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  • Malawi Christian MissionSteve and Vonnie Skaggs



    Arf & Ginny Liphard534 Swan Drive

    Fortville, IN 46040(317) 485-6818


    Steve & Vonnie SkaggsM P.O. Box 742

    Grayson, KY 41143(606) 474-3439

    Our New Addition

    Hitting theRoad Again

    Plans for Return

    Change inForwarding Agents


    Greetings from the Skaggs family. As you can see from the enclosedbirth announcement, we have grown to a family of four since we wrote you atChristmas time! Sigrid Victoria Skaggs was born on 29 January 1992.Although the circumstances at this birth, like Graham's, were somewhatunusual, both Vonnie and Sigrid are doing very we!!!! We were so happy thatVonnie and Sigrid were able to come home from the hospital on 01 February.The transition from one child to two has gone really well so far. Sigrid seemsto be a good-natured baby . .. and we are thankful for that!!

    Things are beginning to pick up once again in our traveling schedule.The first part of January was quite busy, as is the last part of February. As welook ahead, we anticipate our speaking schedule being quite full until ourdeparture for Malawi. Now that the baby has been born, we are free to finalizeall speaking plans. If you are a supporter and you have not heardfrom us about arranging a time for us to visit your church to reportabout the work in Malawi, please forgive the oversight and give usa call at the phone number listed above, if your church or churchgroup would like to have us share with you about the work in Malawi, speakfor a special gathering, or speak at a revival, faith promise, etc., please feelfree to contact us-but please do so ASAP as our schedule will fill up quicklynow.

    As we look to the future and to our return to Malawi, we are beginning tomake tentative travel plans. We are anticipating a departure date during themonth of June 1992. During the months before our return to Malawi, we needto raise funds to go toward housing expenses in Malawi and funds to replaceour vehicle.

    As we close our newsletter, we want to express our sincere thanks toJim and Bev Sivits, who have been our forwarding agents since we beganraising support to go to Malawi in 1988. They have done a fantastic job as ourforwarding agents. They have gone "above and beyond the call" in manyways, and they have sacrificed so much of their time and energy so that thework of Malawi Christian Mission could run smoothly . . . and all their work hasbeen volunteer!!. Due to the great time demands of being a forwarding agent,however, Jim and Bev are discontinuing their work as our forwarding agents.We are asking that all of our friends and supporters please consider sendingthe Sivits a note of appreciation for all of their hard work for MOM! As a resultof this change, please note that as of 01 February 1992 all correspondenceand contributions should be sent to our new forwarding agents, Art and GinnyLiphard. Their address is listed above.






    Steve and Vonnie Skaggs

    P.O. Box 2500

    Blantyre, MALAWI


    (265) 635691


    Art and Glnny LIphard

    534 Swan Drive

    Fortville. IN 46040


    jQear Friends,

    MALAWI CHRISTIAN MISSIONSteve and Vonnie Skaggs, Missionaries


    (greetings from Malawi! We pray that all of you are doing well and that God Isblessing you in this new year. We certainly feel that this new year is going to be a yearof many challenges and opportunities, and we hope that you will be praying that God willstrengthen us to stand up to those challenges and make the best use of theopportunities He presents us.

    :eve, along with Cash Lowe, successfully made the drive back from South Africawith the new Toyota Ventures (the Lowe's also purchased one). Wow, what a trip-about 1500 miles! We are really pleased with the Ventures so far. Although they arejust two-wheel drive, they seem to be doing very well . . . and we can finally all ridetogether comfortably as a family!!!! We praise the Lord that we were able to get thevehicle. Because the vehicles were ready to pick up at the factory a little earlier than weexpected, we secured a loan for the vehicles. We are planning on selling the old ToyotaHilux to cover the costs of the new Venture. We have been delaying selling the Hilux sothat the interns could have access to it while they were here In Malawi, but now we arepraying that It will sell quickly.

