Six-Month Progress Community Development Fund (CDF) Community Development Fund (CDF) Six-Month Progress

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  • Community Development Fund (CDF)

    Community Development Fund (CDF)

    Six-Month Progress Report

    1. Summary data Name of organisation

    Rural Community and Environment Development Organization (RCEDO)

    Project title

    Community Empowerment toward Socio-Economic Development

    Project manager’s name (& position)

    Mr. Serey Wathana Sam, Executive Director


    Changkal District of Oddar Meanchey Province, Cambodia

    Total CDF funding (12 months)

    US$ 54,507.60

    Implementing partner/s Local Community

    Start date 01 February 2012

    Finish date 31 January 2013

    Narrative report

    2. Summary of progress

    RCEDO received funds from AusAID/CDF to implement the project of Community Empowerment toward Socio-Economic Development in 20 selected villages of 4 target communes at Chongkal district of Oddar Meanchey province. Those communes are Pong Ro, Chongkal, Cheung Tien and Krasang. The proposed project will be implemented in 36 months (3years) period from 01 February 2012 to 31 January 2014 which a total budget: US$ 168,829.36.00. The project is arming to work directly support the vulnerable households, the poorest, disability and widow’s families. In the primary target group of three years project, RCEDO arms to work and support 1000 vulnerable families with consisting 4500 individual people. And the project is also to work and build capacity of local authorities, SHG/CBOs and line government officers through participating and work together for improving the quality of local governance delivery that benefits to target communities.

    2.1. Project overall objectives (as stated in final proposal accepted by AusAID)

    The goal of the project: is: “ poor farmers and vulnerable families in the project areas of Changkal, are well being and empowered through agro-technical knowledge and participating in Self-Help-Group (SHG) as well as farmer cooperative of SHGs to achieve the sustainable development activities by their own initiatives” .

    The main objective of the project is arms to: 1. To ensure poor household have enough food throughout the year, by increasing the

    number of household incomes through agriculture development activities. 2. To ensure household food security is achieved by participating and empowering SHGs and

    as well as cooperative of SHGs to start up social business initiative and marking services within their own rural communities.

    3. To ensure individuals to live active and healthy live, by increasing dietary, and reducing the incidence of the other diseases.

    This project progress report is based on the first year work-plan of project proposal approved and signed agreement in January 2012. The total budget of the first year is US$54,507.60.

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    GgÁkar GPivDÆn_shKmn_CnbT nig brisßan ¨Ga>es>dU ̈

    Rural Community and Environment Development Organization

    RCEDO staff is conducting training to SHG families on saving process, rules,

    book keeping & loan management

    SHG leaders are elected by SHG members at Tapen village in Pong Ror

    It was funded by the Australian Embassy (CDF/AusAID). In the first year project, RCEDO has consulted with local authorities and selected 10 villages of 20 villages to work with.

    2.2. Activities are taken during the reporting period

    In the reporting period of February- July 2012, this progress report is aimed at compared the achievements against the first year planned activities and budget in the proposed the project. Through this progress report presented results of the project taken, outputs and outcomes appeared during the certain period. Most of information in this progress report was collected from the field staff’s through monitoring report, training course conducted and field observation. During the project’s period, RCEDO worked closely with local authorities like CC members, village chiefs, Health Centre staffs and district agricultural officers in target areas to select the poor and disadvantage families to participate in the projects. The following activities were taken and the result of the project implemented as below:

    Component 1: Food Security project. Activity.1.1: Village meeting to select target beneficiaries and form farmer group as SHGs,

    In 29 February 2012, RCEDO had conducted workshop with local authorities and line government department officers and other NGOs members in the province. The Objective of this workshop was present, identified implementing strategies and target villages of the projects and shared other information at Provincial Department of Agriculture. There are 23 participants attended. Those people are CC members, village chiefs, line government officers and NGOs staffs.

    Activities 1.1.1: Trained the poor and vulnerable families on sustainable agriculture activities.

    During the reporting period, RCEDO staff has worked closely with CCs, Village Chief and District of Agriculture office (DOA) in 10 selected villages of Changkal district to select project beneficiaries and form as farmer group of SHGs. There are 19 SHGs with 297 families in 7 target villages of Pong Ro and Chheang Tien commune have been formed and trained on internal rules, group saving process and recording. After trained, each member received saving book for recording.

    All SHG groups are encouraged have monthly saving money into their group for mobilizing local resources. There are 161 families of SHG families have applied and attended on agriculture production skills training. Those are 88 families attended pig raising skills, 73 families attended chicken; and 146 families attended rice and vegetable production training. After training course, the participant received farming inputs from the project to start up their practice such as rice seed, vegetable seed/crop; 6 chickens, piglets and farming tools.

    RCEDO is organizing inception meeting with all stakeholders (line government officers, CCs, NGOs & District officer) for consulting and sharing information about the project funded by AusAID at PDA office.

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    GgÁkar GPivDÆn_shKmn_CnbT nig brisßan ¨Ga>es>dU ̈

    Rural Community and Environment Development Organization

    Vegetable Growing activity taken:

    During the reporting period, RCEDO facilitated with DOA staffs within target district to organize 4 courses on vegetable growing skills in Pong Ro commune and Cheang Tien commune. There are 146 SHG members in target villages have attended. During the course, the trainers from DOA had present on how to prepare lands, use of the best seeds/crop, timeframe of each product, proper use of fertilizers etc. After training course, RCEDO was engaged and supported them to start up vegetable production activity their households by using vegetable seeds /crops given and group funds (member group saving money) through their SHGs. RCEDO was provided vegetable seeds/crop package (8-10 difference types of vegetable seed) and farming tools to the group. Through this action, RCEDO had engaged each SHG member to make contribution amount of 5000 Riels to their group for increasing the group loan capital. In the reporting period, there are 33 SHG members are growing vegetable at their household for family consumption.

    Pig & Chickens Raising Activity

    During the reporting period, RCEDO collaborated with DOA/PDA officers to select voluntary families for farmer field school demonstration. There are 25 families of members participated in rice filed demonstration farm at Tapen villages and other 15 families participated on chicken & pig production demonstration at Kouk Sangker and Kouk Reang villages.

    Through the monitoring, there are 61 SHG members have raising chickens and pig at their households (29 families raising chickens and 32 raising piglets). RCEDO facilitated PDA officers to conduct veterinary refresh training in 4 day course at Changkal district. There was 17 village vets from 17 target villages attended. During the course, RCEDO has facilitated to have real practiced by using treatment medicines and other materials to vaccinate pig and chickens within the village. The Objective of refreshing course, is build capacity of existing villages vets and engaging them to support and help our target beneficiaries within their villages

    RCEDO is providing piglet & chickens to target beneficiaries to

    raise at their households.

    RCEDO & DOA staff is providing real practice on how to make chicken feed and it mixing for their chickens & pigs at Kouk

    Saangker to SHG beneficiaries.

    After training, RCEDO provide vegetable seed/crop to SHG members (trainees) to start farming practices at their households.

    RCEDO facilitates with DOA officers to provide training on vegetable growing to target beneficiaries.

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    GgÁkar GPivDÆn_shKmn_CnbT nig brisßan ¨Ga>es>dU ̈

    Rural Community and Environment Development Organization

    Activity 1.1.2: Community Rice bank and rice seed delivered. In the period of May- June, RCEDO has organized the village meeting with CCs and SHG members in 10 target villages of 4 communes of Changkal. The meeting was mobilizing local resources to establish village rice bank and building rice storage in the village. There are 4 villages have established and building rice storage through local materials contribution. In the reporting period, there are 6,240kgs (6.24 tonnes) of rice seeds