Simple Landscape Photography Techniques to Improve Your Landscape Shots

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As a landscape photographer, whether you are a novice, amateur, or professional, you need to know the right tools, locations, and ways to make your images come out looking great. There are several landscape photography techniques you can focus on, to improve the quality of your end shot.


<ul><li>1.Simple Landscape Photography Techniques to Improve YourLandscape Shots landscape- photography- techniques- to- improve- your- landscape- shots/ April 2, 2013As a landscape photographer, whether you are a novice,amateur, or professional, you need to know the right tools,locations, and ways to make your images come out lookinggreat. There are several landscape photography techniques youcan focus on, to improve the quality of your end shot.The following are some things that should be done, in order toget the best possible angles, lighting, and photo, no matterwhere you are shooting, or what kind of look you are going for inthat shot. Landscape PhotographyKnow the rule of thirds - T echniquesWith the landscape photography techniquesyou follow, you have to abide by this rule to get the best image possible.In simple terms, the rule states that a photo is going to look its best, when it is divided in thirds,having two vertical and two horizontal lines, evenly spaced out on the photo.At the intersections of these points, you should focus on placing the focal points of your imageson these intersections, so that they will stand out.Filters -With different landscape photography techniques, you also have to use filters. Filters are usedoften with landscape, as opposed to other types of photography, namely because of the fact thatyou cant control your external conditions, like lighting and weather. The use of filters is going tomake a bland shot, become a much better, brighter looking one.Neutral density (ND) filters are great for shooting a moving object, since they are able to slowdown the speed of the object that you are photographing. ND Grad filters help limit the exposuretime, by limiting the amount of light that goes in to the lens, allowing you to control the lighting incertain situations.These, and other filters can be used to help you make a great shot, from something that wouldotherwise fall flat.Use auto bracketing -By using this feature along with your landscape photography</li></ul> <p>2. By using this feature along with your landscape photographytechniques, you can set your camera to take three sequentialimages (or more), of the same scene, each one at a differentshutter speed. One of these will take the average of all theshutter speeds, to average and weight out the exposure setting,to create the image in the most favorable light.By doing this, you can create the perfect lighting in each of thethree quadrants of your image, and will get the best color,lighting, and angles, in each area of the photo, rather than havinga flat lighting or color, throughout the entire image. Landscape PhotographyT echniquesThese, and several other landscape photography techniques andtips can make landscape photography much easier, and far morecreative for the photographer. Even as a novice, by using these tips, you are going to be able tocreate a much better looking photo, and one that is going to have depth to it, as opposed to asimple, bland photo.Regardless of where you shoot, you cant control your external factors; these techniques will helpyou get a better image, no matter what those factors are.Do you enjoy photography?Im assuming you do or you wouldnt be here.How would you like to write about something you love doing, like taking pictures, writing about itand making money while you do it?Thats what I do.Want to learn how?My team prepared this cool video for you: a decision to join now. Most people put off this decision until its too late. Dont be thatperson. Do it now: The Author: DR MurrayDR Murray is a 30 year Fortune 500 financial executive and US Army LogisticsManagement officer. He strongly believes in multiple income streams to reduce therisk of relying on one income source. His personal mission is to empower otherindividuals to take control of their own destiny and along the way maintain a sense of humor. Itsbetter to be in the parade than to watch it go by! Are YOU ready to join him? Join Him Here </p>


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