    3ln late January a team of three intern families began arriving in Malawi. These threefamilies are all hoping to return to Africa In the near future to be a permanent part of ateam of missionaries reaching out to the Makua tribe in northern Mozambique andsouthern Tanzania. As we mentioned in our last newsletter, this tribe is regarded as thelargest unreached people group practicing animistic tribal religion in the world. We,along with Cash and Lisa Lowe, are hosting the interns. We are housing two familiesfor the six-week internship. Cash and Lisa Lowe are located here in Malawi and are thefirst permanent missionary family locating in Africa seeking to get this Makua team offthe ground. The intern families are Josh and Minda Kelsey, Jeff and LoisWhytsell, and Roger and Trena Leib. Please be praying for this new work as it is ofsuch importance to the Kingdom.

    %OD'S PEOPLE HAVE BEEN PRAYING FOR AFRICA!!! We can really tell. So manypeople have been praying about the drought situation here ... and the Lord is answeringthose prayers. We have had what seems to be an excellent rainy season here. We arehearing reports from all over that the rains were good and that the crops were alsogood. Praise the Lord for this big answer to prayer.

    JVlthough the crops are looking good, we haven't quite come to the time of harvestyet. Therefore, we have still been having a lot of requests for food assistance.Although we have had no special funds set aside for this, we have been trying to assistin some areas with maize. We anticipate that harvest time will come soon and there willbe adequate food for all.

    3t has been an interesting January and February for the Skaggs family. Vonniedecided to celebrate her birthday in mid-February in a very unusual wayshe had areoccurrence of MONO! The past few months have been very stressful and busy andthey Just took their toll on Vonnie. Vonnie started off with an ear and throat Infectionand Just got more fatigued from there. Vonnie is beginning to do much better, althoughshe still tires easily.

  • And in the "when it rains it pours" department about the same time Vonnie gotsick, Graham had a nasty fall of some steps at a playground and fractured his collarbone!!! I couldn't believe it! Perhaps the most interesting part of the incident was gettingan X-ray done. Graham and I made contact with a doctor friend of ours and went down tothe big public hospital in town. To be honest, the hospital was quite smelly and disgusting.There were so many people there to be treated. And when we got in to have the X-raydone, we discovered what seemed to be an old, not very well maintained machine. Afterlearning that his collar bone was indeed fractured, we were Instructed to keep Graham's armin a sling for three weeks . . . sure! I challenge anyone to try to get a two-year old to keephis arm in a sling for three weeks!! But we are trying and Graham seems to be doing verywell.

    As for SIgrid and Steve, they seem to be doing very well. Sigrid is growing somuch, and getting a little cuter and a little sharper every day.

    The financial report for 1992 is now available from our forwarding agent. It wasanother incredible year. Certainly we can rejoice at how the Lord provided for our needsduring 1992. If you would like to receive a copy, feel free to give him a call or write him.

    33ffe ask that you really be praying for us and for our future work. The Lord isopening up new avenues of ministry for us. We feel quite humbled at some of the incrediblenew doors that the Lord is opening for us. Please be"praying for us as we seek His guidanceas to how we would be best used to serve in His Kingdom.

    please be praying for the efforts of the Makua team as they share a few weekstogether here In Blantyre. Pray that the Lord will direct the team as they continue to seekout the best way in which to reach out to the Makua tribe.

    ^Iffe pray that God will bless each of you as you seek to serve Him where you are.And as we look back of 1992, we wish to say thank you so much to those of you whocontributed financially to Malawi Christian Mission. So many of you have given so faithfully,and so many of you have sent special gifts for special needs, such as for the housing fund.Thank you so much for your confidence In us and in our ministry. God bless you all!

    Yours in Him,

    Steve, Vonnie, Graham, and Sigrid

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    P.O. BOX 742

    GRAYSON, KY 41143(606) 474-3439

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    Sigrid Victoria Skaggs

  • Name: Sigrid Victoria SkaggsWeight: 5 lbs. 9 oz.Length: 18.5 in.

    Date of Birth: 29 January 1992Place of Birth: Huntington, WVA

    We are so pleased to announce to you, ourfriends, the birth of our little girl. Thisannouncement comes to you a little earlier than wehad expected. Sigrid was born by Caesarean Sectionapproximately four weeks early. Vonnie hadexperienced leakage of the fluid around the babyand had been in the hospital for a week and a halfbefore the baby's birth.