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SHURE - 2011 Catalog

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    2011 Shure Incorporated AL1777 01/

    Asia, Pacific:Shure Asia Limited22/F, 625 Kings RoadNorth Point, Island EastHong Kong

    Phone: 852-2893-4290Fax: 852-2893-4055Email:

    United States, Canada, Latin America, Caribbean:Shure Incorporated5800 West Touhy AvenueNiles, IL 60714-4608 USA

    Phone: 847-600-2000Fax: 847-600-1212 (USA)Fax: 847-600-6446Email:

    Europe, Middle East, Africa:Shure Europe GmbHWannenckerstr. 28,74078 Heilbronn, Germany

    Phone: 49-7131-72140Fax: 49-7131-721414Email:

  • Throughout our history, the success and reputation of the Shure brand has been defined by our continued commitment to quality, and it shows in every Shure product. First-time customers as well as lifelong Shure enthusiasts appreciate the performance and durability of our microphones and audio products to help them reproduce, process, and mix their audio. Perfectly. Transparently. Reliably.

    That is what sets us apart.

    We spend time with the people who use our products, and they inspire us. Year after year, Shure introduces innovative products that set new standards for the audio industryproducts that provide you with more choices, creative freedom, and unsurpassed quality in sound reproduction. There is hardly a stage anywhere in the world today that a Shure microphone has not appeared.

    It is a never-ending challenge to stay ahead of the curve. Therefore, our research and development efforts never end. A recent example: In our role as industry leader, we became the voice for the wireless microphone industry in fighting for legislation to protect our valued customers. Partnering with legislators and important industry voices, our collective and constant efforts helped make lawmakers aware of how proposed legislation would negatively impact countless wireless microphone users. Our influence was recognized, and lawmakers acknowledged the importance of wireless microphones and the need to protect users.

    Continuing to answer the call, we are introducing breakthrough productsunavailable anywhere else on the planetthat protect users from interference and are as reliable and easy to use as any audio product made by Shure.

    Fueled by a deep belief in what we stand for, and passionate Associates who are committed to delivering pioneering products that our customers need and enjoy, Shure will continue to keep our eyes focused on the future, while honoring the legendary performance promises of our past.


    Santo (Sandy) LaMantia

    President and CEO

    From our President

  • The Most Trusted Audio Brand Worldwide

    World renowned microphones for Performance, Recording, Installed and Broadcast applications.


    Recording + Performance ............ 6

    Broadcast + Video .................... 18

    Presentation + Discussion ............. 22

    Various systems and multiple mic options offer unlimited flexibility for any application or budget.

    Wireless Systems

    PeRFoRMance GeaR Wireless ................ 34

    PGX Wireless .......... 36

    PGX-D Wireless ....... 38

    SLX Wireless .......... 40

    ULX Wireless .......... 42

    UHF-R Wireless....... 44

    Wireless Workbench .. 47

    Rugged In Ear systems that deliver sound quality, mobility, control and portability.

    Personal Monitor Systems

    PSM ..................... 50

    PSM 200 ............... 52

    PSM 900 ............... 54

  • Table of Contents 3

    Mixers and digital signal processors for field, installed and sound reinforcement applications.

    DSP ...................... 64

    Installed Mixers ....... 65

    Field + Mobile ......... 67

    Performance Mixer .................... 67

    Mixers + Digital Signal Processors

    A full line of best-in-class headphones, Sound Isolating earphones, and phono cartridges for professional and personal use.

    earphones .............. 58

    Music + Mobile ....... 58

    Headphones ............ 60

    Phono cartridges ..... 68

    earphones, Headphones, Headsets + Phono

    A complete listing of Shure replacement parts, accessories and additional microphone technical specifications.

    Product accessories ............ 69

    Reference .............. 79

    accessories + Reference

  • Shure has long been a supporter of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences in its mission to honor and support

    the music community. As a result, it was with great pride that Shure accepted the 2003 Technical GRAMMY. The award,

    given to individuals and/or companies that have made outstanding contributions of technical significance to the recording

    industry, was an especially significant honor since it was bestowed upon us by an industry we proudly serve.

