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  2. 2. Major ShuRoo Benefits Helps protect your family and your vehicle Protects day, night, rain or shine Not affected by bugs or dust Lightweight but solid Australian made for Australian conditions 12 month factory warranty Helps prevent collisions with wildlife Best option for small and imported vehicles Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia PROTECT ING AUSTRALIA NS SINCE 1986 Prevention is better than cure! Why take the chance of potential injury to your family or being stranded with a damaged vehicle? ShuRoo has been helping protect motorists from wildlife collisions since 1986. The unique signal emitted by ShuRoo cannot be heard by humans, but to wildlife its as loud as a police siren. By taking advantage of their high frequency danger alert system in this way, ShuRoo warns animals of your approach and helps prevent a collision that could potentially harm you, your passengers and your vehicle. Not only does ShuRoo protect you and your family, it also protects our wildlife. Solid yet lightweight The Slimline ShuRoo is made to withstand the tough Australian driving environment. Insects, dirt, weather or water crossings will not affect ShuRoos performance. Easy to install The one piece compact design allows for easy installation to cars, RVs, trucks and buses. Unobtrusive and attractive design The compact, slimline design of ShuRoo will enhance your vehicle while helping to protect you. An attractive accessory you cant afford to be without!
  3. 3. 100 m 400 m SAFETY SOUND ZONE Approx metresFits all vehicles The Slimline ShuRoo fits all vehicles from small cars to road trains! The High Frequency ShuRoo Safety Sound Zone ShuRoo creates a high frequency Safety Sound Zone 400 metres ahead and 50 metres either side of your vehicle which alerts kangaroos and other wildlife to your approaching vehicle day, night, rain or shine. MONT H W A RR A NTY
  4. 4. Field tests Field tests offer the only definitive answer for the efficiency of ShuRoo. Since 1986 many individuals and fleet operators have field tested ShuRoo testing in the only laboratory that counts the open road. A million kilometres of field tests This is a sample of just some of the success fleet operators are having in reducing damage and downtime. The many individual unsolicited endorsements have not been included here, but rather the reported results from fleet operators who have analysed the statistics of vehicles with and without ShuRoos over long periods of time and over all sorts of terrain and driving conditions. Testimonials Hydro Tasmania We have been installing ShuRoos on our vehicles since 2002, over that period based on previous data we have maintained a 70% reduction in accident damage cost relating to animal strikes, we currently have 127 vehicles fitted with ShuRoos. The financial savings far outweighs the cost of installing ShuRoos on Hydro Tasmania vehicles. Alan Johnson, Fleet Manager June 2013 RioTinto We are utilising ShuRoos on our 9 mainline vehicles, our two superintendent vehicles and our 4 deep dale vehicles. The majority of these vehicles do about 9000km a month on harsh access roads. We have had the ShuRoos fitted for approximately 6 to 9 months now and we have had very minimal impact from roos. With the combination of stronger and larger spotlights, combined with the ShuRoos, night time driving is becoming much safer and we are having a lot less incidents. Michael Lenehan Dec 2012 Contract Management Supervisor, Cape Lambert Rail Operations Shire of Plantagenet Since 2011 we have had 15 accidents with kangaroos. We have now started to install ShuRoos. The vehicles that have ShuRoos installed have not had an accident with kangaroos. This has resulted in savings financially and downtime of vehicles. Administration Officer, Works and Services, Shire of Plantagenet, Western Australia. November 2013
  5. 5. The Australian Railroad Group ARG has a fleet of 406 vehicles and driver safety is of a critical importance to ARG as we pride ourselves on being the safest railroad company in Australia. In 2004 at our ARG Kalgoorlie depot, we had 23 kangaroo incidents creating problems with having so many job specific vehicles out of service. In 2005, ARG installed ShuRoo systems into 16 vehicles with immediate effect, for the remainder of 2005 we recorded one kangaroo incident. This reduced our vehicle down time by 95% but more importantly, our employees are driving in a safer vehicle. In September 2005, ARGs Occupational Health and Safety department completed a driver safety analysis with results clearly showing the benefits of the ShuRoo electronic vehicle protection system. A decision was made by ARG to roll out the installation of the ShuRoo system throughout our vehicle fleet during 2006 2007. Paul Wylde ARG Fleet Manager, Australian Railroad Group, Welshpool WA Russ Equipment Pty Ltd I have just returned from a 10,000 