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  • SITPROSimplifying International TradeMalcolm McKinnon Chief Executive

    UNCTAD/UNECE Symposium for National PRO Organisations Geneva, 31 October 1 November 2006

  • SITPRO who are we?The UKs trade facilitation agency established in 1970Sponsored by the UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) UK GovernmentSupported by British business & industryBoard directorship drawn from across sectors in the international trade and payment process

  • SITPRO who are we?

    We build the bridge between Trade Development and Trade Delivery

  • SITPRO who are we?Our roots lie in DOCUMENTS

  • SITPRO who are we?Our roots lie in DOCUMENTSSITPRO forms - documentation aligned to UN Layout KeyLicensed commercial production of forms Promotion of document standards Weve been doing this since 1970

  • Aligned paper documents

  • SITPRO who are we?Our roots lie in DOCUMENTSe-document standardslogical extension from paperUNeDocs / UNeDocsUK standards-based library of data to ensure effective paper and electronic data exchange

  • UNeDocsUKMaster structureBased on UNeDocs and UN Trade Data Elements Directory

  • UNeDocsUKTrade documents:Acknowledgement of orderCommission noteCredit / debit notesInvoice order Packing listProforma invoiceQuotation

    Transport documents:Certificate of shippingBills of ladingConsignment notesDangerous goods note Export cargo shipping instructionsSea waybillStandard shipping note

  • Documentation systems

    p Docs

    e Docs

  • SITPRO who are we?But also TRADE PROCEDURES

  • SITPRO who are we?But also TRADE PROCEDURESExpertise and advice:Helpdesk Consultation and problem identification:Stakeholder groups own problemsExternally driven initiatives, eg Europe, WCOForm opinions and recommend solutions:Single WindowLobbying

  • SITPRO who are we?And INFLUENCE

  • SITPRO - how do we help?The Tip of the Iceberg

    Free HelpdeskProcedural GuidanceLibrary of BriefingsCountry SpotlightsFree Newsletter

  • SITPRO Import Briefings

  • SITPRO NewsMain quarterly publication7500 copies issued free to UK and international traders and other contacts

  • SITPRO - how do we help?Below the Waterline

    SITPRO BoardAdvisory GroupsInput into trade policy initiativesResearch and analysis of current and proposed legislation and regulations

  • SITPROs structureBoardCommunications StrategyFinance and ResourcesAdvisory CouncilADVISORY GROUPSTrade PolicySingle WindowEuropean StrategySecuritye-BusinessPorts and Borders

  • SITPROs Business PrioritiesWTOEuropeInternational Standards (UNeDocs)Single WindowTrade and SecurityBorder Agency Co-ordination

  • WTO and other trade facilitation agreementsMain Aim: WTO TF Agreement by end 2006Headlines:Advice on text, supported by co-ordinated international lobbying and strategic planningBoksburg Group support for developing countries and launch of websiteBusiness Action for Africa publication and promotion of private sector study on customs reform in AfricaResearch scope for TF in services sector

  • SITPRO Policy GuidesNew WTO GuidePlanned new guides covering:EuropeUNeDocsUKSingle Window

  • EuropeMain Aim: Support Commissions customs modernisation Multi-Annual Strategic PlanHeadlines: New SITPRO Strategic Advisory Group on Europe to define UK trade positions on EU MASPInput into EUROPRO Strengthen links with other European PRO organisations, Duquesne Group and other European Trade Contact GroupsRefine policy positions on AEO and develop influencing strategy on other key 2006 milestone issues

  • Trade and securityMain Aim: Continue to advance trade facilitation principles in the development of border security measuresHeadlines:Publish and promote Chatham House/SITPRO reportUse this to lobby Government and international organisations (eg WCO) through work of Security Advisory Group; in particular, deepen contacts with Department of Transport

  • UK Single WindowAim: Support implementation of Phase I in early 2007 in a form likely to be used by tradersHeadlines:Work with project leaders Business.Gov to implement SITPRO vision of single windowProvide technical and industry support to project team through Single Window Advisory GroupWork with project team to publicise UK Single WindowProgress UN Recommendation 33 on Single Windows and help to expand UN repository of Single Window case studies

  • UNeDocs - UNeDocsUKAim: Develop UNeDocsUK to point where it can be promoted as available for business Headlines:Continued support for UNeDocs standards developmentWork with countries such as Senegal, Australia, Malaysia and Pakistan to help them implement UNeDocsDevelopment of UNeDocsUK national standards including electronic versions of dangerous goods and standard shipping notesPromote UNeDocsUK demonstrating benefits to UK traders, including publication of Guide to UNeDocsUK

  • UN / CEFACTAim: Maintain SITPRO leadership within UN/CEFACT in support of UN standards for paper and electronic trade documentsHeadlines:Seek to adopt UNeDocs as international standard for e-documentsPromote new Recommendations relating to development of national single windowsCultivate concept of international alliance of national PRO organisations

  • Ports and bordersAim: Maintain Ports and Borders Group as national UK champion of reform of port and other border proceduresHeadlines:Complete work on container seals initiativeReview trader consultation groups with a view to making them more effective through streamlining Consider holding high-level Group attended by Ministers

  • LicenseesAim: Implement new licensee agreementHeadlines:Implement new licensee agreement on 1 July 2006Review effectiveness of licensee system based on take-up of new licensee agreementRelease design model for e-Documents to licensees at realistic fee

  • CommunicationsAim: Develop new communications strategy leading to higher UK profileHeadlines:Develop media strategy including forward annual programme of announceables by SITPRO and its Advisory GroupsDevelop national awareness programme for SITPRO brand and activities, including programme of regional events get out and about and be visiblePolitical and media lobbying

  • SITPROs Staff


    Chief Executive

    AccountantPA to Chief Exec

    Director, PolicyDirector, International Trade Practices

    Deputy Director, EuropeDeputy Director, e-Business

    Senior Policy ManagerHead of CommunicationsHelpdesk Manager

    Research Analyst



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  • SITPROSimplifying International TradeTel: +44 20 7215