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  • Avanade Confidential – Do Not Copy, Forward or Circulate

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    Sitecore @ Avanade

  • Founded by

    Over US $1 billion revenue in FY11

    More than 20% average yearly growth since our inception in 2000

    Trusted advisor to more the 800 customers in all industries

    Realized 95% satisfied customers

    More than 60 locations in 20 countries


    About Us

  • “In June 2012, Avanade and Sitecore officially entered into Sitecore’s only global partnership. The relationship enables Avanade and Accenture to fill a significant new market opportunity to serve the needs of agile, experienced enterprise marketers with

    cloud-enabled consumer engagement sites and digital experiences.”


    From a single provider, Avanade provides Sitecore expertise, creative, integration, support and software


    Sitecore stands with Avanade’s solutions, not only the software, through design reviews and expert access


    Expertise, support and a local presence on three continents

    Avanade’s unique partnership with Sitecore means:

  • © Copyright 2011Avanade Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    The Avanade + Sitecore Advantage


    Over 90 Sitecore Certified Professionals Backed by more than 15,000 .NET, eCommerce, Azure and content management technologists worldwide

    Proven Approach for Complex Solutions A mature methodology and experience delivering high-volume, visually compelling and highly-integrated customer experiences at enterprise scale

    Unique Global Partnership A joint commitment to accountability and customer success including solution architecture, software, hosting, and ongoing support and maintenance

  • © Copyright 2011Avanade Inc. All Rights Reserved. 5

    Professional Services

    From eCommerce to high-design web presence, from intranet to cloud, Avanade is the trusted, enterprise-class partner on hundreds of high profile web properties

    Wholesale Distribution

    Retail / Public Sector

    Australia Manufacturing

  • Oltiva Life

    demo scenario demo scenario

  • Oltiva Life

     Oltiva Life is the health and wellbeing arm of Oltiva Health Insurance.

     Oltiva Life provides tailored lifestyle packages for its corporate customers.

     Like most companies, Oltiva Life has a combination of Line-of-Business applications, CRM platforms, collaboration platforms and a web presence

  • Fred, a salesperson at Oltiva Life wants to sell products,

    and track his sales.

    John, a sales manager from Oltiva Life wants to see what his sales

    teams are selling, and be able to quickly approve sales.

    Sally, a customer of Oltiva Life, wishes to use the Oltiva Life website to

    take up an offer that her company has configured for her. She uses her

    desktop, tablet or phone, and wants to purchase one of the packages.

    Mike, a content author from Oltiva Life is an expert in Oltiva’s products,

    and wants to collaborate effectively with colleagues to deliver the best

    content he can, to his customers.

  • Lets see how each of these people and products are involved in the

    digital marketing workflow within Oltiva Life.








  • CRM

  • Fred, being a salesperson, is very familiar with CRM.

    He uses CRM daily to track his clients, opportunities, and marketing activities.

    Here, he creates a new client and starts to configure the offer

  • Fred customises a

    new package that he

    has just configured for

    his client.

    He then activates a

    workflow to send this

    package off for


  • John receives a notification email on his phone that a new package is awaiting his approval.

    He can perform the approval on his mobile phone.

  • Fred and John can both see in CRM that a new Sharepoint site has been provisioned and is ready for content

  • SharePoint

  • Mike, a member of one of the product teams, receives notification that a new package is being drafted, and it requires some content.

    Here, he authors content for the client package.

  • Mike uses the collaborative power and broad enterprise reach of the SharePoint platform at Oltiva Life, to create the content without worrying about design, layout or which channel will consume it.

  • Mike completes the content and then publishes to the internet site – directly from SharePoint.

  • Mike can also contribute additional marketing content through Sharepoint and have this published directly in Sitecore

  • Sitecore

  • Sally is notified by her employer that she can now join Oltiva Life.

    Sally can now logon and view the details of the package. If she likes the package she can register for it.

  • Sally receives a consistent experience on her phone, tablet or desktop.

  • As Sally browses the Oltiva Life site, content that is relevant to her and her account is displayed more prominently to her.

  • Closing the Loop

     Back in CRM, Fred and John in the sales team can track the uptake of their product. In real time. In a tool they are familiar with.

     Back in SharePoint, Mike can see which content is popular and can provide additional content around this subject. In real-time.

     Execs at Oltiva Life can track the marketing success of a sales campaign using SharePoint-based reports and dashboards

  • Integration







  • Dynamics CRM Campaign Integration

    CRM Contacts as Sitecore users

    Import leads and contacts

    Sitecore DMS

    Webforms for marketers

    Dynamics CRM Campaign Integration

    – Save Actions

    Dynamics CRM Campaign integrator –

    Security Provider

  • SharePoint Integration Framework

    SharePoint Integration Framework Pull SharePoint list


    Custom code

    Detect SharePoint lists

    SharePoint Integration Framework

    Create SharePoint Connector

  • Lessons learned

     Database must have SA when Sitecore is installed.  This can be changed later.

     Google is not your friend, is.

     Install Web forms for marketers before you install SPIF.

     Or edit the sharepoint.config.

     SPIF version 111115 as a bug with SharePoint lists containing Content Types

     Don’t forget to publish after a deploying code changes.

  • Demo, Code or Questions

  • Summary

    Avanade’s enterprise integration capabilities are online and ready to help you best leverage the investment you have in Sitecore through:

     Integrated knowledge creation and publishing channels

     Integrated online sales delivery and approvals

     Integrated marketing activity tracking