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    Bkinlyrij, Mnlavt'iAlnca

    Phooe 635691

    FORWARDING AGENTSJames and Beveily Sivtis

    5960 McLa'nan RoadGambler. Ohio 43022

  • contents were washed away,some church buildings were lostor damaged, and the problem,effecting the greatest number isthat many maize fields werewashed away.

    We have been and arecontinuing to assist thesechurches as we can with theresources that we have. Wehave assisted with food,blankets, some clothing, andplates/bowls. Most of the

    thirteen churches have helpedthose among their number wholost homes to constructtemporary grass shelters. Asthings have almost dried outnow. we are beginning toprepare to assist in therebuilding of some homes. Asthe people begin to make theirbricks we will probably assistby helping to buy poles for thewalls and roofs and possiblygrass for the roofs.


    Furlough time isapproaching. We are beginningto set furlough plans now forlater this year. We hadoriginally planning the furloughfor early to mid-1992, buthave felt it wiser to furlough inthe latter part of 1991 so thatwe can be back here in Malawiin early 1992 to begin workingas a team with Jeff and KarenKennedy who are returning toBlantyre to work with us aftertheir furlough.

    Our tentative plans areto arrive back in the US In early

    September. We are alreadybeginning to start on the manypreparations for furlough.Preparing and organizing forour first furlough is anotherchallenge of being a missionarythat I had never reallyconsidered. All of thecomplications of storing thingsin Malawi, setting up houseagain in the US, getting adependable car to use fortravelling to churches, etc.. willbe very interesting first-timemissionary experiences!



    UPDATE/ACTIVITIES/NFWSMThe rainy season is coming to an end here: it is

    getting drier and cooler. We have received mixed reportsabout the crops. Some areas had a good harvest thisyear. Others had a poor harvest. Hopefully, most willhave enough maize to see them through until next year.

    The end of the rains means greater freedom oftravel for us to get to the churches. Our dry season

    CHURCHES schedule of weekend teaching is filling up fast. We willhopefully reach each area at least once before furlough.






    We had a very encouraging and enlightening timerecently as we had a 4-day retreat with Bill andJackie Brant from Kasungu, Malawi, and John, Gail,and Matthew Douglas from Chipata, Zambia. Bill,John, and I had several good discussions about our work.Although we live in three different places, we areworking with people with a common language and^nerally common culture. I really gained some insightsinto the work from these missionaries who have been onthe field for many years.

    I recently started attending a Ohichewa classthat meets twice per week for one hour as a means ofprodding myself with my Chichewa. My Chichewa iscoming slowly but surely, although it hasn't come at thepace that I had hoped. Frankly, living in Blantyre, it isj ust too easy to use English most the time. English is thesecond language here, so when people see that one iswhite, they usually speak to him in English. It is easyjust to rely on one's English living in this kind ofenvironment. The class, however, helps me keep on itand it provides me with quality input as I add to what Ihave already learned.

    Graham celebrated his first birthday on 03April! He had a very fun day, with a small birthdayparty and the works! Thanks so much to those of you whosent cards or gifts! Graham was already walking a bit byhis birthday, and by this time is really getting aroundwell! He also has a grand-total of four teeth!

    We have been in contact by phone and letters withJeff and Karen Kennedy, as well as Bart and LeslieSnyder. Jeff and Karen Kennedy are currently onfurlough in the States, but will be rejoining the workhere in Blantyre upon their return to Malawi in January1992. They have been travelling extensively, but aredoing well. Their first child is due in August! Please bepraying for them and their baby, and send them anencouraging note! Their furlough address is TheKennedys, 623 North Terrace Drive, Altoona,PA 16602.

  • SNYDERS Bart and Leslie Snyder are doing well and areRAISING making progress as they raise support to join the workSUPPORT either in the Southern or Central region of Malawi. They

    currently have a small amount of monthly supportcoming in, so they are urgently needing monthlysupporters, as well as one-time gifts to help with themany expenses of relocating to Africa. We hope you willbe praying for them and also send them a note ofencouragement. We also encourage you to send them acontribution and contact them to speak at your church orgroup! Their address and phone is The Snyders, 102Fourth Street, Grayson, KY 41143 (606)474-6824.


