SUITT 4ss7/t&2&3 Fizik Kertas 1&2 &3 Septemb er 2013 Perafuran Pemarkahan 4531/7&4531/2&4s31/3 MAKTAB RENDAH SAINS MARA PBPBRIKSAAN PERCUBAAN SIJIL PELAJARAN MALAYSIA 2013 FIZIK Kertas 1 & KertasZ & Kertas 3 PERATURAN PEMARKAHAN UNTUK I(EGUNAAN PBMERIKSA SAHAJA AMARAN Peraturan Pemarkahan ini SULIT dan Hak Cipta BPL(M) MARA. Kegunaannaya khusus untuk pemeriksa yang berkenaan sahaja. Sebarang maklumat dalam peraturan pemarkahan ini tidak boleh dimaklumkan kepada sesiapa. Peraturan pemarkahan ini tidak boleh dikeluarkan dalam apa-apa juga bentuk media. o 2013 Hak Cipta Bahagian Pendidikan Menengah MARA SULIT more examination papers at : www.myschoolchildren.com

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SUITT4ss7/t&2&3FizikKertas 1&2 &3Septemb er 2013PerafuranPemarkahan





Kertas 1 & KertasZ & Kertas 3




Peraturan Pemarkahan ini SULIT dan Hak Cipta BPL(M) MARA.Kegunaannaya khusus untuk pemeriksa yang berkenaan sahaja.Sebarang maklumat dalam peraturan pemarkahan ini tidak bolehdimaklumkan kepada sesiapa. Peraturan pemarkahan ini tidak bolehdikeluarkan dalam apa-apa juga bentuk media.

o 2013 Hak Cipta Bahagian Pendidikan Menengah MARA SULIT

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Question No. Ansrvcr

I D1 {1

3 D

4 B

5 A6 B

7 C

8 C

9 C

10 A11 A12 B

13 B

14 B

15 B

T6 At7 B

18 C

19 C

20 D

2l D

22 D

23 A24 D

25 A26 D

27 B

28 D

29 A30 B

31 C

32 B

33 C

34 A

35 C

36 A

37 B

38 D

39 D

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MR,tM,9PM Triol E.raminotian 20IlPhysics Popir Z

Physics Papetr" 2 Nlarks Scheme

State the incident angle correctly ;


Stute tire reas uil currectiy ;

There is cutting/changing of iniignetic flux/field

complete the following sentence by underlining thecorrect phrase in the bracket correctly


The angle of incidence is the same as the angle ofreflection

Drary the pattern and direction of reflected raycorrectly ;





Ml - reflectedray rvithdirection

M2-4wavefront lvithsamervavelength atsame angle ofincidence

State the physical quantify measure d correctly ;Voltage // potential difference

(6) (i) Name the zero error correctly ;Positive // + zero error

(D) (ii) State tlre reading of zero error correclly ;0.1 Volt

(cXi) State the reading of physical quantify correctly ;I .l Volt

(cXii) State the actual reading of the physical quantifycorrectly


l.i - 0.1 : l.0 Volt


(aXi) Stote the physical quantity correctly 1

Induced currentIteject :


more examination papers at :www.myschoolchildren.com

MRSM SPM Triol Examinotion 20l3Plr 'cs Pa

Nome the physics

Electrornagneticprinciple correctly ;


('Xi) Stste the deflection correctly ;Pointer deflects to the right l/ pointer deflect.'tr',r..ro i f o rl i ronf i ^ -rvur!v sl1 vv!lvll


Nome the physics rule correctly 1

Fleming's right- hand rule


State one tyay to increase the degree of deflection of thepointer correctly 1

Increase the speed of movement of rod ll increase thestrength of magnet ll rncrease the diameter of copperrod


4 (o)(i)I

Nome the Iogic gate P correctly 1

NOR gate


lYrite Boolean algebra correctly


(i i) Complete the table correctly ;

I lM - output LI f fU - output I)I tlt - output X

(r) Drow a circuit ""rr*3 Oilh!