kilometre sojourn through the far western and central regions of Queensland. After driving through what is commonly known as a bad area for roo strike, without incident, I would have no hesitations in recommending this product. I did notice with the new system, you need really good driving lights to witness the ShuRoo actually doing its thing.The bouncy things tend to be warned and move off well out in front of the vehicle so there is more time to slow, stop, take evasive action etc. Ken Russ, Special Equipment Manager, Russ Equipment Pty Ltd Western Australian Government Water Corporation .... For example, incidents involving collisions with kangaroos led to the adding of electronic kangaroo avoidance devices in particular areas. ..... Recommendations emanating from previous incident investigations have resulted in the fitting of ShuRoos (high frequency safety zone device), day-time lighting and reverse sensors to Corporation vehicles. Extract from Western Australian Government Workplace Road Safety Booklet, Case Study: Water Corporation
  6. 6. Overview of ShuRoo Wildlife Deterrent System Kangaroo strikes are a real and costly problem to motorists throughout Australia. ShuRoo can save motorists thousands of dollars resulting from repairs and vehicle down time.ShuRoo can help your reduce the chance of injury or worse. With OH&S and environmental implications becoming more onerous each year, ShuRoo will assist fleet operators protect their fleet vehicles and people. Understanding ShuRoo Remember that ShuRoo is a deterrent, not a forcefield. It has been specifically designed and thoroughly tested since 1986 to assist in keeping the roos away from your car, truck, 4WD or bike. Kangaroos are wild, flighty animals and can be counted on to act as such, with the only difference being that ShuRoo alerts them to your presence as you are approaching. This allows both you and the roo ample time to be able to avoid physical contact. Frequently Asked Questions Why does a ShuRoo work? Under normal circumstances, kangaroos do not hear the low frequency sounds that an approaching vehicle creates. ShuRoo projects a high frequency sound pattern through a continually changing range of frequencies in front of and to the sides of the vehicle. Because kangaroos use high frequency for warnings of impending danger, they take avoiding action. Or if they are road tame and off the road, they will simply watch you pass, but will not approach you. Will all kangaroos run away? No. ShuRoo is not designed to scare or panic the animal, but is like a sophisticated police siren which alerts the roo that there is something strange and disturbing approaching. As you get closer, the sound gets stronger and the roo is alerted and aware. By choice roos wont knowingly hop directly into our vehicles. They mostly do this when startled and, being a flighty animal, panic. ShuRoo helps avoid this by letting the roo know youre around in plenty of time. Does fitting a ShuRoo guarantee that I will never again collide with a kangaroo? No. Whilst ShuRoo is the world leader in this field, we are dealing with a wild, flighty animal, in varying conditions, at different speeds. But ShuRoo will alert them to your presence and independent reports show between 70% and 90% reduction in kangaroo related accidents for vehicles fitted with ShuRoo.
  7. 7. Does ShuRoo protect from other animals while on the road? Our users report ShuRoo successfully deters wild dogs, wild pigs, deer and other native and feral animals. Will ShuRoo fit to any vehicle? Yes. ShuRoo offers protection for all vehicles 4WDs, sedans, trucks and motorcycles. Can I fit ShuRoo to a bull bar? Yes. ShuRoo can easily be fitted to a bull bar. ShuRoos unique sound pattern also helps protect from side hits. Does ShuRoo work in the wind and rain? Yes. ShuRoo works in all conditions, including water crossings. Is there a Warranty with ShuRoo? Yes, for 12 months. Does ShuRoo interfere with any other electronic equipment? No. The ShuRoo unit has C Tick approval for electronic equipment ensuring no RF leakage from the unit. Is there any possibility the units may interfere with, or compromise the Air Bag deployment system? No. How long has ShuRoo been on the market? ShuRoo has been protecting Australians since 1986, with over 60,000 satisfied users. ShuRoo is Australian made for Australian conditions. What if I need service or further information? ShuRoo is an Australian owned and operated company and assistance is simply a phone call away. ShuRoo is manufactured in Australia, employing other Australians. Scientific testing of ShuRoo Trials on captive animals do not replicate the response wild animals display.We are aware of trials conducted on captive, neutered semi-tame kangaroos that purport to show how these animals would react if exposed to ShuRoo in their wild environment. Full information is available at our website uploads/2014/05/Does_ShuRoo_Work.pd