  • but the benefits of Sundayschool, youth group, aneducation enabling me to readand write, and Bible college.Until I met and started workingwith these women, I neverrealized how privileged I am in

    the knowledge I have of the Bibleand of God and His greatness!

    Please pray for me andthese women that God will useme to show these women His loveand greatness and that thesewomen will come to know God astheir father and friend.

    PRAYER NEEDSPlease continue praying

    for (1) our furloughpreparations (2) those affectedby the floods here (3) aproductive dry season oftravelling and teaching (4) Jeffand Karen Kennedy on furloughand their baby (5) Bart and

    Leslie Snyder raising support tocome to Malawi (6) Vonnie'swomen's study group atChirimba Chr. Ch. (7) wisdomfor Steve as he continues to dealwith the leadership problemsaffecting many of the churches.*





    Blaniyre. MalawiAtnca

    Phone W569'

    FORWARDING AGENTSJames and Beverly Swits

    5980 McLarnan RoadGambler, Ohio 43022




    As we informed you inour last newsletter, we arepreparing for our fast-approaching furlough. Ourplans at this point are to be backin the USA in early September,and we are planning to live inGrayson, Kentucky. As we alsomentioned in our lastnewsletter, there are manythings for which weare trying to prepare:

    We have madeflight reservationsthrough a travel agentin the US. We have thefunds on hand for aone-way ticket to theUS, but our travelagent has informedus that we can save about$1500 if we can find themoney to buy round triptickets now instead of buyingone-way tickets back to Malawilater. We anticipate that wemay be approximately $2000short of the funds needed for around trip ticket, but arepraying that either the Lord will

    provide the funds or enable us toget a loan.

    We are beginning topack some things away here.When we leave for our furlough.Bill and Jackie Brant will bemoving back to their house inBlantyre, which we have beenrenting. As things stand now,when we return to Blantyre, we

    may be able to renttheir house again for ashort time while theyare on furlough. Afterthis, however, we mustfind something morepermanent.

    We are alsotrying to makepreparations in the

    States for our return. We dohave an apartment reservedfor us in Grayson, and arearranging to borrow some of thehousehold items that we will

    need. Perhaps the biggest thingto arrange in the States for ourreturn, however, istransportation.I We will also begin soonto prepare our schedule of

    Our travel agenthas informed usthat we can save

    about $1500 if wecan find the moneyto buy round triptickets.

  • speaking. Although our timeIn the States is not going to bethat long, we do want to be ableto visit all of our supportingchurches to update you on thework here. We encourage all of

    our supporting churches tohelp us by letting us know whenmight be the best time to visityou. We hope to begin speakingby early October.*


    CHURCH It is the dry season and church activities are inREVIVALS full swing. There are many revivals and church

    conferences going on among the churches here in thesouth. Most of these meetings will have teaching in theday and worship services at night. Many of them attractlarge numbers of people from the churches in the area ofthe meeting. The people will walk, sometimes from faraway, to the host church and just stay there for theduration of the meeting. The churches that attend usuallycontribute some food for the meeting, but the primaryresponsibility for feeding those in attendance usuallyfalls upon the host church. Occasionally, they will alsorequest assistance of food for the meeting from us. Atpresent, Steve has scheduled to teach/preach at several ofthese meetings before we return to US.*

    AFRICA Mid-July will also bring the biannual All-lilS^IONS Africa Missionary Conference in Kenya. ChristianMEETING - Church/Church of Christ missionaries from all over

    Africa will be gathering in Nairobi for a five dayconference for encouragement, equipping, sharing ideas,and fellowship. We are quite excited to be attending thismeeting, as we will be meeting many missionaries fromAfrica for the first time.*

  • WHAT A In late June, Bill Brant and I made an excitingDAY!!... trip to a church conference at Nkotankota.

    Nkotankota is on a small strip of land In Malawisurrounded by Lake Chllwa on one side and Mogamblqueon the other. In order for us to reach there, we droveabout 1 1/2 hours to reach the shore o