Ilave alldevices - 1M

Arrangem en tof switchesparallel - 1M


I)arre 2 oMmore examination papers at :www.myschoolchildren.com

MRS\{ SPM Trial Euomintliort 20I3ph 'sics Pa er2


Stue the rneaning clrrectly ;'l'he spreading of'waves rvhen pass through aslit/opening or around an obstacle

Mark and, labet the ryayelen gth correctly ;


Compare the nuv/avelength in Diagram 5.2 (a) is bigger / greater thanin Diagram 5.2(b)


Compare the shape of diffracted wave correctly 1

The shape of diffracted wave in Diagram 5.2 (a) ismore circular/curve than in Diagram 5.2(b)


State the relationship correctly 1

The longer the wavelength, the greater the diffraction/l the greater the wavelength the rnore curve thediffracted waves


State the answer correctty ;Amplifude decreases



Explain the anslyer correctty;Energy d ecreas e/reduced

Energl, is being spread out to a Iarger area.


6l @)I

State the SI unit for temperature correctly ;kelvin, K


Compore tb,e volurne coruectly 1

Volume in Diagram 6.2 is greater than Diagram 6. i


Compare the temperature correctly ;Temperature in Diagram 6.2 is greater than Diagrarn6.1


Compare the pressure correctly 1

Pressure in Diagra:rrl 6.1 equal to /same as Diagram6.2


Slate the relation,ship correctly ;When the temperntrrre incre1.scs thc rolumc of nr"increases

Reject Zrlirpnflr-r-.. - - ,- _ - -



I propr.tionnl I

L-" ]more examination papers at :www.myschoolchildren.com

Reject \Yrongspelling

Calculate the volume of a gas correctly 1

41.71 mr

change oC to K correctlycorrect answer \Mith 2 decimal point

Reject -without time

State the meaning correctly ;

Time taken for the number of unstable nuclei to be

reduced to half of its original number.

lYrite the equation correctly ;

'frrrfu * -l'


State the reas on correctly ;

Unstable nucleus(r)(ii)

L mark - ShapeI mark -intercept y-axisat 16 andrvithoutintercept x-axis

Sketch a graph correctly 1

Activify /counts per second

Time lyears



MRSIUI SPM Trial Exomtuqtion 2013Ph ics Pa er2

l,rlsme the larv correctly ;

Charles' Law

Show on the graph correctlY 1

Activity /counts per minutes

Paqrr -i oi' 12

more examination papers at :www.myschoolchildren.com

MRSM SPM Trisl Examination 20I3Plr ics Pa er2(c)(iii) Stute the ansrve:.

16 )8 )4 )2

t:orrtctly :


I 3T% - 3 x 5730 years

- 161 10 years

Calculste the mass defect correctly 1).U: mc-

m _ E/ c2:2.56 x l}-ts

(3x 10' )': 2.84x10-32 kg

State the meaning correctly 1

The resultant force is zero

(6Xi) Mark and label correctly ;

Weight, W

Mark I -mark label W,T1&T2corectly

Mark2 -all directionsare corrects

(rxii) Colculate the weight coruectly 1

W: mg: 150 x 10:1500N

i)ag,r 5 of 12

more examination papers at :www.myschoolchildren.com


(cXi) l)raw a diagrarn of a triangle of forces correctly 1



Mark I -mark label W,T1 & T2corectly incompletef riensle


Mark? -correct alldirections


State the relationship correctly 1

W+T1+T2 -0



State the answer and reason correctly ;

Maximum tension is highTo support more weight l/force/lload



State the answer and reason correctly 1

Angle of x is largeTo produce small tension in the cable


State the answer correctly ;

Choose P


9 (a)1

State the meaning correctly 1

The zurgle of incidence (in the denser medium) r.vhen

the angle of refraction ( in less dense medium) is 90'

(b) Compare the critical angle correctly 1

Critical angle in diagram 9.1 is smaller than 9.2

Compare densify correctly 1

Densify in Diagram 9. 1 is greater than 9.2

Compore refractive index correctly 1

Refractive index in Diagram 9. 1 is greater than 9.2

(cXi) Relate the density and refractive index correctly 1

The greater the densiry, the greater the refractiveindex

h , . ,l . tl I t I n ,1 I Ifieiute IIle crllleal augle afiu ruli-actlvc rrrurixcorrectly 1

The greater the refractive index, the smaller the

critical angle.


tutRSlW SPlr{ Trlal Examlnatlon 20I3Plt,,slcs Puper 2

more examination papers at :www.myschoolchildren.com

t$rtf ,\'t'l,I T'riol Et'unfuttion 20liPhysics, puaier Z

@ I I

Exptain concep t correctty' I

i i l lo't at reast/ / ffi /ffi;i;;,:/l FiI I Two prisms which is 45'- 45'- 90' are arranged.


r I rhe light from the object is totally internaily reflected

I in the top prism, leaving the bottom edge at 9A" .


f I It enters the lower prism at 9A" and strikes the

I hypotenuse at angle greater than the critical angre ofI glass.


