Six Great Batman Comics

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The most iconic of all Batman Comic boooks.


<ul><li><p>Six Great Batman Comics:</p><p>Year One Frank Miller &amp; Dave Mazzucchelli. Miller only has a few tricks but uses them all here, to great effect. And Mazzucchellis artwork is just that a work of art.The Long Halloween/Dark Victory Jeph Loeb &amp; Tim Sale. A thoroughly satisfying, epic tale that manages to incorporate the entire Rogues Gallery.The Dark Knight Returns Frank Miller. A lot of folks think this story of Batmans return from retirement in the Reagan-era is overrated, but I dont agree. A great ending.Gothic Grant Morrison &amp; Klaus Janson. There are a number of great Batman horror stories, and this is my favorite.A Death In The Family/A Lonely Place Of Dying Jim Starlin &amp; Jim Aparo. A little silly in parts but still the ultimate Robin story line.Honorable Mention: The Killing Joke Alan Moore &amp; Brian Bolland. This one doesnt really count, as its actually more of a Joker comic. Still, its definitely worth your time.</p></li></ul>