenges the authority of those that believe they have the power to judge literary quality 6. Saul Williams Mos Def 7. Relation to Schooling Help Learn Not Boring Rap/ Hip Hop Similies Alliteration Rhyming 8. Expressing emotions vocally Deal with internal conflicts 9. Marc Smith founded slam to challenge conventional poetry Wanted to make poetry available/ intriguing to all, not just scholars Attracted younger audience and brought interest to a broader crowd Marc Smith 10. Shes All My Dream by Lamod Jefferson collaboration Derick Abbey 11. Works Cited Aptowicz, Cristin OKeefe. Funny Poetry Gets Slammed: Humor as Strategy in the Poetry Movement. International Journal of Humor Reserch 22.3 (2009): 381-393. Academic Search Complete. Print. 20 Oct. 2010. Kinchen, David M. A Poem A Day: Day 21: Wanda Why Arent You Dead by Wanda Coleman. Huntington News. Huntington News, 21, Apr. 2006. Web. 10 October 2010. Rohter, Larry. Is Slam Poetry in Danger of Going Soft? New York Times. 3 June 2009: C1. Web. Slam Poetry. Language is a Virus. MutiMedia, Print. 20 Oct. 2010