I I rhe beam of light leaves the lowerprism at 90'to an

I edge to reach the obseryer eyes.

(e) State the answer correctly ;

Suggestion Explanation

Use refractive index ofouter layer is less thanthe refractive index ofinner layer

Total internalreflection canhappen in the fibreoptic.

Use high puriry ofmaterial

Light ruy cantravelover a long distancewithout losingenergy

Use thin material Can be used insmall area

Use strong material Do not break easily

Low densiry material Lighter

Reject reasonlight







more examination papers at :www.myschoolchildren.com

MRSM SPM Trial Exomination 20l3Physics Poper 2

10 (a)I

t-- r* ^r^"r"f *rr*r,The work done by a source in driving a unit charge

around a complete circuit.// Work done by a srltrce indriving 1C of charge in an open circuit


Compare the electromotive force correctly 1

Electromotive force is the same


Compore th,e current correctly ;

Current of the rechargeable is greater than nonrechargeable dry cell.


Compare the internal resistance correctly 1

Internal resistance of the rechargeable is less than

non-rechargeable dry cell.



Relate the internal resistance and the currentcorrectly 1

The internal resistance increases, the Current,

decreases.//The internal resistance decreases, the Current,


Must mentionr first



Deduce relationship between the internalresistance and the voltage drop correctly ;

The internal resistance, r increases, the voltage drop


Must mentionr first

@ Explain concept cotectlY 1

Connecting batteries in series produces a biggerelectromotive force ll voltage l/ potential difference.

bigger internal resistance ll smaller current ll more

heat dissipated

'When batteries are connected in parallel, the

electromotive force produced is the same as the

electromotive force produced by one dry cell only

this produces smaller internal resistance,r llbiggercurrent, I // less heat dissiPated.


lI'rtgr' I o[' 12

more examination papers at :www.myschoolchildren.com


Stute tlre ansrver correctly(e)

-For heatingelement, cangive the samereason noimore than 2x,

- using theword efficientis notacceptable(alreadymention in thequestion).



I I current//greater speed I

I C...-!!-,. -!;--^^.^* ^f I rr:^l l-+^.. -^ltt-. I

l#ffii#iiil# l;"'"-ffiJ;i.#;# II I "n.'ey I

I tungsten for the I resistance I

I heatins element I I

I Have suitable tuse I C"t off supply/ break the I

I I circuit when excess current II lnow I

I Use motion detector/ I C* switch on and off I

I Infra red sensor I automatically I


MI$' lW S' l'' ll{'I' r i a I Ex ti 20lSPhysics P

(a)(i) State the meaning correctly 1

Pressure is the normal force acting on surface area/lforce per unit area

Exploin concept coruectly ;

When the lorry moves with high velocity, it will causeair between boy and lorry to move with high velocity.

It \{rill create the low prcssurc arca bctwccn the boyand lorry

The difference in pressure in front of the boy and theatmospheric pressure at his back.

Will create the pushing force.


(il(i) Strte the answer correctly liRegion A

l'lri.,: 9 of l2

more examination papers at :www.myschoolchildren.com

(6Xii) E.rploin hon, thc

Air speed at regioproducc

MRSM SPM Trial Evamination 20l3Ph

curving cll'cct c.orrectly 1

n A higher, lower air pressure is

Ditl-erence in pressure between region A and B willproduce a lift force








Exploin horv the curving effect redu ce correctly ;

Difference in velocity decreases

Difference in pressllre decreases

OrFligher air water resistance

Velociry of ball decreases

OrReduce in inrpulsive fbrce during kick offVelocity of ball decreases

Reason mustbe ofcauseand effect

The correctpair

(r) State the answer correctly 1

Characteristic Reason

Front end: short &round

Lor,ver pressure abovehelmet/lHigher velocity abovehelmet

Air hole: present Allow air flow intohelmetJlVentiiate helmet//Create cooling effect

Interior shellpolystyrene

Able to spread force onimpact

Wide strap Smaller pressure on chin

Choice : NBecause short & round front end, air hole present,polystyrene interior shell & wide strap


I';i1.,,, i0 r,it l2

more examination papers at :www.myschoolchildren.com

(aXi) State tlre lneaning correctly 1

Doping is process of adding specific impuritiespure semiconductors.