    Shure Listen Safe is the Companys hearing conservation

    program, which is dedicated to educating musicians,

    audio professionals, and consumers on how to enjoy

    sound in a safe, responsible way. Donated funds are

    used to underwrite the cost of hearing screenings,

    creating educational materials, and funding hearing

    research studies. In addition to these donations, Shures

    activities include providing free hearing screenings and

    distributing hearing protection devices at pro audio

    industry trade shows, music conferences and festivals,

    and to its employees. For more information about Shure

    Listen Safe, please visit

    Shure is a proud sponsor of The Mix Foundation for

    Excellence in Audio. The Foundation is a not-for-profit

    organization dedicated to promoting excellence in

    audio, video, music and other communications media

    arts through the Technical Excellence & Creativity

    Awards and other programs. In addition, the Foundation

    supports organizations that work to educate profession-

    als and the public about the growing problem of noise-

    induced hearing loss and endows various scholarship

    programs for students of the communications

    media arts.

    SHURe LISten SaFe tHe MIX FoUnDatIon

    tecHnIcaL GRaMMY aWaRD

    Partners & Programs

    Shure Incorporated is the Official Microphone of the

    Experience Music Project (EMP), Seattle, which opened

    in Summer 2000 and has welcomed more than three

    million visitors since. EMP is dedicated to the exploration

    of creativity and innovation in popular music through

    interpretative exhibitions and hands-on music-making.

    Visitors can view rare art works and memorabilia from

    EMPs extensive permanent collection of more than

    80,000 objects, create music, explore various musical

    milestones within exhibitions and experience the creative

    process by hearing musicians tell their own stories.

    EMP is online at

    nSca eDUcatIon FoUnDatIon eXPeRIence MUSIc PRoJect

    4 Partners & Programs

    The NSCA Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable

    organization supporting educational initiatives focused on

    future growth and the stability of the commercial elec-

    tronic systems industry. The goals of the NSCA Education

    Foundation include making training available and afford-

    able for industry professionals and students; attracting new

    qualified individuals into the industry; and, providing the

    industry with leadership and direction through education

    programs. Shure has supported the Foundation for several

    years and in 2006-2007 will expand its existing matching

    contribution campaign to support the continued education

    of commercial electronics systems professionals.

  • Recording + Performance World-renowned microphones for performance

    and recording applications.

    pg 6

    Broadcast + VideoOn the Air. Loud and Clear.

    pg 18

    Presentation + DiscussionA Blueprint for Success.

    pg 22

    Find the Right Mic.All mics in this section include icons that describe

    their fundamental operating characteristics. Refer to the

    legend at the back of the catalog for more details about

    these performance features.

    pg 90


    Microphones 5

  • RecoRDInG +PeRFoRManceMIcRoPHoneS

    Matt a

    nd Kim

    6 Recording + Performance Microphones

  • PG Microphones The most accessible Shure microphones for elevating

    sound quality at gigs, rehearsal and in home recording.

    pg 8

    SM Microphones Industry-standard professional microphones

    for daily touring, club and studio performances.

    pg 10

    Beta Microphones Application-specific microphones engineered for reproduction

    of fine details in demanding acoustic environments.

    pg 12

    KSM Microphones Premium microphones with refined and sophisticated

    components that capture the worlds most accomplished

    studio and live performances.

    pg 14

    classic Microphones Unmistakable live performance microphones.

    Giving voice to artists and leaders for generations.

    pg 16

    Recording + Performance Microphones 7

  • 8 Recording + Performance Microphones

    The perfect introduction to Shure engineering excellence, PG Microphones provide a complete

    vocal, instrument and drum selection and feature many of the same durability and performance

    attributes of other Shure microphones at an attractive price.

    Application-specific vocal, instrument and drum microphones for performance and recording.

    Cables, mic clips and clamps included.

    On/Off switches for on-