Should books be banned?

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Should books be banned?. Product: Hosting a book drive. Christina Phillips. Why I chose This topic. Ever since I was young, reading has always been a big part of my life I feel as though reading helped my overall education and important knowledge for life - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Should books be banned?

Product: Hosting a book driveShould books be banned?Christina PhillipsEver since I was young, reading has always been a big part of my life I feel as though reading helped my overall education and important knowledge for lifeLiterature is a big part of our society and our culture and it should be handled as suchWhy I chose This topicAfter the invention of the printing press shortly following, a censorship office was established

Most of the people who were trying to get rid of certain books were composed of religious groups

As history continued books influenced and helped people achieve higher standards of education. More knowledge and information was being spread at high rates.

ResearchMost books in fact are not banned, they are challenged. It is actually very hard to get a book completely banned out of a library.There is a very long and tedious process to go forward with the steps of getting a book reviewed and/or removed.As a society we have adapted to handling issues with books more professionally

ResearchThe public has become more lenient with expression and exposure to content in books

In the United States we have developed a way to prevent less conflicts and issues with content in books

Publishing offices are now required to have a committee review a book before it is published to decide on common issues about content and where the book may be allowed

ResearchFinding non-bias informationGetting summaries on why certain books were banned/challengedBeing correct regarding the time events occurred in historyObstaclesGetting lots of perspectives and opinions on book banning and censorshipRetrieving list of often challenged books and authorsWas able to see a growth in fairly justifying books through time

SuccessesAfter learning about book banning and censorship, I wanted to find a way to incorporate what I learned by encouraging and supporting literature exposure to my communityLink to productMy productThe project was a challenging and rewarding experience. It was very worthwhile and important. It gave me a big task to get done and encouraged me to take responsibility and get involved in my community. What I thought about the projectI learned that I can very much handle carrying out an activity in a large setting by myself

I make good ideas and plans, but need to be more motivated to make sure they get done in a professional and timely manner

I am very creative and preparing displays and events make me happy

What I learned about myselfI feel confident that the project will help me with similar assignments with college level courses

I have now learned the importance of planning and taking aggressive action when incorporating others with projects I need to get doneHow this will help me in the futureThank you for your time

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