Draw a circuit correctly 1

Show the correct ryaveforms for input voltage andoutput voltage

MRSI/I SPtr[ Trial Exominotian 20I3Phvsics Pater 2

Reject noprocess


r-@rJ f'm!

(a)(ii) Explain how a semiconductor diode workscorrectly


Diode structure(n-type, p-type, depletiort layer) Idiagram

Connect n-fype to the positive terminal / vice versa./diagram

depletion Iayer decreases

majority charge cross the depletionlayerl/currenL/charge flow in the circuit

Depletion layer

Fromdiagram;max 2 marks


I ll --l I l--' i iI I --r L--l-I _L_ /l

more examination papers at :www.myschoolchildren.com

MhSM SPM Trial Exomination 2013Ph ics P,

Diode arrangcurcrrt is correctInput wave form is correctOutput wave form is correct

Expiain how a capaciiur rvurks curreciiy ;

When there is current flow// forward bias,Capacitor is charged

When there is no current flowl/reverse bias,Capacitor is discharged


When voltage of circuit is higher, Capacitor is


When voltage of circuit is lorver, Capacitor isdischarged

Stating the fype of connection of the transistor andthe reas on correctly ;

1't Positive of battery connect to Emifter oftransisto rl / F orward biased

2nd Current flow to transis tor //Transistor isswitched on llPresence of Iu

It{aruing the correct electric cornponenf and reasoncorrectly 1

1't RelayZnd To switch on a high-current / secondary circuit

Accept relaysrvitch






Stating the correct magnitude of the base voltageof the transistor and reason coruectly 1

I't Greater than 5VZnd Base current is present

Stating the correct magnitude of the baseresistance of the transistor and reason correctly


I't High base resistance2nd Iu is small/ lirnited, transistor does not spoil/burn

Accept high-voltage circuit

Stoting the correct circuit and reasons1't Choice : QZnd Forward bias, have relay, high base

L:-L L^-^ -^^i-+^-' .liJli iiiBii tjcrDv }t/Oi-r\ri

correctly q

voltage and

[:'t't!,,; 1i t;t- 12


more examination papers at :www.myschoolchildren.com



State the manipulated variable correctly ;

time // t

State the responding variable correctly ;

mass // m

(iii) State one fixed variable;Amount of energy supply // Q //specific Iatent heat // l, // Power of


Record the mass, m;

Diagram llliDiaeram 1.2 116 sDiagram 1.3 128 sDiagram 1.4 148 eDiagram 1 .5 156 eDiaeram 1.6 176 e

I.{ote : 1. AII 5 values correct - 2 marks

2. 3 or 4 values correct- I mark

3. All the values are consistent without d.p


Physics Faper 3Trial Examiratiun 2013

Marking Schemc

Marking Scheme

Record the mass, ra

Note : l. AII 5 values correct - 2 marks

2. 3 or 4 values correct - I mark

3. All the values are consistent wiflrout d.p

Diagram m=(mi-mo)Diaerarn 1.2 16eDiagram 1.3 28eDiagram 1.4 48eDiagram 1.5 56eDiagrarn 1.6 76 e

more examination papers at :www.myschoolchildren.com

(b) (iu)

Marking Scherne

Tabulate t, nri and m coyrectly in the table.

A Shorvs a table lvhich have /, nti, tnD (ar-.r- rl-- ,--.---.-. ,.-.lt ..f +ln .,.,.1n ,,., lnIt JLdl'tU tlltv Uull\yut tllllt \.rr u J) ttLlt $t tttt 5

C All values of tfi; are correct .

D All values of z, are corlect .

E All the values are consistent without d.p

Questiorr Marks

Draw the graph of m against L

Label y-axis and x-axis correctly

States the unit at both axis correctly

Both axes with the even and uniform scale

5 points correctly plotted

a smooth best straight line

minimum size of the graph is 5 x 4

(Squaresof 2x2cn)

(d) State the correct relationship hased on the candidate's graplt

m is directly proportional with l

Total 16 marks

more examination papers at :www.myschoolchildren.com



State the relationship correctly/ djrq-qtty- prapa_rtiqnal to /

Question Marking Scheme

Determine the yalue correctly ;

Draw the corresponding vertical&orizontal lineTQ - r.4 s2

T: 1.183 s ( Correct answer with correct unit )

Calculate the gradient correctlyDraw the sufficient large triangle ( 4 X 4 )(Squaresof 2 x 2 cm)

Correct substitution

Uz- t)(xz- xr)

_ (2.40-0)(0.6-o)

State the correct value

m:4.0 s2 m-l ( Correct answer with correct unit )

+Accept range between 3.8 s2 m-l until 4.1 s2 m-l

Substitute in forunula correctly39.49

o:-b 4.0

: 9.87 * ,-' ( Correct answer with correct unit )

*Accept rarlge betu,een 9.8 m s-2 until 10.0 m s-2 *

State the correct gradientIncreases

State the correct reason

Because the gravity acceleration on the Moon is srnaller

State the correct precautionRepeat the reading ferv times ancl

Place the eye perpendicular to tliePrrnr

calculate the av eragel I

reading scale to avoid parallax

Total 12 marks

more examination papers at :www.myschoolchildren.com



Marking Sche;ne


The angl e of refraction

The angle of refraction



depends on the allgle of incidence.ll

influence dl affected the angle of

(b) I State a relevant hypothesis

The angle of incidence increases


as the angle of refraction

(c) (i) I State the aim of experiment

To investigate the relationship

and the angle of refraction.

between the angle of incidence

(ii) 1 State the manipulated

variableManipulated variableResponding v:rriable

variable and the resporrding

: angle of incidence

: angle of refraction

I State ONE constant variableRefractive index /l n lldensity pll

(iii) I CompleteProtractor,

and metre

Iist of apparatus and materialsglass block, ray box, white paper, power



(i") Arraugenrent of apparatus :

q,t. RaY box

\N^r+_l'I f \ [-- glass block,4,"\i0l

Stuclent have to Iabel ray box and gtass block in the diagram lI

* Rcict:t tttiit'k il'tlre label is rrot enoulllr- --J

more examination papers at :www.myschoolchildren.com

Statc thc mcthod of controlling thc mnnipulatcd variablpSet up the experiment as sholvn in figure.

The angle of incidence, i is adjusted to 10o at point O.

State the method of measuring the responding variableMeasure the angle of refraction


from the point P by using

1 Repeat the experiment atThe experiment is repeatedwith 20o, 30", 40o, 50o

Ieast 4 timesby using the angle of incidence

(c) (vi) I Tabulation of data:

i/" r/"i02A




(vii) I Analyse the datarl"

/"Total 12 marks

more examination papers at :www.myschoolchildren.com


Marking SchemeQuestion

State a suitable inference'nr- - --- -.-t- -f -t-II -.-rl--- -'-CrI-^ -*^l--+^-^ )-.-^^^J^ ,-.- rt^- -:-^ ^fr lrg allBru ul utrlltrutlull uI tllc purllLcr utrPtrrrus ull ulu rlzu t-/1


The force depends on the current//

The displacement influen ced/ affected the current

State a releYant hypothesis

The greater the current, the greater the forcell

The greater the current, the greater the displacement/distance


State the aim of experiment

To investigate the relationship between the current and the

force/ displacement/distance travelled.

State the manipulated

variableManipulated variableResponding variabletravelled

variable and the responding

: current: force/ I displacemenVdistance

State ONB constant variablenumber of magnet bar i/ strength of electromagnet

Complete Iist of apparatus and materialsd.c. power supply, magnet bars, c-shaped soft-iron core, bare

copper rod, ammeter, rheostat, switc]r connecting wires and

metre rule.


Arransement of anparatus :

more examination papers at :www.myschoolchildren.com

C-shape steed yoke

f'---!v cen

State the method of controlling the manipulated variableSet up the electrical circuit as shown.The switch is switched on. The rheostat is adjusted to obtain a

current of 0.5 A.

I I State the method of measuring the responding variableMeaswe the displacement of the bare copper rod by usingmetre rule.

t I R"p*t th- r-f*rl*.rt at least 4 timesThe procedure are repeated for the values of current, I: 1.0 A,1.5A. 2.0 A and 2.5 ATabulation of data:

IIA Displacement /cm0.5




(vii)Analyse the data


tI , ,A

-f otal l2 rnarl<s

more examination papers at :www.myschoolchildren.com